Trump Can’t Find Rock Bottom As He Now Wants To Ban Reporters From White House Grounds

Donald Trump continued his downward spiral on Saturday morning, taking to Twitter to whine about journalists who don’t fawn over him.

The president didn’t just whine, however. He took his temper tantrum to a new level by suggesting that he would bar at least two Washington Post reporters from White House grounds for not giving him favorable coverage.

In a tweet, Trump called Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker – both reporters for The Post – “disgusting,” “fake,” and “nasty.”

Trump attached his latest Twitter freakout to a fact-free op-ed written by two of his staff members and published in the right-wing Washington Examiner – a publication that can only dream of having the credibility of The Washington Post.

On Friday, it took MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace all of 25 seconds to debunk the MAGA nonsense spewed in the Examiner’s op-ed:

Trump is the weakest he’s ever been

Donald Trump has always taken shots at the press when they don’t provide the favorable coverage he thinks he deserves. During his rallies, he even eggs on his mob of supporters when they turn their negative chants toward the press pen.

But the more this president lashes out at the press, the more obvious it is that they are just doing their jobs. No one in the Republican Party is willing to provide scrutiny and oversight of this corrupt administration, so it makes it that much more vital for the free press to do so.

What we’ve seen over the past two and a half years – and even more so over the past several days, as Trump goes off the deep end to defend his bizarre response to Hurricane Dorian – is that this president, not newspaper reporters, has no business being on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Donald Trump has always been a small, weak and unpopular president. But at this moment, as his presidency starts to crumble under the weight of his mental instability, he is the weakest he’s ever been.

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