Trump Brags About Building A ‘Beautiful’ Wall In Colorado Even Though It’s Not A Border State

The very public decline of Donald Trump continued on Wednesday as the president bragged about building a wall in the western state of Colorado. The only problem with that idea, of course, is that Colorado isn’t a border state.

Trump’s remarks, which were completely on brand, came during a speech in Pittsburgh earlier in the day.

“We’re building a wall on the border of New Mexico and we’re building a wall in Colorado,” the president said.

This is the same speech in which Trump declared that he deserves 16 more years – four more terms – in the Oval Office.


Trump said:

We’re building a wall on the border of New Mexico, and we’re building a wall in Colorado. We’re building a beautiful wall, a big one that really works that you can’t get over. You can’t get under. And we’re building a wall in Texas. And we’re not building a wall in Kansas, but they get the benefit of the walls that we just mentioned.

The governor of Colorado – Democrat Jared Polis – pounced on the president’s comment, saying in a Facebook post, “Good thing Colorado now offers free full day kindergarten so our kids can learn basic geography.


The president of the United States needs to look at a map

As the image below notes, Colorado doesn’t border the country of Mexico. It borders the state of New Mexico. Either the president of the United States doesn’t know that, or he doesn’t care.

The fact that Donald Trump doesn’t have basic knowledge of U.S. geography isn’t all that surprising. Time and again, he has demonstrated that he is as intellectually bankrupt as he is morally bankrupt.

What continues to be surprising is that his supporters – whether it’s the folks in the audience who applauded his stupidity or the GOP members of Congress who constantly defend it – don’t seem to care.

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