Former Federal Prosecutor Tells Trump That He Can’t Spin His Way Out Of A Bribery Scheme

Much of the talk surrounding the Ukraine scandal has centered around questions of strategy: Will Democrats overreach? Can Republicans mount a solid defense of Donald Trump?

But as former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner pointed out on Tuesday, political spin is going to mean increasingly less as the damning facts continue to paint a portrait of a president who sought to extort a foreign power for political dirt.

“I don’t think you can nimble your way out of bribery,” Kirschner said during a discussion on MSNBC’s Hardball.


Kirschner said:

I don’t think you can nimble your way out of bribery. The question is are they going to follow the rule of law or are they not? And if they’re not at what cost to our republic? The one thing I like about Sondland giving the president up, he’s not a never Trumper. He was an always Trumper until perjury seemed to be a little bit more important then he had to tell the truth. You know, but will it matter? Will the rule of law matter?

Some facts are too unimpeachable to spin

Since America’s founding, politicians have engaged in the spin game, framing the issues in a way that will benefit their party’s agenda and help them win or maintain power.

But some facts are so unimpeachable – no pun intended – that you can’t spin your way out of them.

That is the case with the Ukraine scandal that has consumed Washington D.C. and poses a growing threat to this White House: Donald Trump participated in and directed a bribery scheme with Ukraine in order to get political dirt on Joe Biden that he could use in 2020.

No amount of his favorite Fox News talking points will spin his way out of that.

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