Devin Nunes Humiliates Himself By Accusing Democrats of “Drug Deal”

Rep. Devin Nunes managed to outdo himself at the Tuesday afternoon impeachment hearing by claiming that Democrats are cooking up a “drug deal” on impeachment.

Nunes said, “Well, ambassador, Mr. Morrison, I have some bad news for you. TV ratings are way down. Way down. Don’t hold it personally, I don’t think it’s you guys. Whatever drug deal the Democrats are cooking up, you’re on the dais, the American people aren’t buying it.”


Nunes humiliates himself more with each new hearing. Rep. Nunes started out the impeachment hearings by claiming that Democrats want nude pictures of Trump. He began the Tuesday morning hearing with Lt. Col. Vindman by directly quoting Russian talking points and conspiracy theories.

Nunes is the one who wanted Kurt Volker to testify, and Volker’s testimony has been a complete disaster for Trump and his party.

Republicans added Rep. Jim Jordan to the Intelligence Committee because they didn’t think Nunes could get the job done. They were right about Nunes, but Jordan has been reduced to not even questioning witnesses and using his time to push conspiracy theories, so he hasn’t been the upgrade that they were hoping for.

Nunes is one of Trump’s top stooges in the House, and he has proven to be just as corrupt, bumbling, and inept as the man in the Oval Office.

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