Busted Mike Pence Just Fell Into The Democrats’ Trap On Impeachment

Gordon Sondland testified that Vice President Mike Pence knew about the Ukraine plot weeks before the Trump/Zelensky phone call.

Here was the exchange:

Q: Now, in this email to secretary Pompeo, you reference a trip to Tripoli. Ultimately the vice president went on that trip?

Sondland: That’s correct.

Q And that was the conversation that you talked about, or you testified earlier to, where you said that we really need to get these investigations from Ukraine in order to release the aid in the pre-meeting?

Sondland: That’s correct.

Q: And vice president pence just nodded?

Sondland: He heard what I said.

Q: And didn’t respond in any way?


The Pence team responded with an extremely parsed statement:

Pence is claiming that the conversation never happened.

House Democrats already set this trap by asking Sondland at the testimony if the meeting was held with a group of Americans? Sondland said that it was, which means that there are witnesses besides Pence and Sondland to this conversation.

When Trump is running a scam, Mike Pence always seems to be near.

Sondland’s testimony has implicated the whole upper level of the White House in the Ukraine plot.
Mike Pence isn’t going to save the Republican Party. The Vice President is going down with the ship.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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