Mitch McConnell Blocks Reporters From Shooting Video Of House Impeachment Managers

Mitch McConnell wouldn’t allow reporters inside the Senate chamber and refused to allow reporters to shoot video of the House managers entering and exiting.

Here is the latest attempt by McConnell to limit coverage of Trump’s impeachment trial:

McConnell’s blackout and media restrictions on Trump’s impeachment trial are a trashing of press freedom to protect Donald Trump. The Senate Majority Leader doesn’t want the American people to see what is going on at Trump’s trial.

McConnell has limited access to the Senate jurors, banned reporters from bringing electronic devices into the chamber during the trial, and done everything in his power to limit what the public will be able to see, hear, and read about the impeachment trial.

The Senate Majority is following Trump’s lead and restricting press freedom during a historic event in the nation’s history. McConnell is doing everything in his power to sweep Trump’s trial under the rug, but the information will get out, as Mitch McConnell can’t hide Trump’s true crimes and impeachable offenses.

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