Sean Hannity Shows Up At Joe Biden Rally In New Hampshire

It is easy to see which Democratic candidate Trump and Fox are worried about as Sean Hannity showed up at Biden’s rally in New Hampshire.

Here is Hannity at the rally:

Why would Sean Hannity be popping into a Joe Biden rally if the conventional media pundit wisdom that Biden is DOA was true? The answer is that Trump and Fox News both know that there is still a reasonable chance that Biden ends up being the Democratic nominee.

Trump and Fox News are all in on the Joe Biden smear campaign, and they aren’t going to let a couple of early state primaries slow them down.

Hannity is in New Hampshire for Trump’s rally that was down the road from Biden’s, but New Hampshire isn’t a big state. He could have chosen a Buttigieg, Sanders, Warren, or Klobuchar event, but he picked Joe Biden because, in the Republican mind, Joe Biden remains the biggest threat to Donald Trump.

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