After Being Exposed To Coronavirus, Matt Gaetz Was Chilling With Trump On Air Force One

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was placed in an isolated room on Air Force One after being exposed to coronavirus until Trump brought him to the front of the plane.

Rep. Gaetz was also exposed to coronavirus:

According to Gaetz:

Trump has convinced himself that the coronavirus is an overblown hoax that is being driven by the media to manipulate the stock market against him.

Is anyone actually surprised that Trump invited Gaetz to the front of the plane? This is the same president who stared into an eclipse.

The Republican Party doesn’t believe in science, and they are being led by a president who appears to be actively trying to get the coronavirus.

Just when one thinks that Trump could get any more reckless, he managed to top himself by hanging out with an exposed Matt Gaetz on Air Force One.

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