Joe Biden Blasts Trump And Tells Him To Stop Talking

Former Vice President Joe Biden warned that Trump is going to ruin the economy for a long, long, long time, and told the president to stop talking.

Biden said during an interview on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House when asked by Nicolle Wallace about Trump’s plan to reopen the economy/government:

I would like to open the government tomorrow if it were possible. Let’s be realistic. This curve is going up and up and up because we did not act when we should have acted. Some of us call for as far back as January 17th when we knew the virus was on the rise worldwide and it just seems to me bizarre.

We have to focus on people’s health. Listen to the scientists. Listen to Fauci. Listen to others. Listen to the woman you just had on, former director laying out social distancing. Keep it that way. Look. If you want to ruin the economy for a long, long, long time let’s go ahead and see this thing continue by having it burst out again and so we haven’t even flattened the curve out. I know you know this. I apologize but it’s frustrating to hear this president speak. He should stop talking. Let the experts speak.


Joe Biden is right. Trump is trying to rush the reopening of the economy for political reasons. Trump is rushing through the coronavirus because he thinks that he can prevent a recession if he hurriedly tries to resume normal economic activity, but there is not going to be normal economic activity because the nation is in the middle of an epidemic.

Trump is going to prolong the epidemic and kill more Americans by putting public health last. America needs a real president, and that person is not Donald Trump.

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