Trump Helps Putin Humiliate The US By Accepting Medical Supplies From Russia

Trump has fallen for an old Cold War propaganda trick by agreeing to accept a planeload of medical supplies to fight the coronavirus from Putin.

Andrew Weiss tweeted:

The Russians then put out a press release containing a quote from Trump about the big plane of supplies coming from Putin. (I will not link to it, but you can find the link in the above tweet):

Trump praised Russia’s contribution to the fight against coronavirus in the United States

“The discussion of this topic in applied terms continues by agreement of the presidents at the working level,” said a spokesman for the Russian president.

Trump, speaking of cooperation with Russia, said that “Russia sent us a very, very large plane with medical equipment.”

Trump has now compounded his deadly incompetence, by falling for what is literally one of the oldest tricks in the Cold War propaganda playbook.

Putin is sending a message to the world that the United States is so weak under Trump that they have to take coronavirus aid from Russia.

First, Trump gave away tons of US supplies to China , and now he is acting as Putin’s willing propaganda tool.

Trump isn’t just killing his own people with incompetence. He is helping Putin humiliate the United States.

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