Neil Cavuto Uses Fox News Airwaves To Wage All-Out War On Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine Lies

Neil Cavuto continued to wage all-out war against Donald Trump on Tuesday, using his Fox News program to debunk the past 24 hours of lies the president has been spewing about hydroxychloroquine.

Cavuto ripped into an extended fact-check about the drug Trump claims to be taking, saying, “The issue here is whether it is advisable to take to ward off COVID-19.”

The Fox News host anchor continued, “No less than the Food and Drug Administration had warned back on April 24 that hydroxychloroquine & chloroquine have not been shown to be safe and effective for treating or preventing COVID-19.”

“None of this is to say that hydroxychloroquine can’t be used for other uses, namely malaria and namely lupus, its two most prominent features,” Cavuto added. “As a preventive, though, when the Food and Drug Administration itself is saying it’s not advisable … that should suffice the argument right there.”


Cavuto’s latest fact-check comes after the host took to the airwaves on Monday to urge his Fox News viewers not to listen to Trump because it could end up killing them.

“I can not stress enough. This will kill you,” he told his viewers.

In response to Cavuto’s comments on Monday, Trump blew a gasket on Twitter, retweeting at least half a dozen negative posts about the host and saying he’s “looking for a new outlet.”

It remains to be seen whether the president will saddle up for another Twitter tantrum on Tuesday night once he finally gets around to watching Cavuto’s latest fact-check.

This is what Trump is doing in the middle of a pandemic

Donald Trump has always been a bottom-of-the-dumpster president who devotes more time to Twitter tantrums and punditry than doing his job, but it’s nonetheless jarring that he’s doing so right now – in the middle of a pandemic that has claimed more than 93,000 American lives.

This behavior shouldn’t be shrugged off as another instance of Trump being Trump. Instead, it should be something voters remember in November when they determine who will be leading America out this crisis.

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