Sean Hannity Humiliates Himself While Trying To Attack AOC

Sean Hannity tried to attack AOC for her speech seconding the nomination of Sen. Bernie Sanders, but he only embarrassed himself.

After AOC gave the perfunctory seconding, Hannity said, “Wow, did I hear that right?…Is she going to say second the nomination for Bolshevik Bernie? Did I hear that right?”

Ari Fleischer then had to explain to Hannity how political conventions after a nominating process that hasn’t been like Trump’s was work.


Democracy is a foreign concept to Sean Hannity and the other Trump cultists at Fox News. Rep. Ocasio Cortez did not do anything out of the ordinary. She seconded the nomination of Bernie Sanders who is supporting Joe Biden. Former Vice President was then formally nominated, the delegates voted, and Joe Biden was officially named the nominee.

Hannity’s little performance was embarrassing and showed why Fox News viewers are regularly found to be the most misinformed media consumers in the United States of America.

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