White House Refuses To Condemn Kenosha Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse

White House Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany said that Trump would not weigh in when asked if he would condemn Kyle Rittenhouse.

McEnany said, “The President is not again going to weigh in on that. You can ask him this evening. He may weigh in further, but at the moment, he’s not going to weigh in on that.”


Trump is refusing to condemn the murder of two innocent people and the permanent wounding of another individual by one of his supporters.

Joe Biden shredded Trump for claiming to be a law and order president while he is trying to scare America. Trump will never be synonymous with law and order because he refuses to condemn murderers who support him.

Law and order isn’t a policy. It’s a gimmick that Trump hopes will distract from the economy and the coronavirus to help him get elected. Never has there been an administration so cowardly that they refuse to denounce murder, until now.

Trump will go to Kenosha and stand beside some cops, but he can’t change the reality that he is a coward who has provided neither law nor order as president.

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