During the RNC, Lou Holtz Questioned Biden’s Catholicism. Trump Will Reward Him With the Presidential Medal of Freedom

When compared to the Democratic National Convention, the Republican event was seriously lacking in star power. Lou Holtz, who coached the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to a National Championship in 1988, was an exception.

The legendary host used didn’t use his time on stage to make the case for 4 more years of Trump. He spent it criticizing the Catholic faith of Joe Biden. Just weeks afterward, the President has announced that he will award Holtz the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

During the RNC, Holtz said that Biden, due to his support for abortion rights, was “Catholic in name only.” Holtz was criticized for the speech and Notre Dame attempted to distance themselves from the former coach.

Trump announced that Holtz would soon be rewarded for his speech during a Friday press conference.

The President told reporters, “Lou will be getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And a date is being picked. It won’t be in the too distant future. Lou is married to a great woman and she just passed away a couple months ago. ”

He later continued, “I just want to congratulate Coach Lou Holtz, on, soon to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And we look forward to that, Lou.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has used the honor to reward a supporter. During the January State of the Union address, Trump gave a Medal of Freedom to  controversial and bigoted radio host Rush Limbaugh.