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Russians Tried To Hack Biden’s Campaign, But He Was Ready

Microsoft detected that Russian state hackers were trying to hack a campaign firm working for former vice president Joe Biden.

Reuters reported:

Microsoft Corp recently alerted one of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s main election campaign advisory firms that it had been targeted by suspected Russian state-backed hackers, according to three people briefed on the matter.


The hacking attempts targeted staff at Washington-based SKDKnickerbocker, a campaign strategy and communications firm working with Biden and other prominent Democrats, over the past two months, the sources said.

A person familiar with SKDK’s response to the attempts said the hackers failed to gain access to the firm’s networks. “They are well-defended, so there has been no breach,” the person said.

The firm that was the Russian target works for the Biden campaign and several other Democratic candidates.

These are the same tactics that the Russians used to help Trump in 2016. The 2016 hacking gave Trump and Putin information on Clinton campaign plans and strategies. It is a different world in 2020. The Biden campaign has learned from the hacks on Hillary Clinton and has done a better job with preemptive defense against Russian attacks.

The Russians are pulling their same old tricks again, and so far haven’t shown anything new that wasn’t in their 2016 playbook.

The difference is that Biden and the Democrats are ready and not surprised by Russia’s attempts to help Trump.

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