Republicans Try To Steal Michigan With Fake Robocalls Telling Flint To Vote November 4

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that there are reports of robocalls to voters in Flint to vote the day after election day.

AG Nessel tweeted:

The Republican/conservative effort to suppress the vote has kicked into overdrive. Trump supporters are worried about the massive early vote for Joe Biden in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, so they are doing whatever they can to illegally suppress the same-day vote to Trump a chance to catch up.

In Georgia, voting equipment wasn’t delivered, and voting machines went down. In Michigan, robocalls are trying to mislead voters into missing the election. On any other presidential election day, these tactics might have been more effective, but over 72% of the 2016 election turnout has already voted.

Republicans haven’t given up on suppressing the vote, and sunlight remains the best way to disinfect the election of these lies and disinformation.

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