Lt. Gov. Suggests Trump Committed Election Fraud In Pennsylvania

Lt. Governor John Fetterman said that Trump tried the same kind of illegal election interference calls in Pennsylvania that he used in Georgia.


Fetterman said on MSNBC, “I know he’s made similar calls to Republican leadership in Pennsylvania. And it doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to change it. That’s the thing. This is a mathematical certainty. All this sound and fury is going to end with Joe Biden being inaugurated on January 20th. We’ve rebutted this line by line. They’ve been shredded from every court from the Supreme Court on down. And they don’t just shred them. They pile on unanimously. Like, what team in American history has ever been 1 in 59 and still try to strap it up and act like they’re not the biggest running joke since the New York Jets.”

It has been assumed that Trump’s illegal efforts were not limited to the state of Georgia. Let. Gov. Fetterman confirmed that Trump has been trying to illegally overturn the election results in all of the swing states. It is illegal for an elected official, including the president, to use their power to interfere and change the results of an election. There is little doubt that Trump asked Republican officials are all around the country to find votes for him in the five swing states that Joe Biden won.

A criminal complaint has been referred to the FBI, and it is increasingly looking like Trump could be criminally prosecuted for his coup attempt against democracy.

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