A Desperate Matt Gaetz Is Begging And Trying To Avoid Prison

Rep. Matt Gaetz is literally begging on Twitter as he is pushing his bogus extortion story in an attempt to avoid prison.

Gaetz tweeted:

The extortion claim has no bearing on the child sex trafficking investigation into Gaetz. They are two separate issues. Gaetz is not going to be exonerated by the release of any tapes. It is possible that Gaetz was involved in child sex trafficking and that he was also extorted. These two crimes are not mutually exclusive.

Rep. Gaetz is trying to tap into the deep state conspiracy by inferring that the extortion plot is a part of the child sex trafficking investigation. It is not.

Gaetz’s desperation is showing. His Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson was a total disaster. No one is buying the extortion plot story, because it doesn’t make sense.

Without Donald Trump in the White House, there is no one who is going to save Matt Gaetz from potential indictment and prosecution. If Gaetz broke the law, the Department of Justice is going to prosecute him, and he could end up in prison for a very long time.

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