Andy Biggs Lashes Out at Texas Democrats Who Caught Covid While Fighting for Voting Rights

Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) criticized the Texas Democrats who fled their state and went to Washington, D.C. to make a push for voting rights, blaming them for a “super spreader event” after several of them caught Covid-19.

“The media won’t admit the Texas Democrats’ visit to DC was a ‘super-spreader’ event,” he wrote. “I wish Republicans had it this easy.”

Biggs issued his remarks after at least six state lawmakers tested positive for the coronavirus, stalling their progress at pressuring the Senate to pass voting rights protections that would counteract legislation that restricts voting in their state.

The entire delegation from Texas is now stuck at a Washington hotel after six of the Democratic state representatives tested positive for the coronavirus, and an official from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office who met with them has also tested positive,” The New York Times reported.

But Biggs cannot claim the moral high ground here: Biggs has made headlines in the past for criticizing and flouting public health recommendations as the pandemic continues to threaten the United States.

Biggs, for example, opposes wearing masks to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, and has even encouraged Arizonans to not wear masks. He has also claimed that the pandemic has been blown out of proportion, as when he stated that people should not rely on recommendations from health experts Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Deborah Birx, accusing them of having “relentlessly relied on admittedly spurious models to scare us into accepting unlawful, draconian gov’t measures that may not make anyone safer.”

Biggs and Ken Buck (R-Colo.) were the only two representatives to vote against the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act in early March 2020.