Melania Trump Refused To Issue A Tweet Condemning Violence On 1/6

Melania Trump’s former friend and chief of staff Stephanie Grisham shared a text exchange where the former first lady refused to condemn 1/6 violence.

Grisham tweeted the exchange:

Melania Trump was likely well aware of the plan for violence on 1/6 because it appears that the entire Trump family understood and had no problem with political violence.

Mrs. Trump could have issued a powerful statement condemning the violence of her husband’s supporters. Instead, the worst first lady in modern history lived down to her reputation and refused to do the bare minimum to stop a violent attack on democracy in the United States.

The Trumps wanted the violence. They needed the violence. They could not stay in power without violence. The first lady is not an elective position. It has no constitutional power, but Melania Trump had no interest in using the platform for good.

It takes a certain sort of low character person to marry Donald Trump, and Melania Trump has proven to be exactly like her husband.

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