Jim Jordan’s Claim Of DOJ Whistleblowers Humiliatingly Collapses

None of Rep. Jim Jordan’s DOJ whistleblowers have been able to validate their claims with facts, and others didn’t disclose that they were at the Capitol on 1/6.

CNN reported:

Three of Jordan’s witnesses have come in for private interviews with committee staff so far. None of them appear to have had their claims validated by government entities that grant federal whistleblower protection, sources familiar with their testimony said. One who alleged there was FBI wrongdoing had their claims rejected. Another is retired and it’s unclear whether he has first-hand knowledge of the violations he alleges. The third has not revealed his direct disclosures or FBI suspension notice to House Democrats, according to transcripts reviewed by CNN.

Separately, several other supposed whistleblowers who have not come in for interviews were suspended from the FBI for being at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, according to multiple sources familiar with the committee’s work. This is a point Jordan has not shied away from, using the accounts of “several whistleblowers” in a May 2022 letter to accuse the FBI of “retaliating against employees” for engaging in “protected First Amendment activity on January 6.”

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Trump adviser Kash Patel is bankrolling and advising several of the whistleblowers, so Jim Jordan’s whistleblowers are another Donald Trump scam.

The whistleblowers are 1/6 terrorist sympathizers and people whose credibility and stories can’t be validated with facts.
Jim Jordan has so far been a humiliating failure in his investigations that are designed to smear Biden and help Trump get back into the White House. Jordan’s antics don’t seem to be fooling anybody outside of the conservative media bubble.

If Jordan can’t get his manufactured smear campaign to catch on, it will be a humiliating failure for the Ohio congressman and Donald Trump’s hopes of returning to the White House.