Boris Johnson on His Meeting With Joe Biden: “It’s a Breath of Fresh Air”

Donald Trump was incapable of performing nearly all his duties as president. Never were his shortcomings more obvious, however, then when he was on the global stage.

The 45th president regularly embarrassed himself at events like the G-7 Summit. His lack of polish and brusque way of negotiating made him stick out like a sore thumb. At the 2019 event, a viral video emerged of multiple world leaders mocking Trump. read more

Opinion: Trump is a Misfit Among Our D-Day Allies

During his stay in London, Donald Trump proved to be as much a misfit among British Royalty as he was with leaders of our other D-Day allies.

On this day, seventy-five years ago, Allied Troops invaded Normandy to eventually defeat the Nazis. Every year since then, the leaders of the free world gather to commemorate this day – to celebrate the fact that good and freedom won over evil and tyranny. We call it D-Day even though the D doesn’t really stand for anything. read more