Despite 1.6 Billion Dollar Budget Hole, Louisiana Is Still Subsidizing Duck Dynasty

Despite the state's economic woes, Governor Jindal has made no plans to cut millions of dollars in subsidies to the Duck Dynasty TV show.

Conservatives Tarnish Their Brand Further By Putting Duck Dynasty Clown On Stage At CPAC

In his long speech, Robertson warned that America was becoming sick from STDs and that wherever Jesus is missing, murder follows.

The Year of Intolerant Liberalism? Not so Much

A Religious Right list of 33 Examples of Intolerant Liberalism in 2014 turns out (surprise!) to be examples of conservative intolerance

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Embraces ISIS’ Theological Mindset

Apparently, ISIS utilizing America's war tactics caught the attention of Robertson and his Christian theology informs him it is time for America to embrace the ISIS tactics and religious ideology, and as a Christian nation issue an ultimatum to the Islamic terrorists to "convert or be killed."

What the Media Calls Agendaless Is Really the Republican Plan To Destroy America

Political pundits are wont to claim Republicans obstruct governance and oppose policies and agendas that benefit the entire nation because they are clueless and lack issues, policies, and agendas, but that is not the case.

The Republican Party Shows Its True Colors by Embracing Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson

Republican leaders went all-in for religion, religious liberty, and a very heavy emphasis on god courtesy of Duck Dynasty's resident homophobe Phil Robertson.

Duck Dynasty’s Ratings Plummet Is Proof That America Is A Liberal Nation

The fact that Duck Dynasty's ratings have plummeted after Phil Robertson's racist and homophobic remarks is the latest piece of evidence that the United States is becoming a more liberal country.

Buddhist Student Told to Change his Religion if he Doesn’t Want to be Taught Creationism in School

The Louisiana teacher's logic is that "if evolution was real, it would still be happening: Apes would be turning into humans today."

A&E Says We Must be Tolerant of Hate But Not of Gays, Gives Robertson his Job Back

By caving in to hate groups A&E has sent a clear message that haters are to be tolerated, but not those who are the victims of that hate.

Republican Hypocrites Can’t Hide From the Hypocrisy Behind Their Duck Dynasty Outrage

For Americans with half-a-brain, the conservative hypocrisy is as glaring as the subjects conservatives are certain their older, whiter, and religiously-inclined voters embrace.

Mike Huckabee Defends Phil Robertson With a Paranoid Rant Against Militant Homosexuals

What Huckabee and the religious right object to is losing what they consider religious freedom to impose their rules on the rest of the population.

A&E’s Decision to Suspend Phil Robertson Is Not a Freedom of Speech Issue

Whether or not one is inclined towards intellectual masochism by watching A&E's "Duck Dynasty," the decision to suspend one of the show's stars is not a freedom of speech issue.

Robertson Family Threatens to Kill Duck Dynasty If They Can’t Spew Bigotry and Hate

The Duck Dynasty clan wants the freedom to hate, or they are threatening to cancel their show.

Sarah Palin Proves Martin Bashir Right By Defending Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson

Sarah Palin's defense of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's racist and homophobic comments demonstrates that former MSNBC host Martin Bashir was right about her all along.