Republican Redux: Governor Bruce Rauner Brings Ruin to Illinois: Part I of a Series Covering Illinois Politics

Rauner is falling in with the strategy we have seen from Sam Brownback in Kansas, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and Rick Snyder in Michigan

Unlike South Carolina Democrats, The Cowardly Lion Was Occasionally Brave

Golly, gee whiz, do tell...South Carolina, among many Southern and right-wing states, simply doesn't have the money. In short, any social program favored by progressives comes a cropper because of shortage of the green stuff.

Job Destroyer Jack Welch Quits Fortune After His Jobs Conspiracy is Shot Down

Jack Welch quit Fortune magazine after even conservatives said his job numbers conspiracy theory wasn't substantiated by the economy.

The Real Parasites are Romney’s Beloved Corporations Not the 47 Percent

It is high time for Romney to get some continuity in his people who do not pay income taxes are parasites meme because the real parasites are his corporations-are-people.

Occupy Detroit Back Stronger Than Ever Protesting GE

Occupy is back in Detroit, Michigan as hundreds of protesters marched during a GE shareholders meeting, demanding that GE pay its fair share of taxes.