Attacks From Every Direction Will Soon Bring Down the Trump Presidency

Thanks to his Attorney General and a complicit media, last week Donald Trump thought he was winning. It appeared that he was getting away with falsely claiming he had been exonerated by Bob Mueller. Then he started seeking revenge against everyone, and vowed to investigate Democrats, the FBI and anyone else he could think of. read more

Probe of Trump’s Foundation May Bring Down His Business Empire Also

President Donald Trump should be very worried about the investigation into his sham charity turning into an investigation of his business empire, according to a new report from NBC News.

The news service said legal experts believe that the New York state investigations into the charitable Trump Foundation will likely expand to the president’s namesake business, the Trump Organization. read more

New York Will Investigate and Prosecute Trump, His Family and His Business

The newly-elected Attorney General for the State of New York has some big plans. And they involve the President of the United States, his children, and his business.

After being elected on November 6, Letitia James promised she would begin large-scale investigations of “President Donald Trump, his family and anyone in his circle who may have violated the law.” She said the investigations and prosecutions of Trump criminal conduct would be a top priority when she starts her new job next month. read more

NY Attorney General: Trump Charity Illegally Bankrolled His Campaign

Despite pleas from the president’s attorneys, the Attorney General of New York has pledged to continue with a lawsuit against the president for misusing charitable funds donated to the Trump Foundation. According to her,Trump used the Foundation as a personal piggybank and a source of money to illegally fund his businesses and also his political campaign. read more

The Chances of Donald Trump Being Charged With Crimes Just Increased Exponentially

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this week has made a criminal case against Donald Trump much more likely.

First, on Wednesday, we reported that:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday opened the door to a possible criminal case against the Donald J. Trump Foundation with a statement from his counsel that Cuomo was prepared to provide a criminal referral if asked.” read more

N.Y. AG Candidate: ‘I Will Sue Trump in New York to Thwart Pardons’

Law professor Zephyr Teachout wants to be Attorney General of New York, and as she announced her candidacy on Tuesday she said her main campaign promise would be to investigate and litigate against President Donald Trump. read more

Trump Pardon Plan Blown Up As Special Counsel Is Working With New York AG On Russia Probe

Trump's pardon power will be worthless as special counsel Robert Meuller is working with the New York attorney general in the clearest signal yet that state criminal charges could be coming in the Russia scandal.