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The Daring Idea of Happiness as GDP

It’s a question of productivity versus happiness as the ultimate judge of the welfare of nations. Yes, this is an argument for a socially just Democracy, or as I like to call it, civilization. Nic Marks must surely be a socialist. At TEDGlobal 2010 he suggested that we would be better off to measure success by happiness rather than productivity. Cue the crazy jihad nut job dance from the Right (plus a Glenn Beck cry fest), but meanwhile, I ask you on this Labor Day, have you ever been to a country where they valued overall contentment of the people over their productivity? Because once you’ve seen it in action, it’s hard to deny the validity of Marks’ inspiration.


Barack Obama Rocks Change for LGBT Community

Today we can celebrate Hopey ordering the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a rule that would prevent hospitals who participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs (the majority of hospitals) from denying visitation privileges to gay and lesbian partners, among other groups who suffer discrimination under the current prevailing policy of “relative-only” visitation.


Jon Stewart Demolishes Glenn Beck’s Attacks on Progressivism and Social Justice

On last night’s The Daily Show, complete with a full Beckesque set, and a dead on impression, Jon Stewart mocked Glenn Beck’s recent attacks on progressivism as a cancer. Stewart said, “I looked approvingly at child labor laws, inspections of meat and poultry and other food stuffs, women voting. I thought it was progress…America I have cancer, we in this country have cancer, value and document eating cancer.”


Glenn Beck Claims that Jesus Christ Opposed Social Justice

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that the concept of social justice is a perversion of the gospel, and that social justice is not something that Jesus would talk about. Beck said that social justice is, “a perversion of the gospel.” Beck’s point was that the gospel is really about capitalism and free market economics. According to Beck, Jesus was an anti-government conservative.

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