Democrats Must Resist Recession Narrative and Critique Narrative of Trump’s Economic Success

This week’s stock market antics and the occurrence of an inverted yield curve have provided compelling evidence portending another economic recession.

These economic indicators, in addition to spurring stock sell-offs and turbulent market volatility, also sparked a firestorm of debate and commentary regarding how a potential recession would impact Trump’s 2020 re-election bid. read more

Horrible News For Trump As Just 12% Say They Have Greatly Benefited From His Economy

The economy won't be able to rescue Trump and the GOP as the vast majority of Americans aren't feeling great benefit from Trump's economy.

Why Trump’s Risky Economy Could Crash At Any Time

A special report from the Washington Post has revealed that in order to stimulate economic growth, Donald Trump made risky changes in financial rules that could backfire at any time.

Trump took the steps so he would look good and receive high approval ratings due to a booming economy. read more

Trump Accidentally Reveals That His Entire Economic Plan Is Based On BS

During an interview on Fox and Friends, President Trump revealed that the basis for all of his economic plans is a hope that the economy grows at three percent during his presidency when all economic and workforce projections predict a grow of 1.8-1.9%. In other words, Trump's entire plan is based on fantasy BS.

Economist Explains Why Trump Infrastructure Plan Will Be A Disaster For The Economy

Trump's infrastructure plan is another buy now pay later short-term gimmick that will cost the economy dearly in years to come.