Record Early Voting Shows the Blue Wave is Rolling Along

Well over 30 million Americans have already cast their ballots for Tuesday’s midterm elections. Many states set records for early voting even though there were days left to vote. And in some states more early votes have been cast than were cast in the entire 2014 midterm election. And all of this is good news for Democrats. read more

Students Don’t Know How to Buy Stamps So They’re Not Voting by Mail

College students often have to use the U.S. Postal Service to vote, since they don’t live where they are registered. This requires them to mail their absentee ballots to a different location.  But this is not happening as often as it should. read more

AP Study Shows Huge Advantage for Democrats in Special Elections

This week Donald Trump bragged about how his candidates were all winning, but a closer analysis by the Associated Press (AP) shows that Republicans should be very worried.

The new AP study shows Democratic voters being more enthusiastic than Republicans in almost a dozen federal special elections since President Donald Trump took office. Enthusiasm of voters is measured primarily by how many of each party turn up to vote, which has historically been a major problem for Democrats in elections when presidential candidates are not on the ballot. read more

The Incredible Untapped Power of Single Women Voters

When Democrat Ralph Northam was elected as the Governor of Virginia, the election results highlighted a very powerful but as yet under-utilized political force:  single women.

In cruising to a surprisingly easy victory Northam received an astounding 77 percent of the votes of unmarried women. And although these women make up 26 percent of the adult population, they comprised just 16 percent of the voters in the Virginia election. read more

Democrats Are In Serious Trouble After Iowa and New Hampshire

Democrats old and new must come to grips with reality immediately or get ready for a Republican president and Koch supermajority Congress

Democratic Led Minnesota Senate Approves Expanding Early Voting And Voting Rights

On a 39-28 party-line vote, the Democratic-controlled Minnesota Senate approved a bill expanding voting rights on Monday.

Texas Voter Turnout Was Higher On Its First Day of Early Voting Than It Was In 2010

Wendy Davis with help from groups that support her is leading the way in the people's fight against vote suppression.

Chris Christie Condemns Democratic Process As Shocking And Underhanded

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was absolutely outraged that a bipartisan election commission in Illinois simplified the voting process that he claimed is "shocking," and a "major obstacle for the GOP's gubernatorial candidates."

Voters Needed. Poll Workers Even More So

Have you ever been curious about the inner workings of a polling place? That's where you go to vote for local state and national candidates, ballot issues and advisory questions.

Republicans Start a New Super PAC Intended to Make It Harder For You to Vote

Republicans have created a new conservative super PAC to support Republican secretaries of state that will pursue restrictive voter laws, purge voter rolls, and generally kill the democratic process.

ALEC and the Koch Brothers Show How Far They Are Willing to Go to Subvert Democracy

The GOP are giving the nation an indication of how far they will go to subvert democracy to protect the real powers behind the conservative movement; the NRA, the Koch brothers, and ALEC.

With Voter Fraud Myth Debunked, Montana GOP Attack Same Day Voter Registration

Republicans in Montana approved a House committee bill to end Election Day voter registration, claiming they want to make things more convenient for county election officials.

It’s 2012 and Every American Should Have the Right to Vote in a Timely Manner

Now that the election is over, it is time for this country to address the deplorable state of voting and start seriously considering transforming America into an easily accessible democracy.

An Avalanche of GOP Voter Suppression and Fraud is Threatening the Election

In America, the prospect of free and fair elections is being threatened by an avalanche of reports of voter suppression and fraud by the Republican Party.