Please, No More Debates

ImageToday, Hillary Clinton challenged Barack Obama to a debate without a moderator ala Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in their 1858 Illinois Senate campaign, but do we really need any more debates? Is there anything about these two candidates that we don’t already know?

While campaigning in Indiana, Clinton said that the debate would be, “Just the two of us, going for 90 minutes, asking and answering questions, we’ll set whatever rules seem fair.” The Obama campaign correctly pointed out that these two candidates have already debated 21 times, which is more than any other presidential primary campaign in history. Being ahead, Obama should turn Clinton down. Clinton will then try to use this to say that the tide of the race has changed, and Obama is avoiding her. This is political campaigning 101.

The candidate that is trailing always wants more debates, because the side by side comparison is the easiest way to persuade voters. Debates are great for cash strapped candidates because they are free media, but the flaw in Clinton’s argument is the belief that more debates will change any minds.

People in North Carolina and Indiana have probably seen the previous debates. The main problem with this Democratic primary is that it has split the party 50/50. I doubt that debate #22, #25, or #152 will change anything.

I have watched and written about 20 of the previous 21 debates, and trust me, they are progressively getting worse. Both candidates have little left to say and the networks are trying to draw the candidates out with tabloid style questions.

If we were to take a poll, I’d bet that most people don’t want any more debates. If Hillary Clinton had any compassion at all, she would ask Obama to join her in promising Democratic voters that there will be no more debates. I think that we all have had enough.

3 Replies to “Please, No More Debates”

  1. Hillary is just desperate. She has nothing else left. This race is getting ugly. Clinton is hitting below the belt and then crying on things not going her way. Unfortunately the only thing left will result in the destruction of both Clintons. Their past and present will come out if she should steal this nomination. That’s when this pro-Clinton media will unleash their trove of garbage on her. Then we are stuck with McCain.

  2. Then McCain will look that much better by comparison, at least to some folks, especially if Obama and Hillary get down and dirty and really begin slinging. If the Democratic Party REALLY wants a Democrat in the WH, it had better not sanction ANY MORE DEBATES.

  3. I’ve already said that another debate is useless, 21 is enough.
    Barack is fighting against the establishment and the 3 Clinton: Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, while he’s campaign alone and holding a town hall meeting alone, the Clinton are campaigning at 3 in 3 different places, so they have a 3 to 1 advantage over Barack. Which means that he needs even much more time to reach people and convince them to vote for him, he doesn’t have time for anothe debate, this time must be used for town hall meetings as many as possible, talking directly to voters.
    No more debate it’s a waste of time, Hillary just stay cool, it’s almost over for you, you’ll have time to debate with Barack at the end of this process, when he is our nominee.


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