Sarah Palin: A High Risk/Reward Pick for McCain

ImageContrary to cable news network reports, Sarah Palin’s name has been floating around for weeks as a dark horse running mate possibility. The upside is that she brings youth, gender, and conservative credentials to the ticket. The downside is that this pick was based on a political calculation that if it backfires will doom his campaign.

In all honesty McCain did not have many options, so he went with the shock value pick. Palin is a popular pro-life pro-gun Republican in Alaska, but she has only been a governor for two years. To put this into context, she has even less experience than Barack Obama. The upside of picking a 44 year old is that she brings youth and freshness to a ticket that quite frankly has a tendency to look and act stale.

I wonder how the McCain camp is going to balance their primary argument that Obama lacks experience with a running mate that has no national experience. Another possible negative to picking someone so young is that it highlights McCain’s age. I don’t think that Democrats should be mocking this pick, but it does reek of desperation on the part of McCain. I do think that McCain made this pick as play for more media coverage, and I am not sure if will work.

I’m also not sure that this pick will work. If they are looking to court women or exploit any perceived Obama/Clinton divide, they need to understand that women don’t vote based strictly on gender. However,she is a choice that will rally the base, a hard core down the line conservative. McCain has had a problem energizing this base, and Palin should get them excited.

You can count me in the camp that thought Rob Portman would be a better pick, but the advantage to Palin is that she has no connection to the Bush administration. McCain now gets a clean start. Instead of picking Mitt Romney, who, to put it politely, he has a stormy relationship with. McCain has gone with a fresh face. S

She won’t likely bring any states to McCain, but this pick is symbolic. The reward here is that she could allow McCain to redefine his campaign. The risk is that she actually costs McCain votes with the voters who won’t support a woman, and those who could view the selection as overly contrived. Personally, I am reserving judgment until we see Palin on the campaign trail.

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  1. Does anyone have anything good to say about anyone? I mean McCain is too stale. Palin’s too inexperienced. How about they are BOTH HONEST Americans who want to lead this country into it’s next climb of greatness.

  2. Just looking at McCain standing next to his
    VP pick, McCain seemed a bit nervous and seemed to keep picking at his finger tips.
    He just seemed a bit out of place and lost.
    Seems that deep inside of his inner spirit,
    he’s still rolling in his mind, “Did I do the right thing”,”I needed to bring some attention to my camp and away from Obama,
    “I was feeling a bit desperate” “So I had to do something to try to make history same as Obama is doing”. “The people(americans)seems to really rally behind “change”, so I had to do something big to show change on my side! “Oh, but will I regret it!” “She has only been gov. for a short time, and I’ve put Obama down for so long about him not being experienced!” “Did I make a mistake?! “But I was told by my advisors to do!” Oh yes, seems McCain may be second guessing himself already. And if or when his VP pick find out or start to believe that she was just picked to be used as a front…oh my, A Woman Scorned! She has a history of being very outspokened and standing up against the big guys. Time will tell if McCain will be able to keep her calm, cool, and willing to help his cause…

  3. This woman is under investigation for corruption for trying to have her ex-brother-in-law fired. This is a woman who did indeed give birth to a mentally disabled child and then abandoned that child at 3DAYS OLD to go back to a job that I am sure could have waited at least 6 weeks minimum. I am sure that the Governors office gives an extended paid maternity leave sounds to me as if she was forced to be pro-life when she would have preferred the later leaving that poor TINY BABY to fend without his mother after only three days god help that child and us if this is the best that McCain can do.

  4. It really does’nt surprise me that McCain has a running mate that has been involved in Oil and Gas LOL! And neither does it surprise me his V.P. choice is a Woman instead of a Mormon. In a dissapointing defeat of Hillary, maybe he’s trying, and USING PALIN (she reminds me of Dan Quale) to gain swing votes for the dissapointed women in Hillary’s defeat.

  5. Here is what Palin doesn’t do, she doesn’t get McCain anymore votes, and she won’t swing a state. I think this pick was made strictly to get media attention.

  6. Palin…Country First?

    A heartbeat from being Commander and Chief and McCain picks Miss Alaska? Her resume makes Dan Quayle look like Colin Powell! We know Liebermann was eliminated by Karl Rove…this has his fingerprints all over it. Need someone young, female, and extremely right wing. Country First? No, just more political posturing from the Rove playbook.

  7. I agree. Palin’s selection reeks of desperation from the McCain camp. Though she alleviates some of the concerns of the conservative base, she’ll also have to endure some of the exact “soft” prejudice that Obama is facing, only instead of progressives and their secret issue with skin tone, Palin will be harmed by the conservatives who just don’t believe women should do anything but stay home, cook and produce babies…preferably male babies.

    It’ll get him some media play, but in the long run, it could damage his campaign as he’s basically cut off at the knees, the issues of experience and youth, two issues he’s thus far flamed Obama with.

    I think given time, she may prove herself useful in some regards (as many claim she’s a good political performer), but given time, people will also come to realize that this is just a expedient pick to try and pick up the dropped fruits of those disassociated Hillary supporters. May work, but mostly, I don’t think it’ll work.

  8. I think the thing we need to do as conservatives now is put our strength and support behind the party that stands for the conservative America. There are great stakes up in this election. We can’t stand around and back bite McCain or his choices. We must trust, and support, and learn from the debates ahead and then make our choice. I reserve my judgement until I see for myself what others are only accusing Palin of. We are living in the new century, and families are under attack. I applaude the choice to have a woman and a mother behind some of the decisions that will affect our families in this new era of time. Let’s rally around the flag, and McCain, and the Republican party, and do our part to see that we have them elected! The future of our country, our security, and our family is at hand. what are you going to do individually to see that you do your part to protect the values that are most near and dear to us? I say, Hurray! Let’s get behind them and watch them soar!

  9. Ahh, the sounds of bitter liberals…already jumping all over Governor Palin, still seething that their latest shot at getting a woman on a presidential ticket dissipated like a fart in the wind.

    Typical attacks on McCain aside, and focusing strictly on Palin, let’s address Middle class worker and #4 on your list. While you are free to take whatever stance you wish on any topic including the war, Palin is entitled to that same freedom and so is her son. Just be sure to thank him and any other soldier to whom you turn up your nose for protecting your right to that freedom. Love to know what you mean by #5. Is it that she’s married to a man who works on an oil rig? You can’t possibly be insinuating that HE equals big oil. It must be you misunderstood her work as chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and how she helped to prosecute someone who WAS in bed with big oil. #6 New York? REALLY? Color me unimpressed and not surprised to once again see your upturned nose. While she was once mayor of that small town of Wasilla, please remember she is currently Governor of a state of over 680,000 – still relatively small, 47th largest in the Union. But at least she can say that she has some executive experience, meaning experience in running either a business or a government, more so than Joe Biden and infinitely more than Obama. #7 If by “neglecting” you mean allowing a baby that Palin knew would be born with Down Syndrome to be born anyway rather than aborting it (would/could you have done that?). Or by going to work three days after giving birth accompanied by her newborn and her husband…wait, you’re not suggesting that a woman can’t balance work and family, are you? #8 Probably refers to the fact that Palin fired the state Public Safety Commissioner who refused to fire a State Trooper who just happened to use a taser on Palin’s 10-year-old nephew and made threats on Palin’s father’s life. As the Commissioner serves at the discretion of the Governor–Palin in this case–there was no requirement for Palin to give a reason as to why she fired the Commissioner. And please tell us all why the Commissioner was protecting this idiot Trooper anyway? #9 I can’t believe someone who supports Obama would even entertain the notion of saying that someone in the opposing camp has no experience. “Hello, Pot? This is the Kettle. You’re black…wait, was that racist too?” #10 Again with the sexism? Moms can’t cut it in the big bad political career world? Are you sure you’re a liberal?

  10. Really? The GOP is the party of conservative America? If that is the case then conservatism is dead in the United States. The GOP has become the big government, big spending, domestic spying, torture, and interventionist foreign policy. What part if that is conservative?

  11. >>Let’s rally around the flag, and McCain, and the Republican party!

    Yeah, typical. Keep using that eight-year-old playbook. Apparently, the Republican party still owns the flag of this country. I wonder if the flag is being rewarded for being a Republican crony by making record profits year after year like Halliburton and Blackwater. I mean, the flag better be making that much money considering the way the Republicans have put it to work for them. Oh, and one more thought. I wonder if the flag is allowed to move itself overseas to Dubai so it won’t have to pay any taxes on the record profit it’s made from American tax dollars.

  12. My first thought. As an independent women, I think what kind of mother would leave her 3 day old baby to go back to work. And what kind of mother would leave him at such a young age to go campaigning around the country. In my opinion and those with whom I have conversed she is no Hillary. In fact she is an insult to Hillary and to women in this country and the world. Family values supporter – I think not!

  13. You are SOO right.

    10) LOLZ Soccer Moms are stoopid.
    9) I know, she was Governor of Alaska, that shouldn’t even be a state.
    8) LOLZ
    7) I know she should stay at home with her kids, since she’s a woman. Obama isn’t neglecting his kids, because he’s a man and doesn’t need to spend time with his kids–thats what his girl Michelle is for.
    6) I know, thats a small community she’s in charge of organizing
    5) I know, I don’t use gas or oil, I don’t use anything plastic or drive a car, so I hate oil, NO WAR FOR OIL.
    4) LOLZ, what a looser, he’s serving his country in the military!
    3) McCain=Old, Old people are OLd!
    2) I know, Joe Biden has been in Washington so long and has so much experience with Washington Beurocricy and politics that he knows how to work the system
    1) 72yrs, he’ll prolly die in his bed of OLD AGE. LOLZ

  14. I know, Palin is such a doobie. Women who have kids can’t work–leet alone be the veep. Obama has two young girls, sure, but it isn’t a man’s place to stay at home with the kids. Joe Biden had two young sons and his wife died, but he stayed a Senator. Men can balance work and home life, but women, like Sarah Palin can’t. You bring up a great point.

  15. I know. Obama has country first! As a community organizer and senator he will better be able to organize the military, when you develop community within the military it will be a more efficient and effective defensive force. Obama’s “Commander and Chief” or is it Commander in Chief, I can’t remember, resume makes Adolf Hitler and his blitzcrieg look like a pacifist red cross operation, thats how good Obama will be at military stuff.

  16. Seriously, instead of abandoning it at 3-days old she should have partially birthed it and aborted it, before it was a baby. That’s why we need more amniotic fluid tests so we can abort mentally retarded babies before they are borned and burdened. But since Palin is a right-wing-woman who doesn’t believe in choice, she didn’t kill her fetus! LOLZ.

  17. Hillary would not have let something like a child, certainly not a retarded child, get in the way of her political career, right-wing-Palin is absolutely no Hillary. Change! Obama!

  18. Yeah, that 8-year-old playbook is so old, kinda like McCain, LOLZ. Obama refused to wear the flag on his suit because he wants change, not 8-year old plans, then he changed back to wearing the flag. CHANGE! Obama ’08!

  19. note: she won Miss Wasilla or something like that but was beat out for Miss Alaska. I saw a picture of Miss Alsaka, a sophisticated looking African American woman. Thank you for your comment.

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