Taking a Stand against Sarah Palin’s Jealous Contempt For Barack Obama

Sarah Palin's Bitter Rage and Contempt
Sarah Palin's Bitter Rage and Contempt

For the last, oh my Gosh, almost TWO years since Palin hit the national scene, conservatives have been salivating over the Democrats’ alleged fear of Sarah Palin. Striking “fear” into their “enemies” is part of the entire worldview of these folks. Everything is seen as a war, a power structure of over and under, best exemplified by Palin’s selling herself as a hunter and someone who just got things done in Alaska (contrary to her actual record and her quitting of her job). While I reject this worldview, it’s important to note that their largest strategic failure is not their worldview, but their misinterpretation of the Left’s outrage over Palin.

We don’t fear her. We fear for our country if she were to be anywhere near in charge of it.

The worldview of the Left is based on more egalitarian and inclusive ideals; The Left wants to negotiate with other countries, use diplomacy and strategy before force, but not INSTEAD of force, and this is nuance is so often misunderstood by the black and white world view of the Right, the Left values intelligence (and this need not come from books, but from a curiosity about the world and other cultures) and a gathering of information before making decisions.

Sarah Palin is clearly a knee-jerk responder; someone who doesn’t value listening or learning, but instead goes in guns a blazin’. Sarah also brings with her a history of anger, bitterness, and misplaced and abused power.

Sarah Palin a dictator who is too willfully ignorant to understand that her tactics are dangerous to the national security of this country. A perfect example of this was during Palin’s time as mayor of Wasilla. Palin was confronted by Wasilla City Council member Nick Carney, a now estranged former mentor of Palin’s who actually picked her to run for Mayor of Wasilla, regarding her despotic style of management. Carney, recounting Palin’s illegal and lavish expenditures on redecorating her office, recalled, “I told her it was against the law to make such a large expenditure without the council taking a vote. She (Sarah Palin) said, ‘I’m the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.'”

As is typical among the incompetent, Palin is a rabid back-seat driver who can’t seem to let a day go by without desperately inserting herself into the national dialogue, in a transparent attempt to both equate herself with the President and get his attention. President Obama had Palin’s number from day one, and he’s never given her the attention she so craves. He’s dismissed her with a respectful nod, rising above Palin’s crude tactics.

Palin uses drama and conflict to gin up support for herself. She isn’t actually running on ideas and can’t run on her history of governing, so she has to run on feelings. She stirs up the Tea Bagging base by getting them angry. They read her anger and rage and contempt as strength, but it really comes from weakness. It’s all Palin has.

Palin uses her contempt to mask her fear of the Press. She uses her anger to mask her envy of the President. She uses her rage to mask her disgust that a black man beat her (this is how she sees it, never mind that she was not running against Obama).

If you watch Sarah Palin’s face in any speech or TV interview, she gives herself away with a thousand micro-expressions of rage, contempt and disgust. Micro expressions such as:

Envy: Eyes staring; mouth corners turned down; nose turned in sneer; chin jutting.
Disgust: Eyes and head turned away; nostrils flared; nose twisted in sneer; mouth closed, possibly with tongue protruding; chin jutting.
Anger: Eyes wide and staring; eyebrows pulled down (especially in middle); wrinkled forehead; flared nostrils; mouth flattened or clenched teeth bared; jutting chin, red face.
Contempt: Curled lips and wrinkled nose.

Palin often manages to plaster a fake smile over her predominantly negative emotions, but this only makes her less trustworthy to the astute viewer who senses the disconnect between her emotions and her smile. When her expressions aren’t giving her away, her pointed fingers jabbing outward do. And if that fails, there are always her words.

Palin consistently uses negative emotion words, which are all indicators of a guilty conscience. Sarah invented the Death Panel lie (which was actually a confession of the very real Death Panels in Alaska wherein over 250 people died under Palin’s Medicare program waiting for care — the only state Medicare program to ever be shut down by the feds for incompetence). Sarah came out with “pallin’ around with terrorists” when in fact she was sleeping with a secessionist.

Palin uses words to incite fear, anger and rage in her followers. They connect with Sarah because of her anger, not in spite of it. In a very real sense, many of the accusations against Obama and the Democrats that we hear from Republicans right now are confessions of their own reckless crusade of deregulation. And their accusations are more often than not couched in negative emotional words like “rape” and “Hitler”.

Democrats and frankly, Independents as well as thinking Republicans, worry about Sarah Palin coming anywhere near our White House. Not only is Sarah Palin incompetent and lazy, but she’s also a demagogue so full of negative emotions she would endanger this country every time she opened her mouth. As much as George W Bush was a cause for concern given his emotional make up, I have to say that Sarah Palin makes Bush seem sane, reasonable and smart. She has the temperament of a jealous, angry Junior High “mean girl” and she is clearly incapable of rising above her own emotions.

And that’s not OK in any adult, let alone a political leader. It’s irresponsible of the Right to champion this person who has been called a “sociopathic narcissist” by her own mentors and supporters as well as being referred to as “Frightening, Dangerous, Mentally Limited” by the McCain staff, as a possible leader for this country.

So what the Right senses as fear of Palin is actually fear for our country and fear that the Conservatives will once again endanger this country by electing another Fascist-styled dictator who just so happens to also, too be a war hawk and a religious extremist. We’re not afraid of her because she’s a powerful Conservative leader or a good Christian. She is neither and the Right will not be taken seriously until they come clean about what exactly they stand for.

We’re afraid of what she does to this country because she allows her bitter, jealous contempt of our President to come before the good of this nation.

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55 Replies to “Taking a Stand against Sarah Palin’s Jealous Contempt For Barack Obama”

  1. The right will put anyone or anything up there. They picked Palin for VP for McCain knowing she was the biggest idiot this side of the United States. Its shocking how all those companies are giving her money because they want a repub in office who will continue to rip off the people like Bush allowed. Palin will do even worse! She or They don’t give a dam about this country. They proved that THE LAST 8 YEARS BUSH WAS IN OFFICE. They proved it every time a REPUB’s been in office and we’ve had a deficit or a war! Democrats in office SURPLUS! Ladies and gentleman out there..can you tell me what part of this you don’t understand. See, if the republicans created a deficit every time they were in office and YOU didn’t gain anything from that represenatation–why would you vote republican again? Why? Please tell me with a straight face why you are even considering it?

  2. You absolutely have it nailed. This is the clearest most comprehensive take on Sarah Palin that I have read so far. Hopefully she will self destruct before too long.

  3. 2,000,000 on Facebook, another 2.5 million seller. Libs you have to admit she is one hot lady and just think the other day she was staring down a bear. She did refudiate Obama for not going to Arizona, but he seemed to have time to go on “the View” and then trash blacks as “mongrels” and even whites, he said, fall into that category. My oh my he is digging a hole he’ll never get out of.

  4. Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012 because if she does the republicians will rip her to shreads. It will be interesting watching how Fox fake news channel will deal with republician thugs picking little lying sarah apart. It won’t be the lamestream media doing it, they won’t have to.

  5. thinking of her as a short skirted cheerleader running around in bobby socks is easy. She has the mentality of a 15 year old.

    Certainly she knows she is preaching to a small band of people and her own ratings are below that of a slug. Her rantings wont have much effect on anything except to inflame like minded people.

    She is like Fox News, they go on about the dumbest stuff . And none of it ever comes out true. None of their ranting is ever true.

    Its all about credibility. Like having or not having a baby called Trig

  6. “Libs you have to admit she is one hot lady”
    idesign; beauty is only skin deep, and Sarah is ugly to the bone. As far as her “popularity,” I think it is properly called “notoriety” (Look it up).

  7. Wait….My reply was to a comment( idesign) that is no longer there. I thought this was a great evaluation of a nutcase.

  8. Well well well… Sarah’s still jealous of the entire Obama family and that she didn’t get to push McCain down the White House stairs and that she’s not the most powerful leader of the free world. Oh geeze goshdarnit, if it weren’t for that educated half-black half-white Obama she’d probably get to go to Chelsea’s wedding also too. Poor Sarah.

  9. If she can stare down a bear then why can’t she stare down the President? Obama has over 11,000,000 fans while half of Sarah’s 2,000,000 “fans” are democrats, progressives, independents, the media, republican enemies and curiosity seekers the world over that see the value of her political comedy gold. Oh yes, the slow-train wreck watchers read it too.

  10. How many of those 2.5 million books, if she indeed “sold” that many were bought by right-wing thinks tanks and the like for them to give away? I know I saw WorldNetDaily offering a copy of her book as a reward for subscribing to the site.

  11. Sarah, you have perfectly nailed the essence of that other Sarah. You have summed up her childish and insatiable thirst for attention that causes her to make a fool of herself. Without actually saying the specific words, this article also underscores that she is a sore loser who is unable to cope with the anger and disbelief that most Americans who voted for a president in 2008 “refudiated” McCain and her. She “misunderestimated” President Obama, which is the main reason for her jealousy that he got elected and her contempt that stems from her unfounded view that he is somehow inferior to her. Other than being a wimp for not going before any other “news” medium except FOX or any media that doesn’t challenge her, she reminds me of grizzly mamas, pink elephants, and pit bulls in one way only. She charges into issues without thought, research, or even reflection and invariably makes herself look incredibly stupid.

    Those fans of hers who believe that she inspires fear in us liberals, and that she pisses us off, have entirely missed the point. The relevant point is that she is bad for this country, and putting her in a position of power would be suicidal on a national scale.
    They also fail to take into consideration that thinking conservatives and independents have become increasingly disenchanted with her. I have no doubt that if she runs in 2012, any GOP opponent would rip her to shreds. She has given so much ammunition to her enemies that she can justifiably be called her own worst enemy.

  12. No, we don’t fear her. Nor do we find her in any way attractive. She will keep herself out of power, because of what would happen to this country. She’s unelectable, and will so remain. Meanwhile, her followers prove daily that a fool and his money are soon parted. Sarah Palin may be dominionist, but she’s no follower of Jesus. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  13. You call it “jealous contempt,” I call it an “accurate assessment.” Palin is rightfully calling out Obama for being a horrible leader that has fallen down on the job. Going on talk shows as the economy falls. Shoot, just look at any issue, and this guy is an utter disappointment. No matter you ideology, he’s terrible.

  14. Yes yes yes!!!! Thank you for articulating how most of us feel about this moronic pond scum of a human being. I, along with MOST other Alaskans, am disgusted and embarrassed by this lunatic and plead to the gods that she just return to her wiki-up in Wasilla and STFU.

  15. A thousand thanks for managing to articulate what most folks think of this moronic pond scum of a human being. I, along with MOST Alaskans, am embarrassed and disgusted by this lunatic and wish she would return to her wiki-up in Wasilla and STFU – FOREVER!!!

  16. sorry for the extra post – obviously I am comment challenged and can’t think straight when dealing with the subject of SP.

  17. @Selewo

    Actually, I’m not “calling” it anything — I am writing about the facts based on the science of micro expressions. You may not like the truth, but Palin’s expressions are the textbook definitions of contempt, anger, envy etc.

    I never ceased to be amazed by the attempts of Palin supporters to accuse Obama of being everything Palin is, based on nothing other than their opinion and perhaps Palin’s tweets or her book, while at the same time denying reality and facts about Palin.

    In your world, Palin’s word is enough — but here in the real world, we are dealing with facts. And Palin’s word has been proven over and over again to not be worth the hand she wrote it on. This is also, too, a fact. I could care less if you believe it or not — your failure to align your thinking with reality is your problem, not mine.

  18. You lefties are so funny and so misguided. You think you can can negotiate with the dictators of Iran, you think you can negotiate with North Korea. The only way to negotiate with those kind of dictators is to negotiate with the power of the US military behind you. Bowing will get you no where. As far as Sarah Palin is concerned, you are dead wrong. Palin is courageous, committed, charismatic and talented. She will not give way our national security as Øbama is doing; she will not destroy our energy policy and let the gulf oil spill run while playing golf: She will not spend the country into bankruptcy. She is one of many capable people to repair the mess the Øbama administration has created. Most of us feel she is the most capable.

  19. @Granitepaw

    Maybe you would care to explain why our relations with Russia are so much better under Obama? How does that square with your worldview?

    You might familiarize yourself with nuclear weapons. No one wins in that scenario. Talk is all we have to avoid such calamity. But then, perhaps our goals differ. It seems conservatives are gunning for End Times in 2012, in which case, your attitude makes perfect sense.

  20. Thank you for this excellent assessment. You have her nailed. She’s vindictive, poorly educated and has no desire to improve her knowledge. How can such a person be good as an elected representative… of anything?

  21. Sarah Jones, take a bow…….really!

    This is the most insightful essay I have ever read about $arah and what the left really thinks about her.

    You certainly have done your Palin homework, I know, as I have followed the Alaskan blogs since she compared herself to a pit bull.

    This was quite a refreshing read as so many don’t really bother to fully research $arah before they write about her, and only know bits and pieces of the devastation she has left in her wake.


  22. Thank you for articulating so perfectly the Nature of this Beast.

    There’s a difference between having to suffer someone of a differing political ideology in office and the Country suffering the incompetence of a narcissistic fool. I don’t mind a Republican, but I do mind a Fraud.

  23. @Martha

    Thank you so much — that means a lot to me:-)

    I write about her a lot and my frustration is that I have to limit what I write, so it is great to hear that I nailed the important points.

  24. That certainly was a great assessment of Sarah Palin, and I enjoyed reading most of the comments. It is amazing that those who try to defend her can only do so with attacks against President Obama. Comments like “Most of us feel she is the most capable” just do not have any creditability, based on every poll, even those by the GOP’s favorite pollster, Rasmussen. Almost all of the things she allegedly did, as govenor, for the good of Alaska have been discredited, and it’s evident that she has never told the real reason she quit as governor; there have been at least three different reasons so far. To quit a job she asked and campaigned for is reason enough for her to never be elected to hold an elected office again. With Palin there are hundreds of reasons she should never be in any position of authority again.

  25. Probably the best assessment of Palin yet. She wears her ignorance like a badge of honor and despises everything she in fact longs to be. She is the only person I can think of who could give a pet rock a run for it’s money.

  26. Sarah is indeed an attention w*0re, and President Obama has done well in ignoring her and the rest of the right wing that so wants him to engage in some back and forth with them. America’s international standing moved from #7 to #1 after Obama was elected. President Obama is #15 on the Presidential Scholars List of what makes a president effective at governing, whereas GWB is in the bottom 5 at #39, and he has been identified as the worst president in modern history.

    What the trolls don’t want to admit is that the majority of the top 5 presidents were democrats, with FDR coming in at #1. No one’s personally afraid of Palin, but we are cognizant enough after experiencing 8 years of moving backward under GWB that we don’t want to elect Palin to be POTUS. I don’t know about the trolls, but I’m tired of being involved in 2 wars and having a government in which so many politicians work not for us, but for corporations. I think it’s mighty sad that Palin’s supporters remained quiet during the years in which GWB almost totally destroyed this country, but all of a sudden when there’s a democrat in the WH, they get all concerned and start a campaign to destroy his presidency with their made up lies ranging from he’s a racist (What has he said to disparage them? He doesn’t bring up race, but they sure do) to he’s incompetent when he’s had by all measures a very successful presidency these last 18 months when it comes to getting parts of his platform completed. Yes, some things aren’t as well as they could/should be, but overall, I think he’s done pretty good considering all of the opposition and obstructionism he’s had to deal with from the republican members of Congress and some of the democrats.

    I refuse to let Palin and any conservative make me depressed. I’m going to show up at the polls in November and take as many people with me as I can. The way to send a really clear message to people like Palin and her supporters is to defeat their azzez at the ballot box. They got our message in 2006 and 2008, and they can be forced to get it again in November 2010.

  27. “as well as thinking Republicans, worry about Sarah Palin coming anywhere near our White House.” THANK YOU for including us in your list. It’s rare that bloggers recognize that Democrats are not the only ones who see the danger in Palin. They usually just talk about “The Left” and “The Right” as if they were divided by an unsurmountable wall. I will pass the link to your article to many!!!

  28. Excellent post, Sarah Jones.

    Palin is a cult leader who draws ignorant and/ or vulnerable people into a shared delusional state with her negative emotional charisma. She and her cult followers basically function and interact on a limbic system level instead of a cortical level: anger/ fear/ paranoia instead of rational, disciplined thinking and ideas.

    Like all cult leaders, the seeds of her own destruction are within her. It can’t come too soon for this country.

  29. Perhaps you all should try to look past your hatred and see Sarah Palin for who she really is.

    See, you can’t because you hate her. You don’t really know anything about her.

    Now attack me with your hatred.

  30. @ Tapper

    Please note the second paragraph in my previous comment. In order to see Palin for whom she really is, it’s necessary to engage your rational faculties, not your emotional ones. Your assertion of “hatred” on the part of the other posters is a projection of your own hatred. Not too complicated to figure out. Palin operates from a negative emotional plane, so her apologists similarly frame any issue in negative emotional terms. Very tiresome.

    Just be aware when cult leaders self-destruct, they have the tendency to take many of their followers with them. Best wishes.

  31. Wonderful article, Sarah! It seems that the blogs concerning Palin are getting more and more specific, and less emotional. She is going to bring herself down, and if she somehow lets her ego rule her brain, (is there any doubt?) and gets involved in the 2012 campaign, she will waste her millions. The Republican power brokers know she is only good for ramping up the anger on the right, and pulling in money. They want her nowhere near Washington, either, and it will be interesting to see when they pull out the facts they have been compiling about her and throw her under her big bus for good. Notice that ‘her’ new book is coming out this year, before they take her down.

  32. S.J., I agree with you 100%.

    I do not begrudge Sarah Palin for being lured by money and fame (who wouldn’t be seduced by the glamour, excitement and dazzle that only the rich and famous enjoy).

    Nevertheless I do find it stunningly peculiar that in one year, since quitting her position as governor, she has already amassed a fortune in-excess of $20 million off of a medley of more-than-lucrative contracts, book deals, speaking engagements, etc.. thrown her way:

    Sarah, after having hired a ghost-writer to write Going Rogue, a book of myth and fabrication promoting herself, was offered a multi-million dollar book deal with Vanity Fair. Kudos to the person who brokered that deal. I can’t help but wonder if the publisher of her next book, set to be released in November, will be as generous.

    Sarah’s contract with Fox News, rumoured to be worth $1 million plus, requires only occasional appearances on various “news” shows where she is billed as an “expert” on political issues. Apparently talking points and platitudes now qualify as “expert” political analysis and commentary. Another sweet deal.

    The executives who signed the contract between SP and TLC made a really bad and costly business decision. The costs to produce a reality show about Alaska in-addition to paying Sarah $250,000 (per show or per series? — 5 shows to a series @ $250,000 each = $1.25 million) to host the show, TLC will be lucky to break even. That is not even counting the additional loss of advertising revenue and long-time loyal viewer membership contributions The Discovery Channel, parent company, will have to bear.

    Only someone with a lot of political clout and influence could have gotten Sarah Palin on the Washington Speakers Bureau’s list of speakers. But it would take someone with mighty powerful allies ♠to arrange a deal for a newcomer to receive speaking fees matching or out rivaling those afforded only to former presidents, dignitaries, diplomats .

    It is a very, very rare occasion when an outsider is granted entrance to the sacred, hallowed inner-circle of people, who never travel, socialize with anyone outside their circle of friends and acquaintances. Yet for some inexplicable reason they wined, dined and courted Sarah Palin.

    While we don’t know the who or why, we do know that it is highly unusual for a company to enter a contractual agreement that guarantees little to no profit or even a loss. Nor would Sarah have access and privilege to institutions traditionally reserved for only an elite group of people without the help of at least one very well-connected , extremely powerful wealthy individual or a cabal of rich, powerful, influential movers-and-shakers working behind the scenes.

    Like I said I do not begrudge Sarah’s newly found fortune and fame. But positions of power, riches and fame are not free.

    So what concerns me more, and likewise should every one else, is what Sarah promised to do in-return, for whom and to what ends.

    Otherwise we may all be forced to pay, one-way-or-another, for something we did not want nor bargained for or even knew about.

  33. It’s the GOP’s machinations of frame flipping, squared leads to their knee-jerking Palinista crowd’s use of the word “fear” when in reality

    . . .We The People were ashamed and embarrassed that someone – anyone – as intellectually and spiritually constipated as Palin (and the rest of her ilk) would be permitted to unleash their ignorance based bigotry/

    …. Her flippant ignorance displayed to the world’s kleig lights announcing that she’d have multiple climaxes bombing one of our nation’s allies during the McCain campaign was a shot heard ’round the world that decimated what little respect our nation had after inflicting Bush/Cheney upon the world’s citizens.

    Thailand news has their recent reaction to the endless Palinistas on Parade.

    Subtitles are provided:

  34. Hmm, wasn’t it Bush who spent some 490 days on vacation while waging an illegal war? Talk about “falling down on the job.” You and your ilk are ignorant savages.

  35. Where’s the video?????????? Sooz, have you tried just pasting in the address without using HTML to make it a link?

  36. “Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012 because if she does the republicians will rip her to shreads. It will be interesting watching how Fox fake news channel will deal with republician thugs picking little lying sarah apart. It won’t be the lamestream media doing it, they won’t have to.”

    The Romney camp has already given us a taste of how what they think of Sarah. They delivered an uppercut w/ this jab.

    “If she’s standing up there in a debate and the answers are more than 15 seconds long, she’s in trouble”.

  37. Sarah, wonderful post. I supported McCain during the last election (and would do so again) but I remember listening to the Vice-Presidential debates. When I heard Joe Biden speak I kept thinking, “Thank God, McCain is running.” When I heard Sarah Palin speak I kept thinking, “Please, please God, keep McCain healthy.”

    Interestingly enough her 15 minutes may finally be coming to a close. I read an article the other day where a polling of New Hampshire Republicans had her coming in a distant 6th (it might have been 5th) behind even Mike Huckabee. She received 8%.

    Great article.

  38. Wow. Great piece. I have been thinking these things since she blasted on the scene, but you said it so well. Her facial expressions tell it all. She is a mean girl who is accustomed to getting her way because she is “pretty”. It’s also been obvious that she has a really dark side and her record in Alaska shows that she used her power to harass/destroy anyone who dare cross her (Trooper Whoten, to name one). Her fans show the same contempt for those who do not adore her without question. Scary, actually.

    The fact that the media continues to give her attention and people actually pay to hear her ramble is just embarrassing.

  39. Thanks so much. It’s great to hear from readers of all political persuasions.

    As for New Hampshire, I confess to being fascinated with the modern day Republican Party — I heard on the grapevine that they were going to run her knowing they can’t win against Obama. As much as I don’t like what Palin stands for and what she refuses to learn, every once in a while, I feel a pang of pity for her as she certainly allows herself to be used by the Party to spread a negative message that not everyone would lower themselves to.

    Had she chosen to pick the high road, she could have been a contender (even if she remained willfully misinformed). How can that not be fascinating? :-)

  40. HUH? Where did you get your information from? Because you do know just because you read that someone said that he saw…doesn’t make it true!

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