To Sarah Palin Cajones Equal Secession

Sarah Palin says Barack Obama lacks “cojones.” This, we might note, from a woman who just up and quit as governor. Didn’t serve out the term people elected and trusted her to complete. Just up and quit. So for one with such “cojones deficit” to accuse another – who hasn’t quit – smacks a little of hypocrisy, doesn’t it?

Mike Lupica of NY Daily News calls her a “a hypocrite of the absolute highest rank.”

In Palin’s opinion, Jan Brewer, Republican governor of Arizona, “has the cojones that our President does not have. If our own President will not enforce our federal law, more power to Jan Brewer.”

Here is the video of Palin on Fox News Sunday:

Challenging the Constitution means you have cojones. Staying the course?

Well, let’s not beat a dead horse.

Perhaps Sarah Palin is a bit more of a secessionist than she ever let on. It’s no secret that her husband was a registered member of the Alaska Independence Party, a Party whose sole purpose is to secede from the nation. She apparently thinks each state is a separate nation, somehow loosely joined…by what, exactly, if not the Constitution?

Here is Palin addressing the 2008 AIP convention and telling them to keep up the good work:

That was the point of a federal government after all, even a lose one, that there be a body to set foreign policy for the United States. That was never something left to the states, not even in the conservatives’ beloved Tenth Amendment.

It has been observed before and by others that the Tea Party has never given America a description of what they expect “their” America to look like after they “take it back.” This is just another example of Tea Party rage rhetoric that leaves a person wondering what sort of nihilistic future we can expect.

The fact is, that immigration is an issue that requires more than rugged individualist sheriffs violating the Constitutional rights of people and throwing them into detention centers while racial profiling pulls those of Hispanic heritage over to check their citizenship. It’s going to require more than a “Great Wall of America” and more than 1200 National Guardsmen on the border.
And states don’t get to decide on their own foreign policy. Perhaps since, as Al Franken noted, Republicans feel entitled to their own facts we shouldn’t be surprised that they want their own foreign policy. They have already opted out of government in a snit because they lost the 2008 elections. I shudder to think what they will do if they lose again in November.

Once you’ve screamed your tantrum and stomped your little feet and then taken your toys and gone home, what do you have left in your playbook, Sarah?

Oh, that’s right, you lack the cojones to stay the course. When the going gets tough, you whine and you quit and you blame everyone else, and that’s about the extent of your playbook, isn’t it?

Not only do you need cojones, Sarah, you need to grow up.

10 Replies to “To Sarah Palin Cajones Equal Secession”

  1. Great post Hraf. How the Republicans could have run a person who is married to a secessionist and who supported the secessionist movement is beyond me, especially given their slogan: “Country First” since the AIP’s slogan is “Alaska First”.

  2. Palin has a BIG, deformed nasty mouth, to go with her small demented brain! Hopefully she will implode herself SOON!
    Her idiot followers think that was so cool was she did…when she runs, if she has the “Cajones” too, It will be played out in endless sound loops :D
    They won’t be smilin’ then! :D

  3. You forgot one important fact Iran has supported and does support the Alaska Independence Party and brought up a resolution in the UN to support the Alaska Independence Party and let them secede from the USA. It seems that Todd buddies around with Terrorist.

  4. She only has enough “cajones” to make snide remarks from the security of Palin-friendly media. The more I learn about this dipstick, the more grateful I am that McCain and she lost. The information about AIP is very revealing, especially about their ties to Iran, and it should give pause to anyone who still thinks she’s a “ril ‘merikan.”

  5. My bet is if Alaska had left the Union, she’d be acting within Alaska’s political landscape like she is in America’s now and talking about “real” Alaskans compared to the “other” type.

  6. I can’t imagine anyone honestly thinking she’d complete her turn even if she did won and somehow win. She’d quit half-way through the sign for a book and talk-show and cash in yet again. Once burned, twice shy, America.

  7. I have said time and again that the Tea Party doesn’t tell the loyal minions what America will look like after they ride into power.

    Little do they know that the government will be a huge part of their lives in order to maintain a grip on them. Constant banning’s of activities requires constant government overview. I doubt Sarah sees the future picture either. Michelle hasn’t told her yet.

    Of course we split was on your views of immigration. I will state that Immigration is far more than constant amnesty.

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