Alaskans Just Not that Into Sarah Anymore

Arctic Queen Ignored by Her State
Arctic Queen Ignored by Her State

Palin Not Driving Force in Apparent Miller Upset

Put away your crowns, Tea Party Publicans. Sister Sarah is not a kingmaker yet.

A Public Policy Polling survey done of Alaskan voters in the Republican senatorial primaries, where Joe Miller appears to be winning in a surprising upset over incumbent Lisa Murkowski, reveals that 59% percent of Alaskan voters weren’t moved by Palin’s endorsement.

“Only 15% of those who voted for Miller said Palin’s endorsement was ‘very important’ in who they decided to vote for while 26% said ‘somewhat important’ and 59% said it didn’t matter at all.

Overall 35% of primary voters said a Palin endorsement would make them less likely to support a candidate while 26% said more likely and 39% said it didn’t make a difference either way. Among Miller voters though 41% did say a Palin endorsement was a plus to only 13% who said it was a negative.”

The fact that 59% of voters couldn’t care less who Sarah Palin endorsed is a low blow in the home state of the former governor, whose approval ratings once towered in the puffy clouds of Palinland. The fact that 35% of voters in a Republican Primary said it would make them less likely to support a candidate is a rather chilly blow off of the Mama Grizzly Pitbull.

While Alaskans might be unmoved by Sarah’s word, Palin’s endorsement may have helped a lot in getting the Tea Party to pour money into the race. The Tea Party is becoming notorious for not vetting candidates (see Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell (R) who owes back taxes and has other financial malfeasance brewing) before they endorse them. Palin’s word is enough with them. In that sense, Palin brings the power of the Bircher Koch brothers with her, and that kind of money can buy a lot of ads.

So while Alaskans might think they weren’t swayed by Palin, may in fact have not wanted to be swayed by her (Palin’s preemptive quitting and subsequent money grab still stings), money can change a lot of seemingly independent minds via negative campaigning.

After all, 47% of primary voters thought Murkowski was too liberal and where did they get this idea? The Tea Party funded ads “accusing” Murkowski of actually working with Democrats. Apparently, working with other Americans for the betterment of your state is tantamount to treason in the Tea Party. Which makes me wonder.

I guess these folks who are so worried about how “liberal” Murkowski is can’t wait to give up their Social Security and Medicare.

But there was also the parental notification for abortions bill up for a vote, which presumably drove out the more conservative factions. In the end, though, Alaskans didn’t care who Sarah endorsed. Her choice was not going to influence them.

I find this supremely disappointing, as we all know that Palin is the largest fundraiser for Democrats out there. We may all need to dig deep into our pockets to help the Democratic candidate Scott McAdams in Alaska, as Palin apparently won’t be able to whip up the sort of rage in Alaskans as she does in the lower 48. After all, Alaskans have lived through her aborted reign and are off to the next battle.

I guess Alaskans just aren’t that into Sarah anymore.

But that doesn’t mean America isn’t into her. I can hear that Mama Grizzly roaring for 2012 from here.

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  1. If the people of AK aren’t aware by now what this idiot thinks then they will get what they deserve. But the sad thing these kinds of nutjobs win it will effect the rest of the country. Remember AK, NV and other states that voted for republicans in their primaries you put them in and you should watch out want they want to take away from us. Medicare, medicaid, social security and unemployment. All the programs we all have paid into. The government didn’t give us anything. Don’t let teabaggers tell you different.

  2. The media’s false narrative of Palin’s influence and popularity reminds of a segment Rachel Maddow did on her show last week about the media’s false narrative about “the angry anti-incumbent wave” during the primaries thus far. Rachel showed media quote after media quote about this “anti-incumbent wave” —- except the actual numbers didn’t back up that narrative: Over 300 incumbents had already won their primaries and only seven had lost.

    The same phenomenon is occurring with the media’s narrative about Palin’s alleged influence and popularity. When you get down to the numbers, like this PPP from Alaska, the facts don’t support the narrative.

    The media are either lazy in presenting the facts or they’re propping up the Palin narrative for other reasons. Or both.

  3. I’ve been going on about media invented narratives and innocent consumers carrying water for the GOP for a year now. This one drove me nuts. Who does this serve? Guess who. The same folks who told Americans over and over again that “both sides do it” and “Government doesn’t work”. This meme serves the Republicans.

    Contrary to appearances, the Republicans aren’t stupid, at least when it comes to manipulation. They’re quite savvy. They pick up on Liberal discontent and jack it up to Defcon 5, until Liberals, having bought all the little lies, are shooting themselves in the foot calling Obama “Bush” and thereby delivering the big lie.

    These little lies are meant to focus our uncertainty and bad feelings (from the economy) onto a specific target. “There’s an anti-incumbency feeling– there’s anger” they’ve been telling us for a year now. Yes, this is historically correct given the economy and the mid-terms, but just like Hollywood tries desperately to predict what movies will be successful (using formulas that no one except the bank believes but everyone desperately tries to convince themselves they do), pundits do the same thing. They develop a strong POV and build a compelling narrative around it, and then they go out and find proof of it. They’re running a business, after all.

    Doesn’t make it accurate. We might as well be going to the psychic down the street.

    In the end, you start to hear average Americans repeating these memes back like good little consumers, because they sold us on it. The same way they sell us desire.

  4. There is little doubt that the Fox hate machine has been very successful in their campaign of lies and smears. It appears as successful with liberals as republicans

  5. I agree completely with your excellent analysis of the GOP’s facility in manipulating the political narrative.

    The most perplexing aspect to me is how willing Democrats are to sabotage their own interests and long term goals by splintering into factions, and gnawing their own feet obsessively. If I mention this to other Democrats, there’s usually a defensive (and virtuously smug) response that Dems don’t “walk in lock-step like the good GOPers.” WTH!! Who said anything about walking in lock-step?? Since when did the GOP or any other party have the patent on unity? It’s intellectually shallow to think in such a binary fashion!

    If the Dems don’t want the GOP to take control of the House this November, they better start lining up shoulder to shoulder for a few months of unified fighting against the GOP and their false narrative about this administration.

    We can criticize the GOP for all their weaknesses from here until eternity, but until we assume responsibility for and work on our own weaknesses, the Dems will continue to give power over to the GOP’s regressive governing.

  6. Lisa has called in counters/observers while votes are being counted… and guess who is objecting? Van Flein (Van flea) Sarah Palin’s lawyer and Joe Miller’s too (what a coinkydink?)
    He is mad b/c they are looking at the voting machines (Diebold) and calling people to ask who they voted for…lol!
    Not to mention certain AK progressive bloggers told the sheeple to vote for Miller, a REALLY moronic and stupid move!
    But…Diebold people! How else could this Thug/Miller win when AK is SO VERY OVER HER?

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