The First Flickers of a Press Pushback Against Sarah Palin

Who Can Call This Small Town Girl Out?
Who Can Call This Small Town Girl Out?

Just how long can that tomato of preemptive media strikes last on its withering vine under the relentless sun of Palin’s love of attention from the same media? For my taste, that tomato was spoilt way back in 2008 when the McCain camp announced that until the press showed Palin “deference” (this is America?), she would not be giving any more interviews. But the press went along with this sad charade, cowering in fear lest they be called “Sexist” by that most feminist of men, John McCain.

But it’s two years later and finally, the press begins their push-back, albeit local press from Missoula, Montana (aka: Real America), who may be stunned to find themselves on the accused end of Palin’s ceaseless witch hunt against the dissemination of information. This is not the Real American Mama Grizzly they thought they knew. No, indeed, Dorothy. These are dark days.

Sherry Devlin, Editor of a local newspaper, the Missloulian, rose up (all Mama Grizzly like) to defend herself and her staff against Sarah Palin’s false allegation that the press had “sneaked in” to hear Palin’s speech:

“Contrary to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s warning to the standing-room-only crowd at this afternoon’s Teen Challenge fundraiser in Missoula, the media did not “sneak in” to her speech. We were not there as “moles,” in her words.

…I only mention this because that sort of talk – “Be careful. There may be some media that sneaked into the room.” – is intended to create distrust of the professional journalists in this city and all across the country who take their jobs very seriously and work hard to accurately and fairly report the news.

….Last week, they (the reporters who had been submitted and accepted to cover Palin’s speech) picked up a credential packet from Teen Challenge. They showed I.D. to pick up the packet. They were given green wristbands and were told to put them on their left wrists. They checked in at the door on Sunday, showed their wristbands and were placed in one corner of the room – and told not to move.

They were very visible, very public, very respectful and professional. They didn’t sneak in or out…”

Lest the reader think that poor Sarah developed this attack the press before they can ask any questions as a direct response to her deer in the headlights interview with Katie Couric, I’m afraid such compassion is unwarranted. Palin has been using this tactic ever since she reared her head in politics in Wasilla. Perhaps she gleaned it off of Karl Rove or maybe they taught her this at the Republican Women’s Leadership camp she attended, or maybe she has the instincts of a Pit Bull in spring – but this has always been her strategy of dealing with the press.

Although it’s almost embarrassing to point out that it seems to have played most well with the national press, because back in Wasilla, the local paper fought like the devil to make her accountable. They were mostly unsuccessful, but after their push back, Palin did have to unfire a bunch of people she had precipitously fired, a move which had given rise to a recall campaign.

How did she save her job? At the urging of party leaders the fiscal conservative hired a city manager to the tune of $50,000.00 to do her job. Do recall that Wasilla was, at that time, around 5,000 people. Never fear, if she gets into the White House, she’ll just wait for Cheney to force her to hire someone to actually run the country. Who knows what kind of damage will be done in the interim, but as a modern day Republican knows, there’s plenty of money to be blown proving their incompetence.

A quick run though of the Frontiersman’s Palin coverage in 1997 during what came to be known as Palin’s standoff with the local hometown paper:

Headline: “Palin may face recall” [Frontiersman, 2/5/97]
Frontiersman Editorial: Palin Doesn’t Grasp the Truth. A Frontiersman
editorial wrote, “Mayor Palin fails to have a firm grasp of something very simple: the truth.” [Frontiersman editorial, 2/7/97]
Editorial Headline: “Mayor’s Lost Credibility” [Frontiersman, 2/7/97]
Frontiersman Editorial: Palin Assumed Her Election Was a Coronation. A Frontiersman editorial wrote, “Palin seems to have assumed her election was instead a coronation. Welcome to Kingdom Palin, the land of no accountability.” [Frontiersman editorial, 2/7/97]

Notice a theme here regarding Herself’s ability to tell anything remotely resembling the truth. Now tell me again, Johnny, how you think Palin is stupid? Are these the acts of a stupid person? No, what we have here is a willfully ignorant person with the political instincts of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, disguised by a pretty face with a carefully crafted (and equally inaccurate) image as a Mama Grizzly.

I dare you to ask her what she reads. Just try it, big boy.

To that end, Palin put in place what the local paper called a gag order, prohibiting top city employees from talking to reporters unless she cleared it first. The Frontiersman and Anchorage Daily News fell over one another trying to keep up with the chaotic turmoil of Palin’s first year as mayor.

The Frontiersman reported:

“Wasilla residents have been subjected to attempts to unlawfully appoint council members, statements that have been shown to be patently untrue, unrepentant backpedaling, and incessant whining that her only enemies are the press and a few disgruntled supporters of Mayor Stein. … Palin promised to change the status quo, but at every turn we find hints of cronyism and political maneuvering. We see a woman who has long since surrendered her ideals to a political machine.”

Palin called this “shakin’ up the good old boys.” Should she ever be elected to any office again, this will be the excuse given for the cries of Tyranny we hear from within the sanctified walls of her castle. In case you doubt it, let me leave you with a few Palin words and let’s see if you can guess what year they were said in…or how about, what campaign?

Palin wrote that people asking City Hall for help encountered “complacency, inaction and even total disregard.” She decried the town’s “current tax-and-spend mentality” and its “stale leadership.” ~~Palin, running for Mayor of Wasilla. Oh, demagogue of my dreams, ring my bell with charges of “complacency” and “tax and spend” regardless of how you actually govern! I see your hubris and raise you ten.

But wait, the best part is she was a part of that same city hall she was deriding, sort of like how she derides the media now even though she is a well-paid member of it.

Predatory ruthlessness does not a dummy make. While Sarah Palin is incurious, incompetent and misinformed to such a degree that she actually makes Bush seem Rushmore-worthy in comparison, she is not stupid. And while we’re on it, please note that Bush wasn’t a cruel despot for the sake of being cruel. He could be authoritarian and dictatorial, but he didn’t feed off of revenge and power like Palin does. We shouldn’t count on Palin being stupid, unless we crave the bitter tang of disbelief and disappointment circa 2004.

Palin wants us to dismiss her as stupid. It gives her something to rail against and arms her base with a pre-honed chip on their shoulder. While she bats her eyes and plays stupid and Americans snicker, she’s amassing power and money. It’s never wise to underestimate your opponent or to see only their most obvious and self-serving narrative. However, since the press hasn’t done their job with Palin, we will have to comfort ourselves with the powerful label of stupid which may indeed render her unelectable, ala Dan Quayle.

A hearty welcome to the Missoula press, you’ll find it sparse but comfy under the Palin press bus. Complimentary gag buckets are provided for those special times when the media runs with Palin’s latest lie and willingly subjugates themselves to her as they did George W Bush, apologizing for asking what happened to those clothes or if she agrees with the Bush doctrine. You’ll be comforted to know that there are a few others here with you, such as Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, Michael Gross, and Joe McGuinniss.

Ya’ll just take it easy down there and wait for the rest of the media to catch up. Oh, and while you’re down there, why not count the number of hit jobs this same media did on Hilary Clinton’s hair. I guess they weren’t so scared of being called elitist sexists back in the good old days, eh?

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  1. I could be wrong, but I think the word you are looking for is “arrogant”. You are right, she wants us to belittle her so she can hide behind the press. She knows there is no way she could be a real president and I think that pains her.

    The media plays a large part in determining who gets the nomination. Remember all the dem candidates in the debates and Good old Wolfe would only ask questions to Hillary and Obama? Same for the Republicans? Does anyone actually think they “all” had a fair chance? She might want to not be too mouthy

  2. Great article, Sarah, and right to the point. Sooner or later, she’ll reach the point of critical mass and find out that she’s pissed off too many people. It always begins with one.

  3. I don’t even think she is as complicated as all that. I can say more simply what your article actually describes: She is just another “mean girl” from High School who never outgrew that role.

  4. Great smackdown from You Sarah and Sherry the Missoula journalist! Ha, they only Moles I seen was the ugly one on Grizzles L arm! Ewwwwwwww! It was very obvious at her “surprise” visit to the Wasilla kkk event. Ewwwwwww!
    Think her & orange man better get their a$$es to the dermatologist, and we know THEY can Afford it he with his Senate HC and her with her Piles of Money, I’m sure she can grift some from SarahPac?

  5. Excellent – most excellent writing. Your wit never fails to make me chuckle.
    I have a fantasy that I’ll share. One day the press will push back with a Palin blackout.
    No TV news, no newspaper, no blog and no Twitters mentioning her name or antics. A complete blackout on anything Palin and that includes any mention of her children.
    Except for C4P and Fox, of course, but we’ll just see how satisfying that will be for her.

    Well, I can dream, can’t I?

  6. Sarah how in the world could you ever say quote, the press hasn’t done their job with Palin? You and your far left cohorts do everything in your power to belittle Palin, mainly this site. I just do not understand why in the world would someone with the qualities ie. stupid, dumb, unelectable, etc be such a threat to the democratic party? Why devout majority of this blog to Palin…my take is that she threatens your party and mainly you. If not and all your followers believe the same as you and your collegues then why not turn the page and focus on someone of real threat?

    Here is facts that you should agree with it certainly…why doesn’t the mainstream media ask the hard questions to the democratic leaders? Obama during the election got the easiest under handed questions that made him look briliant. Palin was always asked the bait and switch questions.

  7. I don’t think she’s even as complicated as all that. She’s just another Mean Girl from high school who never outgrew that role.

  8. What’s so bait and switch about “what newspapers and magazines do you read?”

    Heck – answering Good Housekeeping and Sports Illustrated would have been a better answer than “all of ’em, any of ’em…”

    Of course there is that photo of her with a John Birch Society mag on her desk, but, uh, nooo…I guess she couldn’t say that for all the world to hear.

  9. Hi Sarah,

    You have a bot already. That is the true test you are on to something. They only show up when they feel their Queen has been attacked. They can’t provide facts, links to backup their claims so they spew their same ole same ole don’t tread on my Queen crap.

    Good Article btw- Thank You

  10. Does neiner neiner neiner come to mind here?

    Sarah threatens no one. She is a brilliant source of entertainment

    But I bet the more you repeat that people are afraid of her themore you will believe it.

    The press does ask the hard questions of the dems. Every day there is a press conference that you miss. Jaime, why do you insist on burying yourself constantly?

    Better yet, why not ask yourself what you see in Palin? She cuts people down but never has an answer for anything. Only stock phrases. Why dont you ask her some hard questions?

  11. SP is a living, breathing “DSM”. Just when I think I have her pathology pegged I find another to suit her: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, sociopath, borderline personality, etc. She is only interesting from a psychology perspective. On an emotional level it is clear she is growth-stunted, hence the “mean girl” description. That is how she has gotten ahead in life, not by intellect, but by charming folks then turning on them when they cross her or are no longer needed by her.

    Sarah herself isn’t a threat, it’s the idea that someone so uninformed, someone so obviously manipulated like a ventriloquist’s dummy, someone so incurious could make it this far in politics. It’s frightening what it says about this country. Image over substance, bottom line.

    I agree that the media should boycott Sarah, though I’m conflicted since the more she speaks, the meaner she gets, the more people dislike her. She is her own worst enemy.

  12. Well, I for one am TERRIFIED of Sarah Palin. I do believe there enough scared, closed- minded, easily manipulated people in this country who would vote for her. And she has all the neo-con money behind her.
    The fact that she has gotten this far proves that she should inspire fear. One day we will look back at this time and maybe understand the perfect storm of circumstances that allowed someone like Sarah Palin to dominate the political conversation. But right now, I find it unbelievable and truly frightening. Howard Dean’s political chances were destroyed with a spontaneous outburst of joy….but Palin survives ignorance, demagoguery, and lies. What is really going on here?

  13. Sometimes it takes one person like Sherry Devlin to start chipping away at this very empty person. The legitimate press should have been on Palin’s case a long time ago. From the minute McCain’s and his handlers screwed up by not vetting her, and then tried to cover up by using the excuse of “showing her deference”. Translated, simply means, she’s dumb as a post and lacks even the basic knowledge skills of a junior high drop out.

    She’s toxic and has played the national press like a fiddle, but she has had help with Fox and Rupert Murdoch. She is the only politician I have ever seen that has been held unaccountable by the press. Unfortunately, other equally stupid people running for office are following her lead – no debates, no questions from the press. She is unamerican in the worst way.

    I do not understand the silence from Alaska. Why she is so feared and why she has come this far. She is as transparent as Saran Wrap. A very base person.

  14. I wish my idiot friends (there are many nice folk who are fooled by this person) would see through her “poor me” facade. Even knowing that I am a friend who would NEVER lie to them, they still won’t listen when I tell them just how horrible she is. They say “You shouldn’t believe everything that you read”. Bangs head into desk. I do live in SC though….. :OP

  15. Oopsie Shiva
    you asked a paymebot a question. And you know they no likey that. Only get paid to troll talking points such as neener neener jealous libtard. Actual dialogue I’d way out of their scope.

    Must be home reloading on Sarah’s website. Hell be back.

  16. Tell them you will agree not to believe everything you read so long as they agree to believe something they read other than right wing rags.

  17. Why does she look so different in the photo? I can’t place it. Is it the nose? The naso-labial folds? Something about her face has changed DRASTICALLY.

  18. It’s about time someone else publicly challenged Palin instead of feeding into an entirely false public image of her. For too long, she has gotten a pass on things that others would have been skewered for. The media, which often seems to value sensationalism over substance, has been Palin’s worst enabler, along with her lemmings who never let facts about her get in the way. It’s also a sad commentary on this society that someone as intellectually and morally bankrupt can acquire such status. Hopefully, this kind of pushback will be a harbinger of things to come.

  19. Outstanding post, Sarah Jones.

    Thanks for including Palin’s past history of incompetent, dictatorial behavior as the mayor of Wasilla. She hasn’t changed a whit.

  20. Hey Syrin

    The info in this post comes from the vetting docs on Palin, Lexis and the research I’ve been doing on her for two years now from various papers and books. Sorry, but it didn’t come from your blog.

    Glad you liked it.

  21. who does Alan Colmes make money off of?
    why would anybody that contributes and constantly bash Fox be excited about being linked to Colmes’…if anything Ms Jones should cringe to this but good job now you will get more followers certainly, lol
    If you can’t beat them might as well join them

  22. have fallen for the dumbing down effect that palin thrives on and seems to exude on her followers/supporters–for her palin4dummiesPAC. I mean, the woman does need to keep up her looks. Thats all she’s running on. And it makes you sound..well. I take that back. You sound DESPERATE! Because, first, you cannot make us feel bad about our feelings towards her. They are justified. You cannot begin to convince me or anyone else with the mentality of 5th grader, that this woman has any kind of sincere actual knowledge of any kind, about anything. The woman is conniving as all hell. The woman is VICIOUS! She has nothing to offer this country. You think BUSH left this country in a mess? WE WILL BE AT WAR WITH EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IF THAT MONSTROSITY GETS IN THE WH! She knows no diplomacy. She has no speaking skills. She’s hateful as all hel and prejudiced against anything palin! Can you even imagine her out there conducting peace talks like Hillary is currently involved in? Being the bigot that palin is..she really believes she’s a supreme race all her own! Hillary Clinton is genuinely smart and a very strong intelligent woman! She is to be admired. Palin? I THINK NOT! A TOTAL FRICKEN JOKE MAKING MILLIONS–only because of her skin color and looks. SHE’S A DISGRACE TO ALL WOMEN!
    Hillary may have had a side you didn’t like. They even refered to her as a “beotch”. But you couldn’t say Hillary was dumb or uneducated. Palin has taken the power of that name and made it hers alone! She fits it to the T! She is the epitome of a thuggish high school girl whose parents have lost all control of. The woman is dangerous. Do you not read how and what she did to the people of Alaska? She was a fricken dictator! Denied them everything.. She charged women for rape kits. Starved and froze the Alaskan indians. And yet had money to decorate her office and enlarge her new home while the town starved and seniors died. HER VERY OWN DEATH PANELS! Funny how everything she has accused Obama of..she has already done!!! Think about it. ITS HER GUILT SHE HOPES YOU WILL NEVER HOLD AGAINST HER!!! So she blames what she did on others. People are wrong about her when they saying she would quit. Not this position. she wants the power of the presidency so bad she almost would kill for it. She wants MORE power than she had as a gobnr. She wants a LARGER SCALE now having been picked as a potential VP..the woman loves power and money and BEING A DICTATOR. You see it in her greedy eyes and speeches. She’s awful! She’s finding in this larger arena that you CAN’T TELL US TO SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN AND ACCEPT YOUR IGNORANCE AS LEADER. Her famous repeated words…again used against this administration. Because that’s what she did to the people of Alaska. Shut up and do as I say because I can do whatever I want! And all the media was afraid of her. VICIOUS WITCH that she is! then accuses Obama of it! She is NOTHING. She will go down in history as the BIGGEST IDIOT WHO MADE MONEY OFF BIGGER IDIOTS.
    I’ll be honest. I don’t like her at all. I find her so offensive it hurts.

  23. They did ask the hard questions to the democratic leaders. And they responded kindly with proper and to the point sound answers. Then they asked Palin ..and what did she say? Lets see…she got all cutesy and said …can I call you Joe???……then..I’m not gonna answer your questions but will speak to the american people..yada yada BS! HOW WAS THAT INTELLIGENT? What did she end up saying? NOTHING. She didn’t know the answer so she BS’esses her way thru it like she does everything else. She’s good at it. BUT ITS BECOMING REAL OBVIOUS that she really knows nothing but BS! Its not our fault she refuses to educate herself ..nor the media’s fault that she lies and really doesn’t have any answers so lies some more. Curious. How do you look up to something like that in all seriousness? She has taken the bar and lowered it so far its just plane disgraceful what we are trying to sell as leadership qualities with this joke of a woman.

  24. Sarah Palin is arrogantly stupid. She struts her ignorance as part of her appeal to the uneducated, undereducated and low information voters among the bible-thumping base. Ask almost any Palin supporter, and their response is nearly unanimous: “She’s just like me!” said in a sickening sing-song symphony of sycophants. Palin’s ability to slip by without any objective scrutiny by the “press” is attributable to the “Big Oil” slick that coats her back. Palin struts her ignorance just as she struts with a wink, big open-mouth tongue-flicking smile and 4” FM stiletto heels to appeal to those that are impressed by that appearance. Her supporters who are well-educated are those that hope to benefit by the manipulations of public policies for their personal gain, especially faith-based schools and other like-minded institutions, as well as the big corporations raping this country.

    That woman IS an idiot. Only an arrogantly stupid narcissist would fake a pregnancy, but the media has given her a free pass on this issue. Why, exactly? It is the one issue that she used to initially garner the sympathy of the rabid pro-life base, and she continues to tout this lie, unchallenged by main stream media, no matter how many effing versions she tells of her “walking the walk”.

    I am thrilled to see the editor of the Missloulian factually defend her staff against Palin’s false allegations. I thought the reporters did an excellent job actually “reporting” about the speaking event and about the protesters, without opining.

  25. @ProChoiceGRANDPA stating that BS lie about Palin faking a lie is something the piece of s%@t paper DailyKos started. This just shows that you must be full blown with alzheimer, go see a doctor quickly. For some reason the DailyKos disputed the FACT that Edwards was running around on Elizabeth and fathered a child. Damn know how does your cronies over at the DailyKos look like now….just like you an IDIOT.
    It seems to me you resent people that work there rear ends off and are successfull. Let me guess you believe you are ENTITLED to the same lifestyle as me. Well believe it not you are…just get off your ass and make it happen. Don’t wait on a handout.
    nice try grannypa

  26. Jaime, you poor child, go back to school, or if you are still in the 7th grade, you should be doing your homework instead of trying to have an adult conversation on a blog. I have worked my whole life, never asked for nor received handouts, I have been frugal and responsible so that I enjoy a comfortable lifestyle which I am sure is far above anything your sorry ass will ever attain. You appear to be a member of Twitler’s Youth.
    If you are an adult, your spelling, grammar and sentence structure indicates your “homeskooling” was a dismal failure. Good luck to ya’.

  27. Whether she faked the pregnancy or not, it doesn’t reflect well on her either way.
    On one hand, lying about it would be bad enough. On the other hand, if her story is true, she endangered an already fragile fetus by flying on a plane when her water broke. Any reputable doctor would strongly advise a woman whose water broke to get to the nearest hospital ASAP. So, either way, it puts her in a bad light.

    As for anyone envying a “successful” woman, part of being a successful human being in my book is having moral integrity. By that measure, Palin fails miserably, because I don’t see charging exorbitant fees for her content-free screechfests as anything to be proud of. She is lacking in both mental intelligence and moral integrity, and her behavior on 9-11-10, as well as her role in stoking anti-Muslim hatred in reference to the proposed mosque in NYC were completely over the top. Her lack of mental intelligence is shown in her total ignorance of national and international affairs, even while she injects herself into issues that don’t concern her. The lack of moral integrity is in the numerous lies she tells, as well as her willingness to stir up anger and hatred. That is where her “talent” lies, and it is not one that any sane person with an ounce of integrity would envy.

  28. prochoicegrandpa….it seems to me that you and your liberal pals can only say something about ones grammar,spelling, sentence structure when they now that they been caught in a blatant lie. that is what has happened here and you have gotten your panties in a wad, lol. i love it, maybe i will go to my lakehouse this weekend and see if i can’t catch you in more lies…get your facts straight
    anne i agree with you wholehearted about Palin should have never hoped on that plane after her water broke but being like prochoicegrandpa and spreading blatant lies is a BS way to get attention.

  29. Her water didnt break, she wasnt pregnant. Funny how Megan McCain discussed Sarah’s daughter on TV and said during the campaign she was pregnant

    Funny how jaime has lied in almost every post yet accuses others of lying.

    Wheres the birth certificate jaime? LOL

  30. shiva for some reason I believe you have misinformation once again. You my friend are the one that believes all lies that your affiliation make up to try and deflect the intelligent americans from seeing the truth. So let me guess stating the truth is just talking points…I call it trapping a liberal by the tale, lol.

    The birth certificate is probably with you know who’s…….

  31. Maybe God should BLESS sarah with a real baby of her own this time to test her fake faith. And the people will finally realize what a fake she is. While admirable that a mom would do that for her daughter, it makes one wonder why she would have to in the first place and in this day and age. We’ll see what the great one does. Because I just know palin has had an abortoin at least once in her lifetime already. She did have an affair remember? Everything she has accused this party and this president of, or anyone else of, it turns out she is guilty of in the 1st degree already. i.e. DEATH PANELS (she lied and seniors died under her watch), SHUT UP AND TAKE IT (her people in AK had to take her cruel tyranncal practices–or else), ETHICS VIOLATIONS (lied and lied), PORK BARREL SPENDING (huge lie), THE BRIDGE TO NOWHERELAND (OMG way too big a lie to go into), COMMON SENSE CONSERVATIVE..palease..she even lied about that! She LEFT ALASKA BROKE! JUSTLIKE BUSH DID THE U.S.! CHOICE? pay for the rape kit! The thing with lying so much is you forget which lie you told to whom. And it ALL CATCHES UP with you. We’re almost there folks. Because if this woman runs for office it will take some serious …as she eloquently phrased it ..CAJONES!! BECAUSE EVERYONE WHO HAS been thrown under the bus by this woman or harassed in the past by this DEMONIC WOMAN WILL LET IT ALL OUT ABOUT HER. You can’t be throwing people under the bus and not expect to get some gravel on your shoes. She’s going to have a mental melt down too if she loses to a black person again. That much I can assure you of. She’s been trying to get even since the beauty pageant. Thats alot of pent up hate.

  32. It is absurd to consider Sarah Palin in any administrative office of higher power than the one she had in Alaska. She is an immoral hippocritical battle axe, and most americans find her antics highly amusing. The U.S. finally got rid of one incumbent, republican hick. We will not need another, thank you very much. And honestly, aside from fox news and a few webpages, No where in the last year have i heard any other american mention her political career in a positive light. No one i have discussed politics with considers her a competent leader. her policy, history, and platform are laudible at worst, and a sad joke from the dark ages at best. she is a joke. a sideshow. I cannot hear anyone of reason stating support for her campaign, anywhere i enquire other free voting citizens as to what candidates they support or agree with. unlike the evil Bush regime, americans will not let the vote get rigged, or slide to the right, out of fear of another lunatic, egomaniacal, copraphagic fascist holding office. this time around, she can waste Alaskans money campaigning, but she has already consigned herself to irrelevance. she would loose against gore and ducakis. shes That bad. the only reason she gets the smallest iota of press attention, is because she unfailingly makes herself sound like a bigger idiot anytime the words coming out of her mouth go on public record. its like a sad, sick movie, in slow motion, showing an opiate addicted prom queen tumbling, tumbling down into the gutter she desperately craves and deserves due to her lack of depth, integrity, and common sense. change the channel.

  33. Shes not complicated at all. Its the most rudimentary political strategy. Oh, you suck at interviews. Well, no more interviews for you! Oh, you suck at remembering talking points. Write them on your hand! Oh, you suck at governor of Alaska. Quit your job!

    She is Frankenstein’s monster and journalists are fire.

  34. Palin already knows she doesn’t have what it takes to be the leader of the United States. She’s smart enough to know how to goad dumber people than herself into buying into her image. She’ll continue to hint at a run for presidency just to keep herself relevant. Then, her fanatics will want to see her on TV shows and possibly another book. It’s obvious she knows her window isn’t going to be open much longer. So, she’s going ride the wave and jump at any opportunity to make a dollar. Palin has that insatiable money lust that’s destroying this country.

  35. What does amaze me is how the national press can be so willing to overlook all her lies and evasions. Just how much power can this media hound muster to scare of the press?

    When Bush was in office they willingly lay down and rolled over. But this is some shallow, empty shell of a person. A person filled with the arrogance and nerve and not much else. She hates the media, and yet uses the media. And they allow it. When did you ever hear her say anything but that she is a victim. She is always the victim of that mean old press. Why they have the nerve to want answers to questions. Questions that anyone running for public office needs to answer. Questions regarding her concrete plans for the issues of the day.

    She drags her family into the public, and then whines because they are abused. She quits every job she had, and then whines that she is no quitter. Her stupid remarks are endless and yet she keeps talking. She is making money hand over fist, and yet feels put upon when any criticism comes into the press.

    For someone who hates the media, she has become a master at using them. And why not? It has been many years since we have had an objective, fact finding media. The media that routinely lets lies and evasions stand. And it stands as testimony to the lack of media ethics. As long as the media exists as it does, Palin and those like her will profit. We have no real free press.

    A couple of years ago, the press in the US ranked somewhere about 23 place in the world. I hate to see what it is now. I get most of my news regarding this country, from outside of the US. My own country, and I have to get the truth from outside.
    We demand nothing better, so we get nothing better.

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