WikiSqueaks: Sarah Palin’s Incoherently Dangerous Wikileaks Criticism

Sarah Palin Doesn't Understand the Limits of the US Government
Sarah Palin Doesn't Understand the Limits of the US Government

GOP: Please Come to Claim Your Lost Candidate: Sarah Palin is on the Loose

As stuffed as you are from turkey, one imagines you are also stuffed full of Sarah Palin at this point, she who has infiltrated our media for two years now at a breakneck speed which leaves lesser infiltrators like Paris Hilton green with envy.

But just in case you still thought there was an ounce of “there” there with the “common sense conservative”, today the GOP’s best and brightest tweeted what she intended to be a dig at President Obama over his handling of the Wikileaks situation. Unfortunately, as is so often the case with Ms Palin, her jab is going to come right back at her, so full of tells as to why she shouldn’t be anywhere near power as it is.

Here’s what Ms Palin tweeted:

“Inexplicable: I recently won in court to stop my book “America by Heart” from being leaked,but US Govt can’t stop Wikileaks’ treasonous act?”

In case you are going to defend this tweet as a one-off, Ms Palin has backed it up on Facebook, taking aim at Obama over and over again over his “failure” to protect the troops by stopping Wikileaks, so sadly this can’t be chalked up to a bad moment on twitter.

Okay, I’m not sure where to start here so I’ll just dive in.

“Inexplicable: adjective meaning inexplainable” and inexplainable means “difficult or impossible to explain.” Yes, I’m sure you had me at hello, but we need to walk this one through from the beginning, because you see…..

It’s not impossible to explain why the President can’t stop Wikileaks. It’s very easy. Deep breath:

Not only is Wikileaks is hosted in Sweden where, I feel duty bound to point out, the President of the US does not have sovereignty as of yet and where it is impossible to commit treason against this country unless one is a US citizen residing in Sweden, but also, as Ms Palin must be aware (given her recent claim to a comminications degree that qualified her to discredit all American media save Fox News) there’s that pesky Pentagon Papers ruling (this was discussed in more depth earlier today) that all journalism/communiction majors learn about fairly early on.

Furthermore, the cables and emails of diplomats are not copyrighted, so while this comparison may make some sense to the person unschooled in law, upon examination, Ms Palin’s ability to sue Gawker over her book has nothing to do with the President’s ability to shut down any publication or organization he doesn’t like. It’s worth noting that Ms Palin actually failed to stop the leak of her book onto the internet. She did manage to get an order to have the offending pages pulled down long enough after they were posted for mirrors to be created for the curious.

And this is where the real trouble begins. Are we to believe that in Ms Palin’s America, she would assume the right to shut down any blog, paper, or freedom of information act organization she disliked by claiming they were a threat to national security (and the troops)? Would it be asking too much for American citizens to get more information on Ms Palin’s understanding of the fine tightrope between transparency and security, court precedent and a general understanding of the balance of power inherent in our government? Does Ms Palin think Americans are entitled to hear her discuss these complicated issues on a regular news outlet at some point, as the rest of our lawmakers and leaders do?

Ms Palin claims the latest round of leaks prove Obama’s incompetence:

“…the latest round of publications of leaked classified U.S. documents through the shady organization called WikiLeaks raises serious questions about the Obama administration’s incompetent handling of this whole fiasco.”

One wonders then how Ms Palin explains the leaking of her yahoo account she used to conduct Alaskan state business on to Wikileaks during the 2008 campaign. Thank goodness Sarah Palin didn’t have access to our national security secrets at that time.

She concludes with this:

“We are at war. American soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting to protect our freedoms. They are serious about keeping America safe. It would be great if they could count on their government being equally serious about that vital task.”

Ms Palin is charging the Obama administration with neglecting national security on purpose, implying that he is anti-American, as she did during the 2008 campaign. And that must sting the President, coming as it does from a person married to a once-registered secessionist. But she hits her mark with her first commenter, who picks up the dog whistle Palin is throwing down:

Gail M: “Incompetent or with some nefarious purpose? You never know with this administration.”

Well played, Ms Palin. If ya’ can’t get ’em on policy or even a dim grasp of our laws here, why not sell ’em some fear.This is the person John McCain just touted as a great candidate for President of this country.

It isn’t that she doesn’t know the law, it’s that she doesn’t care to know the law. It isn’t that she assumes dictator like powers as President, it’s that she has already proven in Alaska that she governs with reckless abandon for the law. This is the person quoted as saying to the Wasilla City Council leader, “‘I’m the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.”

Indeed, Ms Palin. We see.

Hear that, Mr Assange? She’s comin’ for ya’. And speaking of coming for people, I urge the Republican Party to gather up Ms Palin before their reputation is forever branded as the Party of Palin.

Please, GOP, come collect your candidate. She’s on the loose again.

Note: Sarah Palin’s Facebook commenter’s last name redacted.

32 Replies to “WikiSqueaks: Sarah Palin’s Incoherently Dangerous Wikileaks Criticism”

  1. Well this about cuts it for Sarah(Not Sarah Scathing).

    Obama cant tough the ISP that Wikileaks uses. And better, I wonder what she will post when she finds out her entire tirade was fraudulent? Will she go on using the Fox News method of throwing the spitball to see if it sticks?

    I wish to god just once Obama would get on public TV, all networks, and refudiate Sarah’s mouth in front of America with all the facts about the situation. Then remind Sarah her constant hate mongering doesnt go very far in supporting our troops.
    (hmm, I smell a tweet coming)

    Where are the democrats? Well done Sarah J

  2. Great post as always!!! Why can’t the GOP muzzle her!!! I think that the GOP is just giving her enough rope to hang herself!! They are afraid to say anything to her now – well, until they know for sure if she’s running for president. Check out the Palingates website – there is written proof that she is indeed running for President. Some folks don’t believe this, but she not only wants $$$$, she wants Power also.

  3. I wonder just when Ms Palin will realize that she should have been thanking the McCain handlers who refused to let her do any media, instead of going rogue on them.

  4. That would be delicious, but it would feed into her need for attention. As it is, the reason she constantly takes aim at him is to get his attention…which, as you note, is the one thing he won’t give her. Our President is way too clever for some folks to fight with, but he never goes for the obvious knock out:-) That said, where are the Dems? I suspect they are refusing to do the GOP’s dirty work. After all, if she runs, their party suffers a huge blow (along with the country – but when did politicians ever care about the country as a whole ahead of strategy?).

  5. OK, Sarah Jones, you give excellent analysis of Sarah Palin as usual, but will it do any good? Who and how many read this particular site? I found it by accident (if you can call it an accident since ‘like attracts like’). The only hope we have that the republicans will eventually dump her when she becomes too obnoxious.

  6. It always matters when people can express themselves. I do it, I tweet my approval, others see it, etc etc etc. It doesnt matter if John Boehner sees it. But WE see it

  7. Sarah Palin is ignorant. IF President Obama had the authority and means to “shut down” Wikileaks she would be screaming about a tyrannical government that ignores the First Amendment. She is a buffoon. Curious how she has not spoken out against the PATRIOT Act that allows the government to spy on citizens without a warrant or even probable cause. Oh well . . . as long as she has her 2nd Amendment under her pillow I suppose all is right in her world.

  8. Hi! Having all of these screw ups documented for later use (when she runs for President — shudder!) is a great reason but I don’t think anything short of a Republican henchman telling her to stand down will get her to go away. As someone who’s been reading the site for a while, there’s plenty of people who come in. I read the ranking a while ago somewhere. Not sure where.

  9. “. Curious how she has not spoken out against the PATRIOT Act ”

    Ohh I smell another tweet coming on! TY!

  10. Excellent as usual. As to limited readership hearing this important analysis, I am sure many bloggers are linking as we speak. I know that I will be. I sort of come down on the side of everyone giving her enough rope to hang herself. I doubt that even if she were to discover that she is mistaken that she would ever acknowledge it. I believe she is a pathological liar, who is someone whose lies are purposeless and can even be self-damaging. They lie because they are a liar. Her personality disorder requires that she be the center of attention and this, coupled with her obsession of the President makes every significant issue he is involved with (meaning everything) is one she has to weigh in on. She is not capable of self-reflection and truly sees everything in relationship to herself. Most of us outgrow this, but she applies a global perspective to minor issues and trivializes global matters.

  11. Thanks again, Sarah. Sharing with my peeps on FB.

    Let Palin keep it up. She is slowly but surely slitting her own throat.

  12. Palin, of course is easy to pick on. She is mean to be! What about Wikileaks?

    Wikileaks, following much media fanfare (reason for suspicion right there) has just released a huge number of documents supposedly leaked to WikiLeaks and no other websites’. The media is denouncing this as a threat to the United States while US politicians wring their hands and wonder when they will be free of the curse of the First Amendment and all that troublesome nonsense about Freedom of Speech. Many observers think this is a propaganda set up and that neither Julian Assange or WikiLeaks should be taken at face value. After all, Julian Assange keeps insisting there was no 9-11 conspiracy and the 9-11 truth movement a “distraction.” Apparently Julian Assange has patented conspiracy and nobody else may expose one except himself!

    Of course, there is really not that much that is new in this latest dump. Like prior WikiLeaks dumps, most of it is old news mixed with some rather dubious claims. In his last such dump, Julian Assange included a claim that Osama bin Laden is still alive and controlling Al Qaeda. Of course, it is well documented outside the United States that Osama bin Laden has been dead for many years and that Al Qaeda itself is a fake front group created to hoax Americans into endless wars of conquest, much as the fictional Emmanuel Goldstein was used in George Orwell’s “1984.”

    In yet another infamous propaganda attempt, WikiLeaks tried to claim that weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq, justifying the invasion. No such weapons were ever found.

    As for the present batch of documents, again it is a rehash of stories already known to the blog-o-sphere. Even those people who did not know US diplomats spy on their United Nations counterparts did not find it surprising or in any way a new idea.

    So what is the real purpose of Assange’s little charade? Propaganda.

    Propaganda is like rat poison. 95% of it is tasty, healthy food. But the purpose is to get you to swallow the poison. The same is true of the WikiLeaks document dump. The bait are all these old stories which we already knew about, used to convince us that the entire pile is “tasty, healthy food,” except that it isn’t. Buried in the pile of delicious, albeit past the expiration date morsels are the bits of poison which the US Government knows you will no longer accept at face value from the controlled media, but hope you will eat if handed to you by a con artist posing as hostile to the government.

    So, given that 95% of the current WikiLeaks is really old news, as a public service I will point out the bits of poison that Julian hopes you will eat.

    1. Iran is bad so you should all want to kill them.

    2. Saudi Arabia is bad because they are funding Al Qaeda so you should all want to kill them.

    3. North Korea is bad because they gave really long range missiles to Iran for Iran to put their nuclear warheads in, so you should all want to kill them.

    4. China is messing with your computers, so you should all want to kill them.

    That about sums it up. Oh yes, there is nothing negative about Israel in all these diplomatic messages, an impossibility given the lethal Israeli attack on the Aid Flotilla last May. That suggests who Assange really works for.

    Funny thing about rat poison. After a while the rats learn to eat the food and leave the poison behind.

  13. You aren’t supposed to point that out….but let’s start another war now that these came out and the Americans are on board.

  14. Great article Sarah!

    I know I should no longer be surprised with these displays of ignorance from Mrs Palin, but then she tops herself with even greater stupidity- like her current attempt to claim that that freedom fightin’ troops are being put at risk when it is one of those very freedom fightin’ troops, Army intelligence analyst Specialist Bradley Manning, who is currently under arrest for stealing all these documents and sending them to Wikileaks. As Keith Olbermann would say, that woman is an idiot!

  15. I agree with you, Callie. I find it difficult to believe that she can continue to outdo herself.

  16. the subject matter of this post is Sarah Palen’s attack on Pres. Obama for not stopping the wiki leaks leakage. I’m sure you could have read that. It was a fairly easy thing to understand given that Sarah Palin is a political figure in a political world making political statements that she has absolutely no knowledge about. I hope that helps you to understand what this was all about.

    your numbered statements are pretty much ridiculous. It is obvious that most of the Middle East wants Iran attacked.

    I have seen these talking points before. And I have seen the little thing about wiki leaks working for Israel which is as of yet has no effective proof behind it. Thank you for the weak attempt

  17. Dan,
    Wasn’t this wikileaks guy in Afghanistan? I just read the new book that was censored by the pentagon….and he also puts forth about Bin Laden being alive.
    And yes it is well documented he passed away in the mountains of Tora bora from Kidney failure on or about dec 14-15 2001.
    Of course the R’s want to make sure the threat of BinLaden is a alive and well….wouldn’t be funny if this guy was a republican operative?

  18. The North Korea blunder was more than bad enough, but this foolishness should be the final nail in the coffin of Palin’s presidential ambitions. Like you say, Sarah, whenever she puts the president down, there is invariably some blowback on her.
    The constant blowback comes when she exposes the fact that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and that’s 100% of the time. The other blowback comes when something surfaces about Palin that’s much worse than whatever she is criticizing Obama for at the moment. There are so many examples that they are too numerous to list in this post. However, anyone who has been keeping up with her since 2008 has a very good idea of what these doozies are.

    In any case, the GOP power brokers behind the scenes are starting to publicly acknowledge what anyone with at least 2 brain cells has always known. Palin is unfit for any political office, least of all the presidency. Her inflated ego, which was inflated even more by the GOP, is causing her to lash out at the Republicans who dare to criticize her, even those in high places. Joe Scarborough is calling on the GOP to
    “man up” about the Palin problem. George Bush the father pointedly praises Mitt Romney as an excellent prospect for the GOP nominee. In addition, Barbara Bush damns Palin with faint praise by citing her “beauty” and then saying she hopes Palin will stay in Alaska. I suspect that they are letting her ramble on and giving her enough rope to hang herself. They’re the kind of people who will cut you and you wouldn’t even know it until you actually looked.

  19. Calling her a slut does little but weaken her opposition. This post is not about her being a Republican, but about her ignorance. Please don’t take the opportunity to indulge yours.

  20. What has happened to our nation? Every single word of this sore loser, and former governor who quit on her state for ethics violations and to pursue fame, power and fortune, … can be taken so seriously and held in the same regard as world leaders by the main stream media she supposedly detests?
    What is this protective bubble around her viciousness? I keep asking why does the media treat her ramblings on Facebook and Twitter as if they are official press conferences that the world is clamoring for? The cable networks have given her this fake power to keep up ratings. She has not earned it. She’s an opportunist at best. Where are the loud skeptics who should be questioning the fact that Sarah Barracuda Palin is married to a one time secessionist? She attacks and preaches hate. Her platform and policies represent one thing and one thing alone. Her intent is to attack the President of the US at all costs by any means necessary. She has no platform for the people of the United States. Palin is about Palin and getting whatever fame, fortune and power that she can get out of this country. In my opinion she is ill informed, power hungry, dangerous, racist, bigoted and extremely self involved. She’s a taker not a giver. She smiles and winks all the way to the bank. It’s a slap in the face to women who have worked hard and fought the real battles for leadership equality, civility, real family values, education and service to our great nation.

  21. The woman didn’t even know what a Vice President did, why would she know what the US can and can’t do in a foreign country we are not at war with. She knows her constituents are equally dumb and will get excited over buzz words like “man up”, “treason”, and “war”. For the rest of us who aren’t idiots, we know that you can’t charge a Australian with treason.

  22. I think Rod was alluding to an SNL skit of the 70s where Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin satirized a news program of the same name. Jane would state her point, then Ackroyd would say, “Jane, you ignorant slut” and state his point. It was hiilarious!

  23. The problem is that about 1/3 of the voting population of the United States isn’t sufficiently educated or informed to know (or care) whether Sarah Palin’s positions are fact-based or feasible. They love her because she gives them an avenue through which to channel their pent up hatred and distrust of things they dont understand. She could say anything…no matter how untrue or unfeasible…and 1/3 of our population would blindly believe and embrace it.

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