Unions Betray Their Economic Self-Interest By Supporting Brown Over Elizabeth Warren

There was a time when union members voted in their own economic self-interest. They voted for politicians who protected their rights and supported their goals of a larger share of wealth creation for the worker. Union members at one point understood that wealth creation needed to be shared, not hoarded. Unfortunately, this seems to be changing in Massachusetts of all places.

In a new Suffolk University poll, Senator Brown is actually beating Elizabeth Warren 48%-41% in union households, even though Scott Brown has a history of being anti-worker. The Senator voted against unemployment insurance for Massachusetts workers and the BIG vote, the second vote he cast as a U.S. Senator was against a NLRB appointee Becker.

Senator Brown stated, “My first priority, is to create jobs and put people back to work. Craig Becker’s theories about how the workplace should function…would impose new burdens on employers, hurt job creation and slow down the recovery.”

So, in essence, the Senator is saying, if you are pro labor, you will hurt the economy.

Here is a recent article from Cape Cod Today that lays out his anti-Massachusetts record. A few points from the article is, Holding fast to tax cuts for the rich because he opposes “job-killing tax increases at a time when the nation’s economy is so weak.” (DHG-8/11/11), Rejection of Rebuild America Jobs Act to provide $245 billion in tax incentives and $100 billion for state aid and new infrastructure spending to be paid for with a 5.6% increase in taxes for upper-income folks. Would have brought thousands of jobs to Massachusetts. Finally, Supported an amendment that would have excluded airport security screeners from having collective bargaining rights.

The problem in the polling isn’t the candidate. It is the unions in Massachusetts themselves. For decades unions used to put their money into educating their members. The term is called COPE, committee on political education. The members were educated in the anti-worker stances and the pro worker stances of all candidates. Today, the money is going directly to candidates. This is the problem!

Many union members are being inundated with conservative talk radio, every hour of the day in Massachusetts. This is literally only ONE major progressive radio station in Massachusetts, the rest, including small stations have all conservatives all the time.

So union members only hear one side of the argument all day long and it is hammered into their heads. This has been a long time in the making. Conservative radio is covering the country and no it’s not because nobody listens to progressive radio, it is because corporations like, Cumulus and Clear channel own the market share and do not allow progressive talkers on. This has just happened in California, in a progressive area called San Francisco, Green 960 just changed its format to feature Glenn Beck.

What unions need to do is educate their members and level the playing field in media rather than putting money into politicians’ pockets. They need to buy ads, or even better buy entire time slots in every major radio market. Their voice is not being heard, they need to get back to their roots and back into political education, if not, this is exactly what happens.

This is in Massachusetts, if union members are willing to cut off their nose in spite of their face there, how bad do you think it is in places like Georgia and Florida.

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  1. I am not really shocked. As the author of the article mentions, there are far more media outlets putting out propaganda for the right, than there are for the left.

    It is not just radio, it is TV as well. MSNBC has about only two left leaning anchors. All other TV stations cater to the right, not to mention FOX. Some might mention Current TV, but how many people get it? I don’t get it and have heard from many who cannot get it. Therefore Olberman is talking to a tiny minority.

  2. absolutely right, this has to be an issue of education. It’s hard to believe these people work but listen to the conservative radio and not understand what they hear when they hear the talk that is antiunion.

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Ingarose. The facts are that the only cable news channels that are fully available to all viewers are the two right-wing scumbags. MSNBC is not even available from the cable carrier in my area. The channel is available in many areas only up in the stratosphere of cable numbers, and in others only at the highest cost level. This makes MSNBC the poor stepchild in its possible viewership, at best. As you imply, Current TV is basically just a bone thrown to the left wing viewers.

  4. I’ve been arguing for a long time that intelligence doesn’t have that much to do with it. We’re dealing with people who are masters of propaganda and manipulating emotions, and the fact is even the most intelligent person in the worlds is most vulnerable in the area of emotions.

    That’s why they (especially the dominionists) target the university campuses, and they do win converts.

    When you don’t have anything to counter the conservative pitch, it’s even harder to fight off the emotional manipulation.

    We need a “Truth in reporting” law.

  5. I retired from UPS and I can tell you most of the union workers are Republicans. Drivers who earn over 80 thousand dollars a year, don’t pay a dime for their health care or pension. We had no co pay for prescriptions. Never paid a dime for any in 32 years. They all sat in the break room cheering John Kasich. (Some of the feeder drivers who were in the building during the day) They are everything the Tea Party hates. Union company, over paid in their eyes, too many benefits…LOL The union is so short staffed of workers, there would never be time to come in and talk to workers. Most of the young drivers know nothing about their benefits, and many do not even know they will have a pension. Union workers making great money, too dumb to know Republicans are standing there waiting to gut their wages…LOL

  6. Cella, you hit the nail on the head. On top of a writer and talk radio host I am also a member of the IBEW and when times were good in the industry, many members voted Republican…now they are all crying for that safety net, Republicans want to shred.

  7. The police union in Hawaii always backs Republicans. There’s constant corruption in the Force on all the islands. Coincidence? I think most police unions do back the R’s. I doubt the unions’ memberships in general go along with the leadership, HI is a very Democratic State. They’re as intelligent as the rest of the sheeple who vote against their best interests at every chance. NOT!

  8. The National Association of Police Organizations backed Obama-Biden in 2008. Hope they’re just as smart this year!

    Yes, good ol Hawai’i..so glad to be living here with Gov Abercrombie and hopefully a new Democratic Senator Hirono replacing retiring Senator Akaka next year. Alo-ha!

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