Team Romney Sneers ‘ObamaCare’ for Years, But Calls Romnesia ‘Silly’

On Face the Nation Sunday, Kevin Madden, an adviser to the Romney campaign, called President Obama’s term “Romnesia” “quite silly.”

Watch here:

MADDEN: The very fact that the president has to utter a term like that just is a glaring example of how small the campaign is. The Obama campaign has not been one about the future. It hasn’t been talking about what they’d do over the next four years to really help rebuild the economy. Instead, they have reduced themselves to very small attacks like “Romnesia”, which is really quite frankly silly for the president of the United States, as the leader of the free world, to begin uttering.

Coming as this does from the folks who have been sneering “ObamaCare” as an insult for four years, I find this perplexing. Is it Presidential, then, to jeer like a teen bully, “Death Panels,” “Democrat president” and “ObamaCare”?

Romney can dish it out: The President isn’t “Anglo-Saxon enough”, false allegations that the President is cutting “welfare to work” — racist dog whistles of the lowest sort — but Mitt can’t take a little Romnesia.

Romnesia is “silly” to the Romney camp, whereas grown adults sneering “ObamaCare” for four years and accusing the President of the lie of the Year (“Death Panels”) is perfectly Presidential.

What this really tells us is that Romnesia hit Romney where he lives, smack in the center of his biggest weakness. Romney does not stand for anything other than thinking that he is entitled to be the next President. He shifts positions depending on the audience he’s speaking to, and after 6 years of this, it’s fair to say he has Romnesia when he denies ever saying what he is on video as having said just an hour ago.

Romnesia. Governor, please proceed.

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