A Pittsburgh Woman Picks Up the Phone and Saves Big Thanks to ObamaCare

gail roach

Gail Roach, a 57-year-old retired Pittsburgh School Board employee, is going to pay just $1.11 a month for health insurance thanks to ObamaCare, according to Pittsburgh Channel 4 News. She used to pay $509. But wait, it’s even better. She’ll have a $20 copay and a $26.50 deductible.

Gail has Type 2 diabetes, so she never expected to get insurance for so cheap. She told Channel 4 Action News in Pittsburgh that she took advantage of the ACA tax credits and the Cost Sharing Benefit in order to get her price down from the $70.00/month price on the exchange to $1.11/month.

As pundits and Republicans make much ado about glitches, even investigating the glitches in the website for the ObamaCare exchanges and concern trolling how a person was supposed to sign up if they couldn’t get online, Gail did what any logical person would do.

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She picked up the phone instead. And that’s how Gail ended up a big winner in the health insurance department. Gail’s story just goes to show that concern trolling the website glitches is just another circus act from the Republican Party, brought to you courtesy of the media.

“I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it. But it was within my budget,” Roach told Pittsburgh Channel 4 Action News reporter Sheldon Ingram.

Roach says people should be patient because it’s worth it, “I’m telling people they need to look into it. They need to be patient about it. Go to the website. If you can’t get on, call the number on the website and just be very patient because it’s very much worth it.”

Let’s just ponder for a moment all of the Republican and media squealing about the hassles of the website and contrast that with the BFD of paying just $1.11 for health insurance. If you make $400-500 a week takehome, this is huge. An entire week’s worth of pay saved.

Ms. Roach’s experience isn’t unusual. A study from the DHHS, for example, shows that “Almost half of young, single, uninsured adults in 34 states could pay $50 or less a month for insurance through the online exchanges after receiving subsidies, according to a study released by the Department of Health and Human Services Monday.”

Were there glitches? Yes. Do they need to be fixed? Yes. Do we really think they wouldn’t have been fixed without Republicans putting on another very expensive back seat driving show, all to pretend upset over a program they just shutdown the government to kill? No, no sane person believes that Republicans are a part of any serious solution to any problem currently facing this country.

As Republicans and the media concern troll about website glitches, smart people are just picking up the phone. And in time the website will be fixed, and all Republicans will have left is a dwindling base who still believe in the GOP lies about ObamaCare, demanding that they defund it even though they can’t and won’t.

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