This Fourth of July America, Our Liberty is Under Siege From Within

declaration.of.independenceToday is the Fourth of July. It is supposed to be a time of celebration for Americans, a celebration of not only our independence from Great Britain (when news of the Declaration of Independence’s signing reached George Washington, he was entrenched in New York City, awaiting the British assault with an army that was uncertain what it was fighting for), but for what we hold so dear today, the Declaration’s assertion of individual rights, that all men are created equal.

Abraham Lincoln wrote a paean of praise to the Declaration’s author in 1859:

All honor to Jefferson – to the man who, in the concrete pressure of a struggle for national independence by a single people, had the coolness, forecaste, and capacity to introduce into a merely revolutionary document, an abstract truth, and so to embalm it there, that today and in all coming days, it shall be a rebuke and a stumbling block to the very harbingers of reappearing tyranny and oppression.

Whether Jefferson knew what he was doing when he inserted the abstract truth of the preamble (and debate continues), today we are left to think, “if only the Constitution were a stumbling block.” It has proven to be anything but to conservative demagogues, who praise it while trampling it underfoot.

The Fourth has become instead a time of mourning. Good news is hard to come by in this late afternoon of empire and more precious than gold. If you thought the War on Women was bad previously, it has gotten much, much worse. The Supreme Court has decided in contravention of the Constitution that not only are all of us not equal – namely women – but that NONE of us are equal to a corporation, an obscene concept that never occurred to the Founding Fathers.

As we go into the Fourth of July weekend, we are told we should thank Ted Nugent for our freedoms as he “‘we the people[s]’ on with all [he’s] got.” His “rugged individual independence” and manly “‘we the people’ hell-raising duties,” he writes at World Net Daily, are all that is keeping America together.

If grilled food on the 4th makes the mouth water like nothing else, I cannot imagine anything less appetizing than the Nugentian ego. I cannot consume that. I will stick to something more genuinely American than Nugent’s racist demagoguery – potato salad.

What should prey on Americans’ minds this summer is not only global warming and the spector of war, but the thought that it is almost certainly only a matter of time until corporations, having won personhood and religion, gain the right to vote – not through buying elections as they do currently – but outright voting. And you can be certain too that a corporation will have more votes than you or I.

There are so many issues before us this summer that it is impossible to put them in any particular order. As I sit down to write, a few come to mind immediately:

We’ve got Republicans worried about imaginary immigrants carrying Ebola virus but unconcerned that climate change introducing a new and very real mosquito-borne virus.

We are being besieged by Republicans who would rather destroy America than let it be destroyed (they say) by Democrats.

We have Maine’s Republican governor, Paul LePage, has even met with members of a domestic terrorist group which has killed six police officers since 2000, yet Fox News can’t stop talking about Bill Ayers and Barack Obama.

We have the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA), which was meant to protect vulnerable minority religions, being used as a club for the world’s largest religion, Christianity, to beat down those very same minority religions.

Obscenely then, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling will now be used to metaphorically burn gays at the stake because they don’t do what Christians want them to do. Arguments for this entirely unnecessary law are disingenuous at best, and nobody seriously believes the Supreme Court would have ruled as it did had Hobby Lobby’s owners been Muslim.

If any of this makes sense to you, raise your hand.

If John Adams did not say (and there is no evidence that he did outside of a Broadway musical), “I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace; that two are called a law firm; and that three or more become a Congress!” then he should have.

As Marci A. Hamilton. chair in public law at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, writes in an op-ed for the New York Times,

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act should be repealed because it is unconstitutional, unprincipled and a sword believers gladly wield against nonbelievers.

That’s common sense Thomas Paine could have wrapped his head around.

Once upon a time – in the medieval world and into the early modern era – dynastic rights were, writes historian Lauro Martines, “somehow embedded in ‘natural law'” and even in “divine” law, an attitude epitomized by Charles V, who insisted that “all kingdoms and territories” were “given to him by God.” [1] Powerful men can convince themselves of anything if it means a continuation of their power.

King George III, Thomas Paine’s “Royal Brute of Britain,” whose gilded statue on Bowling Green Washington’s soldiers tore down when they were told of the Declaration of Independence,[2] was of the same frame of mind, insisting that monarchy was essential to liberty,[3] an idea that the ancient Romans of the Republic would have rejected out of hand.

Our Republicans of today are less wise than those Romans, and remind us of nothing so much as the kings of the 16th century, those of “Spain, France, Sweden and England,” Catholic and Protestant alike, who believed that “the wrong religious view was treason.”[4] This is the message we hear trumpeted today from the Religious Right.

As we know, the Founding Fathers turned his paradigm on its head and ran with it, never looking back. They would still be running had Republicans not thrown the wall of corporate personhood in their path.

Now, corporations have turned it on its head again, insisting it is from them all political power derives, and what power they can afford, they have a natural right to. The Supreme Court seems inclined to agree. Money talks. They have money, the American people do not, because the Republicans have ensured that the corporations have our money.

And if corporations are metaphorically disemboweling our democracy, the Religious Right’s Culture War is doing no less: In the Thirty Years War, monotheistic Christians did what monotheistic Jews had done in Old Testament times, and disemboweled pregnant women for God. God, unsurprisingly did not intervene, yet today’s Religious Right insists the Great Heavenly Disemboweler will intervene to stop abortion. Apparently, only God and his followers – at his real or imagined command – can abort fetuses.

We are under siege this July Fourth. We can only resist with our love of liberty – for it is love of liberty that is the beating heart of liberalism – while we face the specter of a yawning status quo that has become a sort of black hole to all our dreams and aspirations, drawing us inexorably back to the superstition-ridden world of the 13th century, back when the idea of a free thought was treason.


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28 Replies to “This Fourth of July America, Our Liberty is Under Siege From Within”

  1. I hope that people finally realize what we’re up against when it comes to the RW in this country. We need to fight them tooth and nail (politically) by voting and doing everything we can to rescue our country from those who wish to dominate us.

    Republicans claim they are Christians, lovers of America, and defenders of the Constitution; they are none of those.

    The time for complacency is over, we are at a critical point in American history and our very democracy is under assault from the right, we cannot let them win.

    And thanks for the article HH. I come here every morning and enjoy reading what you have to say. I don’t always comment, but I start my day here. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you, Terry. Complacency, I think, is our biggest enemy, not only at the Midterms, but at all other times.

    People – liberals – simply refuse to take the threat seriously, and each year we are told the Religious Right is dead in the water. Far from it.

  3. I have to say that I have a different outlook on our society today. Yes, times are turbulent and there is the assault from the right, and the corporations. However I see it as their last gasp of breath. I see them as a dinosaur stuck in the quick sand and writhing and bellowing and attacking it’s own in a struggle to get free. A battle it will ultimately lose.

    I see our society poised for a progressive push which will launch us into a much better place. We far out number them and are far more intelligent. It is inevitable and can be slowed but not stopped. People like the Kochs know the pitch forks are coming for them. They are a dying breed. The religious zealots are screaming for their cause even as they diminish daily.

    My beliefs are grounded in my faith in the young generation of today. They are intelligent, informed, and more self aware of there place in the world. I believe they will be our torch for the future.

  4. I certainly hope that you watch your back, Hraf – you are too literate and too articulate for the tastes of our political opponents, and unlike us they will not shy away from unlawful actions .

    The Creator between us and evil.

  5. For my part, I have wondered if I will die in the same country I was born in. I do not mean emigration.

  6. I do object to the enemy here being described as “Christians,” when so many Christian denominations are against what is being done today in the name of Jesus. It is primarily the Fundamentalist Christians and Church of Rome that are joined together to push this negative agenda. But they are the ones that get all the press coverage.

    I would dearly like to see more press coverage of the many mainstream Protestant and Unitarian Universalist denominations (and Jewish congregations as well) that strongly oppose this intrusion of “belief” into laws of the land.

    Many of our “founding fathers were Unitarian or Deist in belief, a fact often ignored, especially by those proposing the right wing agenda. Abortion was legal when our country was founded and not made illegal until decades later, outlawed then because it so often left women dead at that time (but so did childbirth).

    The right wing and Roman Christians are unjustifiably giving the rest of us a bad name…

  7. the tea party and Koch Brothers wants to make America into a fascist nightmare comes November we need to send them a message:AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE!

  8. It’s clear that, for the most part, we do not have a “loyal opposition”. We have seditionist cadres seeking to collapse our country, so they can remake it in their image.

  9. If the religious right’s theory is correct that God hates gays, abortions, etc. Then why do all of the natural disasters happen to the bible belt aka red states? California embraces humanity and accepts people for who they are and it has never seen a tornado.

    Could the red states be cursed with tornadoes, hail, locusts and flooding as a message from God?

    “This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.” –Theodore Roosevelt

  10. I wish I could agree, but I see far too many younger people who are knee jerk reflexive, who pay no attention to history (there are reasons some things didn’t work), and they are intellectually and activist lazy. That is totally in keeping with MY generation that is largely the same.

    Oh they like a great burst of show – a loud demonstration, a faux defiance. But too many Americans simply will NOT engage in the hard work of listening to other people, of reading widely, and especially of doing the work of democracy with both voting AND persistently advocating for what is wanted.

    People need to re-learn how our democracy works. No use demanding the president do something he is specifically forbidden to do. That’s childish.

    So progressives need to stop whining and start engaging in effective – EFFECTIVE – action. Wishing and whining just won’t make it happen.

  11. If other Christians are dismayed by the extreme right wing religious zealots, then those Christians need to speak up..and fast. Otherwise, all Christians are going to get labeled as the extremists. There is no time to waste.

    Way back in 2012, the Nuns on the Bus spoke up against Paul Ryan’s ridiculously self-serving economics vision. If they can do it, so can others. The right needs to be confronted by other Christians who are not extremist.

  12. “Moderate christians” like “moderate muslims” are invisible.

    If they are so opposed to the fundamentalists, why do they not make that opposition known and as loudly as the fundies?

    To not condemn is to condone. I think that’s exactly what most christians are doing. They cluck their tongues disapprovingly, but secretly think it would be fine if the country becomes a totalitarian theocracy so those “heathen atheists get what’s coming to them.”

  13. If the country continues on its present course of perpetual war, religious reich mania, and bitter political divisiveness I predict that it will not last.

    Within 50 years, the USA will split into several mutually-antagonistic countries. One of which will be a totalitarian theocracy.

    The terrible part is, they will all likely have nuclear weapons. The theocracy, at least, will not hesitate to use “God’s holy fire” to impose their sick system upon the rest.

  14. RE: “This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.” –Theodore Roosevelt

    Does that include who you refer to as the religious reich or just people who are like you? THINK!

  15. ” unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in”

    All being the key word. The religious right is no more then conservative power grabbers

  16. Really? The ones trying to help you are the bad guys? Do you approve of the house trying to only pass laws that kill schools, raise your taxes so they can lower the 1% taxes? The ones that think your wife and daughters are baby machines? Dont you ever listen to your republican leaders?

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