Republicans Regress to 12th Century for Men-Only Fundraiser: ‘Tell the Misses Not to Wait Up’

Florida Republican Congressman Steve Southerland held a men-only fundraiser and the invite instructed them to tell the “misses” not to wait up because the boys would be smoking cigars and drinking whiskey whilst solving the world’s problems like they did in the 12th century. No, this is not a new Hollywood franchise aimed at teenage boys; rather, this is how an elected member of Congress conducts himself.

The fail is strong with this one and the best part is the Republicans don’t even get why it’s in poor taste. Their response to getting called out for blatant sexism? “Obamacare!”

Representative Southerland held a men-only fundraiser back in March for which the invite, obtained by BuzzFeed, instructs the “small group of concerned men” to “tell the misses not to wait up” because “the after dinner whiskey and cigars will be smooth & the issues to discuss are many.” Further:

“Good men sitting around discussing & solving political & social problems over fine food & drink date back to the 12th Century with King Arthur’s Round Table,” the invitation said.

That’s the Republican Party equating their fundraiser with a 12th century tradition of men-only.

Naturally, the Republican Congressmen is running against a woman, Democrat Gwen Graham. Having to compete with women in the work place has brought out the worst in Republican campaigns from Mitch McConnell’s desperate attempts to belittle his opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes to Greg Abbott’s ugly attacks on his Democratic opponent in Texas, Wendy Davis. To make matters worse for Southerland, he’s an endangered incumbent.

This story would not be complete without the cherry on the condescension. Southerland is also trying to mislead women into voting for him by telling them that he voted for the Violence Against Women Act. In truth, he voted for the GOP version, which was so bad that NOW referred to it as a vote against violence against women – in other words, the Pro-Violence Against Women Act.

The GOP House version was so bad that President Obama vetoed it. It actually enabled abusers on multiple levels, while cutting out key protections for Native American women, minorities and the LGBT community for starters. The Republican version was literally about taking key protections away from women. It was a giant, deliberate regression meant to appease abusers in the old boys network that only solidified the GOP as the party of legitimate rape and “shutting it down”.

Southerland’s campaign manager had the perfect Republican response when questioned about the fundraiser invite, telling BuzzFeed in an email that the media should be focusing on Gwen Graham’s positions on Obamacare instead, calling the attention on the fundraiser “laughable”.

Notice that the Republican Congressman’s campaign manager did not attack the Democrat for being for Obamacare. However, days ago in a separate response, they did attack Graham for being for Obamacare. No limit to the number of mouths they will speak out of in order to trick northern Florida voters, apparently. Soon they will be pretending they voted for it, just like they are misleading the voters about voting for the Violence Against Women Act.

All of this is to say that Republicans bypassed the 1950s and are surging their binders full of women fail well into the 12th century at record speeds. The Democratic Congressional Campaign called Republicans out this morning for “‘Finishing School for White Men’ Not Going According to Plan” after a week of GOP sexism fails, including the NRCC airing an ad in which Representative Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) is represented by a pair of sexy legs in high heels and a skirt “strutting back and forth” with no full body shown and certainly not a head (this was their attempt to paint her as Obama’s girl because that is not offensive to pretty much everyone).

Steve Southerland doesn’t want the female voters of Florida to know that he voted for a pro-violence against women act and he thinks his men-only fundraiser, likened to the 12th century, with the added “tell the misses not to wait up” is not offensive. But affordable healthcare! Now there’s a real offense.

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16 Replies to “Republicans Regress to 12th Century for Men-Only Fundraiser: ‘Tell the Misses Not to Wait Up’”

  1. Mitt Romney’s real lasting legacy…

    the belief in the Etch-a-Sketch world in a world where every moment is now captured forever….

  2. Lordy, lordy, the hole keeps growing deeper & deeper. Way to go GOPTP! You’re handing us the midterms in a gift package.

    Great piece Sarah! Thanks.

  3. They are so pathetic in their attempts. I don’t see why they can’t man up and just ell the truth for once in their lives as to the real reason why they don’t like things. And this twit didn’t need to go back to the 12 century but only had to go to the mid 1900’s

  4. Let us imagine that for a moment that the republican Christian Right is dead wrong! Jesus is not about abortions, homosexuality, contraceptives, color of skin, or making laws to force sinners to obey God. Instead let us read the Holy Bible to see what Jesus was really about! Love all people of all nations of all beliefs; show compassion to all sinners without being judgmental causing the loss of redemptive opportunities; caring for the need of the poor/needy/helpless/children that are fatherless; and to serve Jesus as the light in the dark world to bring the lost to Him.
    So based on these assumptions, if the republican Christian Right is wrong, their eternal lives are in danger. BUT if my reading of the Holy Bible is wrong I have just been a good person that has not endangered his eternal life!

  5. If this is their outreach to women it’s a epic fail! And saying they are going back to the 12th Century is too kind. More like the Jurassic Era. They can see T-Rex from inside their men caves!

    Any women that vote for these men need their heads examined! Writing off the major voting block is a bad mistake! Makes me wonder how they treat their wives/girlfriends/whores.

  6. I need to add something. My hubby and I donated to Grahams campaign about two weeks ago. I knew I recognized the names. I see a victory for her, after this story gets out. We may have to donate again.

  7. Never mind that the Knights of the Roundtable legend is just that – a legend! – and there was no such person as King Arthur.

  8. It’s just as bad as the “summit” on birth control where they didn’t want women to attend. Remember when Sandra Fluke gave her take on the fact that birth control is also for gynecological ailments aside from birth control and Rush Limbaugh referred to her as a s**t? In the case of this Congress member, just as in Limbaugh’s case, they view women as folks to be seen and not heard.

  9. Being with the same women for over 18years if I told her don’t wait up for me I am out with the boys, before the side eye I would get I would be ducking the closest object at hand with a who the F*ck do you think you are to tell me to shut up and know your place.

    Why would any women subject themselves to be second class is beyond my pay grade and why would any REAL man want a women like that

  10. The dems don’t have to work to hard to win this election, just let the cheerleader, the president keep going to city to city and cheering the people on. The republicans will freak out and keep doing stupid and dumb stuff. Everytime they open their mouths they will continue to put their foot in it and can’t it out. They hate the president so bad that they are prepared to destroy their own party and won’t realize it until it too late to stop it. They have this idea that the american people will just keep giving them the key to the city to keep abusing the middle and poor class people forever. They think people don’t realize they are the ones who have encouraged all the racism that has been shown to all people of color, women, lgbt, illegals and immigrants. That is why they won’t hold town hall meetings because they can’t stand to be confronted on facts. One the president will do is let everyone ask questions and he will try to answer them back.

  11. The females in these man’s camp (Sara palin and their type) may vote for them as they have been brain washed and it is easier to remain in what it is familiar, evn when there is the opportunity to change.
    The patriarchal societies have endure because they force their one way thinking on the young and uneducated, and the second rate females, whose opinion is not asked nor valued in many subgroups. And in those subgroups, the elder females help to enforce “the code of conduct”, as that becomes their important role in ei community.
    (tribal thinking, but it works still…)

  12. The GOPee HATES women almost as bad as they
    HATE people that don’t have paper white skin.

    Two words that WILL solve this Problem:


  13. Sorry to be picky about the lingo, But. . .

    Neither the concept nor the spelling is “Misses.” As a child of the deep south, I am familiar with what the ironically named Southerland really meant (and probably said.)

    The phrase is, “Tell the Missus not to stay up.” In the South, a Missus is a man’s wife, as in
    “I promised the missus I’d be home by eleven.”

    Pig, nevertheless.

  14. Even though I am a member of the Reform Party, I am currently working as a volunteer on Gwen Graham’s Jackson County staff. I am behind her 100%, and anyone with a lick of sense from Holmes to Taylor County should be, too! check out this video from the Grillin with the Grahams rally in Marianna.

    I can only hope lots of GOP voters get really drunk on the cheap beer they love on Election Day and hit the DEM key or draw on the DEM line, or any line that does not get this waste of protoplasm back into office.

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