Obama Makes History As First President To Only Take Questions From Women At Press Conference

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Today, President Obama became the first president in US history to only take questions from women at a White House press conference.


TVNewser provided a rundown of who the president took questions from,

The first question went to Carrie Budoff Brown of Politico, who asked about cyber attacks.


The second question goes to Cheryl Bolen of Bloomberg. Up third, Julie Pace from the AP asked about Cuba and whether or not North Korea was acting with another country. The fourth question goes to Lesley Clark of McClatchy Newspapers. “World news Tonight” anchor David Muir just received a shout out from the president.

The fifth question goes to Roberta Rampton of Reuters. Colleen McCain Nelson was up next, asking about executive actions. Juliet Eilperin gets the next question, asking about the Keystone pipeline. April Ryan of Urban Radio Networks gets the last question, asking about the “state of black America.”

Obama joked at the beginning of the press conference that he was selecting his questioners based on a naughty and nice list, so it appears that all the men in the White House Press Corps were naughty this year.

Zeke Miller of Time talked to the White House to see if this had ever been done before at a press conference:

The White House issued a statement on the questioner list:

This wasn’t a staged “women only” press conference. It was a normal press conference that the president used to strike a blow for gender equality in journalism. The truth is that journalism/blogs/political websites remain dominated by men. There are very few political websites that are owned, operated and run by women.

President Obama has advocated rights and equality since before he became president. The presidency has never had a stronger champion on issues of rights and equal pay for equal work than President Obama. What Obama has been advocating aren’t “women’s issues.” They are American issues that are based on the concepts of fairness and equality.

The president deserves praise for not just talking the talk. He walked the walk, and this time the entitled Beltway testosterone club got a taste of what life is like on the other side of the tracks.

13 Replies to “Obama Makes History As First President To Only Take Questions From Women At Press Conference”

  1. He also didn’t take questions from the television talking heads.

    I thought it was interesting that he chose only women. In a very subtle way, he sent a good message.

  2. Ed Henry did not appreciate it, LOL LOL LOL -but I appreciated the look of upset on Ed Henry’s face LOL LOL LOL

  3. Ed Henry is such an ass and does all he can to shoot Obama down.
    As for Obama only selecting women – wow – he is one gutsy dude. I love him. He is very subtle sometimes and we don’t see it coming. He endures all of the put downs and just keeps on keeping on.

  4. Oh, how I wish Helen Thomas were still alive to see this and participate in the exchange. She upset a lot of people, but her questions were almost always tough and on point. I loved that woman. I think she would have been in 7th Heaven to be there.

  5. I enjoy that all the questions had substance, intelligent, & to the point. Their were no snide, repub talking point gotcha questions.

    This was one of the best press conf. ppl. came away where the blabber heads had to address his answers, not his suit color, his demeanor, will he make nice w/repubs.

    Truly enjoy & very informative..

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