Conservative Columnist Predictably Uses French Terror Attack To Criticize President Obama


Shortly after news broke Wednesday morning that three gunmen attacked a French satirical newspaper, Breitbart columnist Ben Shapiro decided to use the tragic event to take shots at President Obama and Hillary Clinton. The paper, Charlie Hebdo, was targeted by gunmen Wednesday and it is being reported that 12 people were killed. The publication has courted controversy in the past with its cartoons lampooning Muslims and Islamic traditions, and four cartoonists were among those killed. Reports claim the gunmen shouted “God is great!” and “We have avenged the Prophet!” during the attack.

In typical ‘use a horrific incident to criticize the president’ mode, Shapiro sent out a tweet asking when will Obama and Clinton condemn the satirical magazine for the attack and call for the staff’s arrest.



For Shapiro, it doesn’t matter what the President says about this tragedy or what steps he will take to assist the French on capturing the killers or bringing those involved to justice. No. In Shapiro’s mind, this is somehow Obama’s fault for appeasing radical Islamists. In fact, Obama will find a way to blame the magazine for the terrible violence inflicted on its workers. Why? Because he’s obviously a secret Muslim who sympathizes with terrorists.

Shapiro has a history of slandering the White House when it comes to the Middle East. This past summer, after three Israeli teenagers were slain, leading to heightened tension between Palestinians and Israelis, Shapiro called the White House a “Jew-hating administration” during an appearance on Fox News. He also wrote an article at that time titled ‘The Jew-Hating Obama Administration.’

It wasn’t just Shapiro taking aim at President Obama after the Charlie Hebdo attack. Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist published an article shortly after the attack directly blaming the White House for the killings. Per Hemingway, the president “sold out” Charlie Hebdo when he told the United Nations in a speech shortly after the Benghazi attack “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” That statement was in the context of an anti-Islam video that led to a number demonstrations in the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

Both Hemingway and Shapiro are engaging in Right-Wing Media 101 — use any tragedy to criticize the White House. The bigger and more horrific the incident, the better. For the president’s part, he has already condemned the attack, specifically calling it a terrorist attack and offering France any assistance necessary.

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  1. Only cowards would use a terrorist attack as a cover to bitch about a President who constantly gives conservatism swift kicks to their proverbial nuts on a daily basis.

    I say to these cowards: Go kiss my liberal ass!

  2. Please proceed, GOP. I am happy to see what this ‘new’ Congress accomplishes, since they managed to block everything good for six years. The GOP is heartless, cruel, and without compassion. They are greedy old white men who are terrified that their power days are numbered, with the browning of America. They are still dumbstruck that President Obama is in the (their) White House. They hate Muslims, Jews, and are no Christians. They want more and more money, more power, and to turn us over to the Kochs. We will be watching, GOP. Enjoy your little power trip…it won’t last long.

  3. Quite right. Just how many hundreds of people (who matter) actually read Breitbart? And since the dispute with Dish, viewers of Faux have been halved, meaning even fewer than 1/2 of 1% of the U.S. population.

  4. They just aren’t ever going to be tagged as realist. Imaginary and distortion is the name of the game.

  5. In Brief: Conservatives Need to Be Careful How They Condemn the Paris Shooting Before you get all smug and superior about how you, a brave Christian conservative, would never be so savage as to want violence to be done to satirists, not like those fuckin’ Moo-Slims who are just fuckin’ animals who fuck animals or whatever the fuck you think, before you go down that road, you need to accept what exactly the French magazine Charlie Hebdo was publishing that so enraged a trio of gunmen that they shot and killed a dozen people at Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris today. ‘Cause, see, this wasn’t just Mohammed’s face made into a bomb, like that Danish magazine published a few years ago. Oh, no, no, no. Charlie Hebdo went all out in degrading Islam, like South Park on meth. Ask yourself how you think some Christians would react if a newspaper that was available on the streets of major cities had a cartoon of Jesus Christ – you know him, right? – naked on all fours with his asshole facing the reader, his balls and dripping cock dangling. Or Jesus lying nude on the ground with a camera pointed at his butt while he says, “My ass? And you love it, my ass?” Because, see, that’s how Charlie Hebdo portrayed Mohammed. – See more at:

  6. Fuk you Rep. Peter King. Rep. Peter King said Wednesday’s attack on a Paris newspaper that killed a dozen people highlights the need for enhanced police surveillance in Muslim communities to help combat terrorism.

    “It shows us that we should put political correctness aside and realize that it is important to have police in the communities to be using sources, to be using informers,”

    You know we had a terrorist attack here in America last night. Now I know it was directed against the blahs but can we keep a eye on middle age white men who fly flags like don’t tread on me? Just a thought but who am I kidding we know you like your terrorist as long as they are the white kind

  7. How is it that Dems seem to do everything wrong, but republicons do absolutely nothing wrong. Even their support of a racist, antisemitic, david duke lover in congress is some how right and OK.

    They give the word, ungodly a new meaning…

  8. Perhaps Ben Shapiro was using satire when he made the comment. Did that occur to you? Sure, the president condemned the attack, but in a watered-down sort of way.

    Dennis Miller had a much more “in your face” take with Bill O’Reilly the other night. Look that exchange up if you want to see someone really call out the Muslims on their “bad apples.”

  9. Kindly tell me what, if any, other groups are supposed to be called out on their “bad apples”, and what distinguishes such groups from those allowed to shrug them off as “a few bad apples”.

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