Bernie Sanders Slams Netanyahu’s Warmongering Speech To Congress


Sen. Bernie Sanders stood firmly behind the diplomacy of President Obama today while shredding the warmongering speech that Netanyahu delivered to Congress.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders reacted to Netanyahu’s speech:

More than a decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us thousands of lives and trillions in treasure and made a difficult situation even worse. Those experiences should reinforce our resolve to make every diplomatic effort to avoid another rush to war.

It goes without saying that Iran must not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. It goes without saying that the United States will stand by our long-standing friendship and support for the nation of Israel. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Netanyahu did not offer any serious alternatives to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

At this point, harsher sanctions won’t stop Iran’s nuclear program. Neither would a dangerous resort to military action. The sanctions currently in place have brought Iran to the bargaining table and current negotiations resulted in Iran freezing its nuclear program. And for the past year, Iran has been subject to heightened international inspections. All of those things have made us safer.

I commend President Obama for his continued cooperation with the United Kingdom, France, China, Germany and Russia to reach a final agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) saw right through Netanyahu’s language of seeking a better deal. Netanyahu was trying to push for a better deal. Netanyahu compared Iran to ISIS and North Korea. That is not a comparison that gets made if a leader believes in diplomacy.

Besides boosting his reelection chances back home, Netanyahu was trying to provoke military action against Iran. The Democrats who skipped the speech did not miss anything. Netanyahu’s remarks could have been delivered by Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, or any number of a variety of Republican neocons. There was nothing in his speech that the American people didn’t hear thousands of times during the Bush administration.

Netanyahu tried to argue for war, and Bernie Sanders called him out on it.

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  1. It’s only realistic to call Netanyahu’s speech for what it is: a warmongering pep talk. Actually the time necessary for Iran to accquire the bomb has not changed since Bibi’s speech at the UN in 2012: one year for Iran to get the bomb. Well, then President Obama and his pragmatic diplomacy has gained us at least three years of peace. Netanyahu has surely accomplished to make it difficult for the Obama administration to make a deal with Iran. A Republican Congress will never ratify any agreement. It will be absolutely necessary that next President be a Democrat in 2016, in order to have an agreement signed with Iran. We’ll have to be prepared for the worst if a Republican wins the Presidency in 2016! The candidates that will probably oust Netanyahu in this mid March elections, Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni are no peace loving doves!

  2. The war machine is gearing up and the only to stop it is if we the people say no more.

    You tell us we are too broke to put people to work and fix our infrastructure then I ask all those people out there that had an orgasm over this porn of a speech where will we get 1.7 trillion and that’s just for the first three months to fight this war that is not even in our national interest?

  3. If Naziyahoo wants to attack Iran he should do so on his own, and if he does attack Iran alone Israel should lose all U.S. aid.

  4. Bernie Sanders is one of the most honest and transparent Congressmen we have. I agree totally with the above statements. Today was a political sham and a real shame. Boehner, Dermer and Netanyahu may feel good today, but I think they will be very sorry. They seem to forget President Obama has the last word. And he is a lot smarter than these 3 lowlife connivers.

  5. I agree with the article, and all I can say is that it was nothing but a farce.

    I can understand wholeheartedly Israel’s worry about Iran blowing them off the map.

    However, that being said, let our PRESIDENT handle it. He has been working on this for several years. Bibi wants war, the GOP want war. Bibi and the GOP seem to work the same way, scare the bjeezus out of people gullible enough to believe them, in order to get what they want. Slow and diplomatic..I support President Obama 100% on this matter. Bibi had no alternatives to “the plan”..just like GOP. Criticize but don’t offer a REASONABLE alternative.

    Furthermore, this was a brain fart by Boehner to somehow undermine POTUS. The undertones are what really make a farce. Wonder if Bibi will win the election now.

  6. David Corn says he was “mansplaining” the US into war:

    But Netanyahu’s main mission was to advance his extremist stance—and undermine Obama’s attempt to reach an agreement with Iran. He contended that Iran is bent on destroying Israel and “the Jewish people.” He devoted many words to depicting the bloody and repressive deeds of the Iranian regime at home and abroad and called on Congress to stand with him to stop Iran’s “march of conquest, subjugation, and terror.” He was basically lecturing Obama and those looking for a deal. Iran, he proclaimed, “will always be an enemy of America. Don’t be fooled.” Fooled? Netanyahu was accusing Obama of being hoodwinked by the evil and wily bargainers of Tehran. He equated Iran and ISIS, saying that each wants to impose an Islamic state on the world. The difference between the two? ISIS uses butcher’s knives and YouTube, and Iran will “soon” have nuclear arms.

  7. Netanyahu was one of the people who talked Bush into invading Iraq, not one Israeli soldier was put in harms way, not one penny did they spend. Apparently we are giving Netanyahu 8.6 million dollars per day now.
    Our injured veterans could have a life with the help of this money. If only we had some in congress who would push through a bill to stop this insane give away to a nasty man who comes here to insult our pres and the american people, and
    now he is ready to push us into another war, there are those on the right who would let him do it!

  8. How they CON the Conservatives…Without True FACTS!

    ‘Bibi Gives Obama a Taste of His Own Medicine’

    Read more at:

    NOTHING MENTIONED: RE: the P5+1 Group (Six World Powers) other countries USA is working with.
    They make it look like Only Obama is rejecting Israel!!!

  9. Netanyahu is the silver Hitler of Isreal. I hope Isreali’s rise up within the next two weeks and kick this fear monger to the curb.

  10. Love this comment:

    “Limbaugh criticized Obama for believing “that speeches and words can tame tyrants.”

    Oh, I don’t know, after all Limbaugh believed that draft dodging can successfully win wars.

  11. THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE!!!! This is the 26th consecutive year that Iran has been one year away from developing a nuclear weapon.

  12. Why doesn’t Israel help us fight ISIS?
    We give them 3-Billion per year.
    Israel never helps us pull-the-wagon!

  13. For a foreign leader to come and stand where our president of the United States normally stands and basically says trust me don’t trust the president I know better……trying to get our country into another war is a all time low! He Is a despicable person, without regard to our men and women in uniform that would die if he had his way. I guess the first war with Iran wasn’t enough dead Americans….these actions gave birth to ISIS.

  14. I find it hard to believe that the Iranians would have such a death wish as to launch a nuclear attack on Israel, knowing full well that it would mean the annihilation of their own country – they’re not that stupid. And I doubt that they would allow terrorist groups to share the knowledge, or provide them with a weapon, as these things are traceable, and again they would be retaliated against. It’s all political theater for those who enjoy that kind of show. Israel is currently the ONLY power in the Mideast with nuclear capability, AND a neo-con war hawk leader – should not the adjacent countries who disagree with them not be concerned?

  15. Netanyahu tipped his hand in 2001 when, during a condolence visit to a family of West Bank settlers hit by terror attacks, he held forth on how he’d manipulated the Clinton administration, not knowing that the TV camera was on.

    “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move in the right direction … They won’t get in our way,” he said. While maintaining that “80 percent of Americans support us,” he said Clinton had been “radically pro-Palestinian,” so he had to marshal all his will and cunning to gain what seemed to the Americans an innocuous guarantee regarding the peace talks with the Palestinians. But with that guarantee, he told the family, “I actually put an end to the Oslo Accord.”

  16. Foreign Leaders of State are now determining our AMERICAN Foreign Policy?
    The House Tea Party Caucus has jumped the shark. finally.

    I really feel sorry for the abuse and debasement the next Republican POTUS is going to have rained down on him or her…if there is one. Payback is a bee-yatch.

    The Democrats are likely to call a Joint Jam Session of Congress, and invite a full slate of “expert” speakers to address and debase the GOP President over his/her corrupted Republican Foreign Policy:
    I’m thinking Bob Dylan, Cher, Sting, U2, Rosie O’Donnell, The Dixie Chicks, Mel Gibson, Charles Manson, and for that extra “flavor” Flava Flav.
    Ah, what the heck: Throw in Michael Moore for good measure.

  17. NETANYAHU, while expanding settlements wehre he KNOWS Israel SHOULDN”T, while speaking FOR war, does NOT mention that Israel -under his “leadership” is committing GENOCIDE in PAlestine……WHY is NO ONE saying anything about THAT FACT…???…….THEy NEVER fail to point ou their HOLOCAUST, yet they are on the way to doing the EXACST SAME THING to Palestinians,..WHAT does “BIBI” call THAT…..??

  18. Herzog and Livni are pretty out there, but there’s always farther to fall in the crazy world of hatred we all live in.
    Those two stripped (d)Israeli Gears you mentioned may be the best we can get right now in Israel, because it can ALWAYS get worse…Marie Le Pen could be running her United Front French Nazi Party campaign in Israel, and spewing her message of overt Fascist anti-Semitism right in the heart of Jerusalem.

    See how easily I just made lemonade out of two kosher lemons?

  19. It is because Israel and Netanyahu are master of deception. They want to give the impression that they want to respect US protocol regarding not speaking before Congress just prior to an election. Netty wants people to believe he did not do this for political gain or to stab President Obama in the back. Of course, we all know it only takes 2 seconds and a search on Youtube to find the entire speech. It is the same political trickery and deception Israel has always been known to use. They are pathological liars.

  20. How can ANY American even dare to criticize Israel? I’m 1/4 Jew, but one honest word out of my mouth….and I’m labeled a “Jew-hater.” And my Mom’s side of the family had to change their last name from the obvious Jewish “Blumenfeld” to the American-sounding “Reynolds”, back in the early 1940’s to escape the huge wave of AMERICAN anti-Semitism that ran from the late 1920’s through the early 1950’s, all coming from the local neighborhood hateful and bigoted Protestants, Baptist, and Catholics, who were joining together and forming anti-Jew “Crusaders for Christ” groups, openly demonizing, beating, and running Jewish families out of towns and cities across the Midwest, while forcing respected Jewish businessmen to shutter and abandon their downtown shops and establishments. I’m always surprised no one “remembers” how American Christians hated Jews in that era both pre, and post-WWII.Now the Jews are becoming more Fascist by the minute, with leaders like Netanyahu.

  21. Hammer, great point. When you say it that way, it only reinforces that Bibi’s tactic was a scare tactic to launch us into another bottomless pit.

    Congress ate it up..figures.

  22. Only thing missing was for Benji N. to ask Johnny M. to join him in a duet, singing their rendition of “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”.

  23. Israel has nukes. Iran does not have nukes. Iran has not invaded any country. IF Iran should be able to develop a nuclear weapon, Israel would lobe one of theirs before Iran could push the button.

    BTW, who’s going to fight a conventional war? Where’s the man/woman power. Are Republicans going to attempt a “draft” in this country? They are full of shit.

  24. Isn’t there an old law somewhere that can put out bainbut??? We definitely would be better off with him in prison for treason!!!

  25. Wonder how the Rep’s would react if Obama invited the President of Iran to address Congress in the interests of Fair and Balanced reply…?

  26. Netanyahu uttered a historic lie when he likened Israel, “the promised land” to the US-“promised land”! No way. The American settlers have built a nation were freedom of expression is “the” founding pillar; where men of every race and creed on earth can feel “American” and at the same time maintain his/her peculiar traditions. Israel is considered God’s Promised Land to the Jews, no other race or religion. And probably this prevents Israel to be an inclusive country, and to be open to dialogue with the neighboring nations and makes it difficult for people of other creeds and races to live serenely in Israel. Israel has to catch up with at least 1000 years world history!

  27. Iran Reformers – Talks will Succeed: Netanyahu ‘not Influential,’ like Iran Hardliners

    In short, most Iranians had difficulty taking Netanyahu seriously. They generally believed that Obama and the rest of the P5 +1 would marginalize the Likud leader. They were not worried by his bluster, finding it fantastical that he would attack them if he saw them as so powerful. For reformers, Netanyahu just sounded like one more Iranian hard liner.
    Read the whole thing

  28. People are never mentioning the main facts I keep asking my simple self. Iran has the second or third biggest oil reserves. It has been awhile since I looked it up. And it depends on the formulary used. But way more than “enough”. Israel has none or very little. Israel lives off war profits. And who is backing ISIS. Just these facts is enough for me to never believe a single word coming from any of the warmongers.

  29. You mean the war Machine called the republican party? If they get put in place at the White House, hold the Senate and the House, it is a sure bet we will be in a another war, before the first year is out.

  30. As much as I hate republicans there are quite a few of likud dummycrats who would want to go to war. Shumer, Menendez, Manchin, Wasserman Shultz, Israel and I would say at least a quarter more who attended that blowjob

  31. The people who believe in the end times, also believe that all Jewish people must return to Israel and believe there will be seven years of peace. World peace. Now I ask them if, this is your belief, why are you trying to stop World Peace? Certainly, this would be a step forward towards your Goal would it Not? it seems to me you are working against all you believe by working for war all the time. Mr. Yahoo is leading you astray.

  32. What is a warmonger? You people have know idea the danger that Iran poses to world stability. You think that they cannot build NUKES right under the worlds noses and keep it a secret. You are a very naive people if you trust them. I really feel sorry for some of you. Guess when the missiles start falling you will believe and your first words will be “OH SHIT”. Good luck to you all. Raise taxes and keep on taking. That is what most of you are good for. Bowing to your government and sucking down the liberal kool aid. When you grow a pair come to Iraq or Afghanistan and see for your self. The men on here are cowards and the women are probably as ugly as Hillary and Pelosi.

  33. Ok cartoon character first of all you haven’t even read whats in the agreement. Second of all unwise one according to what we know Iran would be under some of the toughest inspections ever imposed.

    You talk about raising taxes but how would you pay for mis adventure? Do you even know how much it will cost? According to the most conservative estimates we are talking 1.7 trillion for the first 3 months alone. On top of that how do propose we pay for the wounded veterans when they come home?

    The way you talk you probably not even a veteran calling people cowards because they don’t share your call of duty orgasm.

  34. If all the Muslims were wiped out from the face of the earth, Netanyahu and the GOP/TP would no doubt say “problem solved” without realizing what hypercrites they are, then they probably go on to the next people they see as a threat simply because starting something like this is hard to stop once it gets going when it comes to hateful ignorant people.

  35. @sgtcock. Shouldn’t we be raining nukes down on North Korea three weeks back? You know, when Kim was yelling “death to America” and ” we will obliterate them”? You guys get your nose up the wrong ass every time.

  36. sgtrock:

    I hate to say this, but your line of thinking is un-sound. I hope you weren’t a Marine. (Like I was).
    BTW, IRAN has been trash talking Israel for a long time now with their favorite pissing off line. ______________fill it in. Now really, who really believes that shit.

  37. I can’t see how these dupes Americans can STILL take the same $#it talk from Netanyahu about Iran’s quest for Nuclear bombs to “wipe Israel off the map”. Really he has been scaring everybody, wh would listen that Iran is : About to develop the Nuclear capability to develop a bomb…..JUST to drop it on Israel. Oooops. Is that the case? Why hasn’t that happened since 1997 when Bibi started his “cry wolf” monologues all over the place…especially in the U.S.? He, like Republicans play the “Scare card”. And in so doing, he gets more Millions for Israel’s Military machine. We give Israel Billions of dollars for their military, and where do they spend it? Back here in the U.S. Who benefits? the Military industrial complex right here in the United States! Ask Cheney. ;)BTW, the F-16’s they buy, are made in the USA. So, the money comes right back here. Ponzi scheme? You go figure? Scandal? Shhhhh. This is Not supposed to be discussed. Israel is our FRIEND. So SHU…

  38. “Sen. Sanders (I-VT) saw right through Netanyahu’s language of seeking a better deal. Netanyahu was trying to push for a better deal. Netanyahu compared Iran to ISIS and North Korea. That is not a comparison that gets made if a leader believes in diplomacy”

    With all due respect, we believed in diplomacy with North Korea…

    Excerpts from this article from 2005: “Diplomacy, it seems, does work after all,” and “The agreement appears to vindicate those who argued all along that North Korea wanted to end its costly diplomatic isolation and ensure the survival of its current regime, and that it was using its nuclear weapons programs as a bargaining chip. Now North Korea must follow through on its commitments. If it does, it should be accepted as a sovereign member of the international community, although no one is obliged to keep silent about its horrific human rights violations,”

    Just worth a mention, the same pe…

  39. I’m older than most here and while I know about the persecution of US Jews, I never witnessed it nor condoned such a thing. Did you know that at one time the U.S. pulled support from the fighting to establish Israel because of Jewish atrocities?

    I’m sure the majority of Americans – including me – support Israel and always have. But good grief! We give them billions of $$$ a year and Bibi comes in here spitting in OUR President’s eye, tells some whopping lies, tries to undercut a multilateral peace deal with Iran, and to top it off, tries to bully the US into another unwinnable war? Come on!

    We may be Israel’s best friend, but is Israel OUR friend? I’m beginning to wonder.

  40. YOU and all those like-minded go to Bibi and volunteer yourselves to be the next bunch of cannon-fodder for the Israeli-U.S. WWIII War Effort.

  41. If he is so honest and transparent why does he stand behind the (I) and not the (D) he really is. He has never been an (I) as he always votes with the (D). The day he admits he is a (D) and not and (I) is when he starts telling the TRUTH.

  42. Dumbass maybe his vision of America aligns, you do know what that word means, with the Democrats than you idiotic tea bagging republicans

  43. And Saddam Hussein was likened to Al Queda. Bush referred to the middle east (except his family buddies the Saudi’s) as ‘the axis of evil.’ Former MOSSAD chief disputed Bibi’s lies to Congress. also reported that Bib has been peddling this same scare, and hate Iran speech for what, something like 26 years? And Iran STILL hasn’t nuked Israel. Is Bibi bi-polar? He seems to have delusions of grandeur, and has NO respect for U.S. protocol, or Israeli policy (campaigns). With any luck the demonstrations against him will carry enough influence that he is not elected again. In meantime, U.S. needs to CUT $$ aid to Israel. U/S. has given them $130 BILLION in direct aid since 1949; they are the 4th – or 6th – largest arms mfg/exporter in the WORLD. If they want to fight Iran, Saudis, whomever – let THEM pay for it. We are NOT their hit men!! [WINK]

  44. Bibi not only violated U.S. protocol by speaking to Seditious Senate members but he thumbed his nose at Israeli campaign policy. NO speech making, I believe it’s 90 days before the election. He’s an island unto himself. Pls lobby to cut aid to Israel; U.S. has given in excess of $130 BILLION in direct aid since 1949. This works out to $8MIL or $11MIL Per day depending on source. Certainly we can use up to $11 MIL per day right here in the U.S.

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