Fox News Has A Meltdown When Dog The Bounty Hunter Hints He’s Ready For Hillary Clinton


Duane “Dog” Chapman threw the four Fox News co-hosts of Outnumbered for a loop when he defended Hillary Clinton on their show Friday. As the show’s four panelists discussed the latest poll showing Florida Senator Marco Rubio vaulting to the front of the GOP pack, one of the hosts solicited Chapman’s opinion of Rubio. Chapman said some nice things about Senator Rubio but then he pivoted by declaring, ”I don’t think he could beat the dynamic duo”.


Andrea Tantaros asked him ”who’s the dynamic duo?”. When Chapman responded, matter of factly, by saying, ”the Clintons”, the incredulous four co-hosts let out a collective gasp of dismay. When pressed a little bit, Dog the Bounty Hunter stood firm arguing ”I want someone in there with experience. We’re at war.”

The panel had a mini-meltdown once they discovered that their guest wasn’t going to join them in bashing Hillary Clinton. Co-host Lisa Montgomery, better known as Kennedy, was nearly in tears as she complained:

That makes me so sad right now. Like, I love everything about you. I think you’re powerful and heroic but the fact that you endorse Hillary Clinton—it makes me sadder than ‘The Notebook’.

Although Chapman later stated that he wasn’t necessarily endorsing Hillary Clinton, his defense of her candidacy seemed to catch the Fox panel completely by surprise. Apparently they were expecting that Chapman would follow in the footsteps of other Fox News network pop culture warriors like Duck Commander Phil Robertson, and washed-up rock musician Ted Nugent, in trashing Hillary Clinton as an unworthy candidate. Instead they discovered to their astonishment, that Dog The Bounty Hunter is ready for Hillary.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s political opinions on Hillary Clinton probably shouldn’t be regarded as anything more than one man’s take on the 2016 political race. However, the fact that he caught his co-hosts so badly off guard, at least reveals just how out of touch the Fox personalities are with the range of opinions that are held outside the hallowed halls of the Fox News building.

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  1. As another Tar Heel, JB, me too. Last night Bruce Jenner
    came out…as a repug during his interview. So the “Dog”
    is a dem and Bruce thinks the GOTP is pro LGBT. This
    election just keeps getting more circus-like with each
    passing day. How did you feel about Burr and Tillis voting
    against their fellow North Carolinian’s confirmation?
    Since signing the Cotton letter these idiots have me call-
    ing for tar ‘n feathers.

  2. Burr and Tillis are both repugnant and embarrassing. I really think Tillis had “Help” beating Kay. If you know what I mean.

  3. This is hilarious on all levels. You have Fox News just waiting to hear Dog The Bounty Hunter join in the Hillary bashing when he says ‘No… not doing it’

    Of course, like the article said, it’s not an endorsement but it is nice to see someone appear on Fox News and defend Hillary from the ravenous wolves that are on that network.

  4. I think this illustrates part of the problem with politics in general, and Fox in particular…we can’t seem to have a conversation about the merits of candidates without it devolving into partisan bickering.

    Why should a news person be ‘disappointed’ to listen to a guest discuss the merits of a candidate as he sees them? Instead of being disappointed, perhaps they could have started a conversation about the foreign policy expertise of all the candidates?

    We should be able to talk about the good and bad of all without fear of attack.

  5. ROFLMAO. This is hilarious. Guess they are going to start screening their guests, now. Don’t seem to want people that are contrary to what they want to hear and present to their viewers.

  6. Exactly, but that’s not the point of debate. They invite people onto a show to ask questions and get opinions and when the answers/opinions don’t fall in line with their chosen narrative, they are disappointed and/or go on the attack.

    I realize this is Fox News and they have no interest in debate, but I see it elsewhere, too, including online.

    If we truly believe in our positions, if we believe we are on the right side of the facts on a given matter, then we should be able to withstand discussing a subject with someone who has a different opinion. Perhaps their opinion is borne of ignorance or perhaps their interpretation of the facts is just different, but we shouldn’t run from that debate – and unfortunately that’s done, one too many times. Name calling ensues, put downs commence, and pretty soon we’re all talking past each other.

    Sorry, I’ve gone off on a tangent and I certainly didn’t mean to! :)

  7. There is actually NO debate. Retuglicans want to eliminate social security and medicare. That is the issue.

  8. I always seek my political commentary from “the Dog” such a compelling fount of discernment in this area!

  9. They just knew he was a conservative, they knew it, and then kapow! Not so fast.

    He did say he’s a Republican, but that points to the fact of just how weak their field is if he sees through it.

  10. Dog the bounty hunter is chasing Isis everyday. Aw Bullshit. Chasing his tail. And these fox nitwits believe this crap. They only thing he said that was truthful is Ms.Clinton is the real deal. And one of the fox air heads said well Im not sure about her time as state department head? What? Oh. foxes bengotya bullshit. Thats all they have just crap. Dog is rich and full of shit running around with paint guns. And these 4 other idiots better hope there is Democrat Presidents because at there age without Democrat leadership they sure as hell wont have Social Security or health care when they are not young. The only thing real about dog is maybe a turd you step in. And the one idiot that said she was as sad as when she read the notebook. Hell I bet she cant read. Stupid bunch of idiots. It just makes me sick to think we have gotten so low that a fake bounty hunter that fights Isis everyday and 4 daddies girls are news. I just want to puke. Dog is fake the same as fox. Go Ms.Clinton!

  11. Old dogs do learn new tricks!
    I have been to Hawaii a couple of times.
    I have boycotted his show because he was a Bush supporter.
    That is going to change.
    I bet his wife Beth has a lot to do with that decision.
    American white men that have been Obama bashers are all going to find themselves in the same fight and she will take it to the bedroom.
    Welcome aboard boneheads.

  12. as usual when the morons on FOX have no comeback or try to dissuade something they don’t agree with they go to another subject cutting their guest right off.

  13. Fox, almost news, with millions hanging on their every word . . . And then a guest, admired by the blondes, says something positive about Hillary! Who knew hw was intelligent enough to have his own opinion! And the blonde robots heads just started exploding! I love it.

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