Texas Police Under Investigation For Seizing Phone and Pepper Spraying Innocent Bystander

austin cops pepper spray

A second incident of inappropriate police behavior has sparked an investigation as a police officer in Austin is being investigated for seizing a phone and pepper spraying an innocent bystander who was recording their behavior.


NBC News reported:

According to the man who took the video, this incident happened at approximately 1:30 a.m. ET Sunday on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. The witness told NBC News said he saw a lone police officer push through the crowd and tackle a single person. In the video’s caption, the poster had said the person who was tackled looked “a little young to be drinking.”

After that person was arrested, “police pushed all back and started kicking people too close. Pepper spray/deterrent was used on bystander who was filming the incident, doing nothing,” the witness told NBC New

A police officer on horseback seized the bystander’s phone and threw it on the ground, as another officer pepper sprayed the individual.

This incident comes on the heels of a police officer in Dallas being suspended for pulling a gun on innocent and unarmed teenager at a pool party.

Video of Dallas incident:

What happened in Dallas was especially brutal with the police rolling in and throwing unarmed teens to the ground and handcuffing them. Remember, that this violence was in response to a teenage pool party. The teenagers were not armed. A young girl can be seen in the video above being thrown to the ground by an officer who kept her face down on the ground by pressing his knee into her back. The Dallas area cop was suspended for pulling his gun on the teens, which leads one to assume that all of the other unnecessary acts of violence were deemed appropriate.

The uploader of the YouTube video, Brandon Brooks, told Buzzfeed, “I think a bunch of white parents were angry that a bunch of black kids who don’t live in the neighborhood were in the pool. Everyone who was getting put on the ground was black, Mexican, Arabic,” he said. “[The cop] didn’t even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.”

It should be noted that all of the kids arrested in the video were African-American or Hispanic.

White Republicans say that they don’t understand why young people run from the police. The videos above demonstrate exactly why young people of color do and should fear the cops. The police in some jurisdictions are out of control, and if you try to catch their misconduct on video with your phone be prepared to have your phone seized and be pepper sprayed.

It is time for all Americans to wake up and realize that the United States has a police brutality problem.

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  1. Till the police are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law this brutality will continue.

    I know in the past there was brutality but it seems ever since that show cops came on it has escalated

  2. Its going to get worse as long as they keep getting away with it.

    Executive Action to require all police to wear visible body cams with inability to turn off and if purposely blocked, will be an admission of guilt.

  3. Maybe they should have been a white biker gang and then they could have use their cell phones.

    Oh wait people died at that event and these people only crime was swimming while black. Next it will be breathing while black. Post racial my ass

  4. I’m so happy we doesn’t live in Texas.
    It’s heaven to stand in line at Supermarket/Movie & talk with Sane/Liberal/Informed Californians!

  5. I stood in a Winco store one evening while waiting for my wife to finish shopping. An elderly African-American man rolled up next to me on one of those scooters and struck up a conversation about how tall I was (I am 6’8″ about 280lbs) we had a nice civil conversation for about 10 minutes just standing there. Nice man. Why is that so hard for some people?

  6. There is a wild west cowboy mentality out there and it isn’t just in Texas. What is going to stop this isn’t anything beyond insurance and bonding agencies. When they refuse to cover a city police department, the decision makers will clean up their departments. Mayors and council members have to pay attention if they want to stay in power.

  7. Police brutality victims aren’t only people of color, though it is more predominant. I was a victim of it myself about 20 years ago. There are many who become police officers so they can bully people and get away with it. They were probably bullies when they were in school.

  8. This is not going to stop until the police are held accountable for their actions.

    In almost every case the Grand Juries find the cops not guilty. Why?

    Rice, a 12 year old is gunned down within 2 seconds of the police arrival. That isn’t enough time for him to even register that the cop had given him an order.

    Garner put into an illegal chokehold, his death ruled a homicide, yet a Grand Jury finds no one guilty for his death.

    The cases of cops going free after blatant misconduct goes on and on. Again, I ask why? How are these cases being presented to Grand Juries for them to find cops innocent even when a medical examiner has stated that the death was a homicide?

    Or are we still so racist that no matter how guilty a cop is, if it is a person of color being killed, the cop is given a get out of jail free card?

  9. I too have felt the same. We have a black women who works in the local grocery store. very pleasant, and nice. also I was a patient at the University Hosp. a few years ago there was a nurse who was black. a good nurse, cute and good. told her one day. she had the most beautiful hair do. will always remember her. People are people just give them a chance! As a child. we had a black women at the play ground, who I will always remember too. these people have formed my opinion of people different from me. tried to teach my children the same.

  10. It was good that the police arrived, even though their brutal treatment is not excused.

    The neighbors could have taken the matters into their own hands and start the “stand your ground” policy and start shooting.

    In the settled white neighborhoods, the xenophobia is horrible, and everyone is armed.

    A party, in the middle of the day, even when noisy and rowdy, could have been dispersed peacefully.

  11. From what I have read an adult women stated the fight with the teen age host of the party. Now I can speculate OK I will. The adult women who more than likely is white said some racial slurs at the host black friends and was having none of it.

    The other whites who were scared because so many blacks invaded their lily white neighborhood called the police. The police seeing another opportunity to brutalize black people took the bait and went all Tiananmen square on them while the white party goers were spared the crack of the whip.

    In so many words another day in post racial America

  12. The party was hosted by Tatyana Rhodes and her sister. The young women live in the Craigs Ranch community and they say most of the guests are residents as well. The teens claim that a woman at the pool began cursing the teens and using racial epithets and telling them to “go back to Section 8 housing.” Another 14-year-old (white) teen stepped in to tell the older white people they were wrong and shouldn’t be talking to the black teens like that and according to Tatiana Rhodes, that is when one of the white women slapped her. Watch Tatiana and her mother (who was at the pool party) describe what happened:

  13. Let’s be honest: America has a RACIALLY motivated police brutality problem.

    Many cops are outright RACISTS, and they believe the badge will protect them from having to answer for their actions.

    Beyond that, many FRIGHT-wing Americans are also racists, all too quickly finding blame with young, black males, pre-judging them to be “street thugs” or “gang members” as both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were, when they were shot to death.

    Contrast this with the fact that Trayvon Martin’s killer has had at least 6 run-ins with the police since shooting Trayvon Martin, many involving violence/firearms, yet FRIGHT-wing conservatives want you to believe that it is Trayvon Martin who was the “thug” (bad boy) .. ..

    Go try and figure how grateful I am to be able to reside in Stockholm, Sweden.

  14. Why are they getting away with it?

    Because they are on a Crusade. And these Crusaders are perceived as just letting things get out of hand ‘occasionally’.

    The blue wall of silence- which lets their fellow cops from badmouthing their own.

    The bullies who couldn’t get along in adult life, police work fits them to a “T”.

    The ‘Good old boy’ network invariably keeps things from getting escalated.

    An ‘us against them’ mindset.

    As far as those who get to sit in judgment upon a cop, such as on a jury- usually they feel that such is just once in a blue moon occurrence. And go in with a very forgiving mindset- after watching a kazillion news reports portraying the victim as a thug.

    And the jurist/apologist is probably frustrated with crime enough to give the cop more leeway as well.

    All of which combines- into a license to kill for the cops.

    And when the inevitable occurs, the cop/perp has escalated his behavior till even all of the above can’t get him off the…

  15. Eric Casebolt, McKinney Pool Party Cop, Was Sued for Racial Bias

    The white McKinney, Texas, cop who was recorded on a now-viral video tackling a black teen girl and pointing his gun at two unarmed black teens was previously accused of racial bias and sexual assault by a man he arrested in 2007.

    Federal court documents show that David Eric Casebolt and other officers were sued in 2008 in federal court for racial profiling, harassment, failure to render aid and sexual assault.

  16. Tend to agree Rick. Watch any news being flashed on the screen, the police are called, not one shows up but many, All come screeching up slam on the brakes and bail out of the car, ready to shoot. way too many examples to list. The man being taken down by cops in the city, killed, because of brutality. I believe these days the cops are not there to serve and protect, but to serve themselves, protecting their retirements and fellow cops. The police at one time were friends if the community they serve, not any more.
    Cops are more like a military giving orders, orders you had better pay attention to or else! You object? and get slammed down on your face, with the cops knee in the middle of your back arms held in extreme position in back and maybe your neck broken.

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