Hypocrite Republicans Demand Trump Apologize to McCain, But They Won’t Apologize to John Kerry

Republican hypocrisy

Republicans are outraged.

Yes, what else is new, but the media is on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) crack because they all love him and his barbeques, so we are getting nonstop coverage of how outraged Republicans demand an apology from 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for saying John McCain isn’t a hero and if he is on, he is only a hero because he was captured.

To wit, ABC News did a recap of all of the puffed up Republicans climbing onto their moral high ground to praise veterans and demand an apology:

ABC US News | World News

The Republican National Committee said in a statement condemning Trump, “Senator McCain is an American hero because he served his country and sacrificed more than most can imagine. Period. There is no place in our party or our country for comments that disparage those who have served honorably.”

No place in our country? Attacking veterans is what Republicans do. They taught Donald Trump everything he knows on this matter.

Republicans have not explained why it was okay when they Swiftboated now Secretary John Kerry — something 2016 hopeful Jeb Bush thanked the conservative group behind the attacks for doing. Or how about John McCain himself helping Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) after the Republican dishonestly attacked triple amputee Max Cleland (D-GA), linking the war hero and recipient of the Silver Star and the Bronze Star to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

What do these instances of no Republican demands for apologies have in common? Both John Kerry and Max Cleland are Democrats.

To hear Republicans speak, you would think that only Republicans are veterans or heroes. That, of course, is far from the truth.

Republicans put on a good show of veteran loving, but when it comes down to it, if you pick and choose which veteran’s honor you deem worthy of defending while you attack another veteran based on their political party — a right they fought to have and for everyone to have, if you buy the “fighting for your freedom” line Republicans love — then you don’t really love veterans at all.

What Donald Trump said about John McCain was cheap and nasty and ridiculous. But Republicans taught Donald Trump how this game of personal attacks is played. They were silent — and so was the media — when Donald Trump did his birther attacks against a sitting president. And I could make the argument that being the first black president in this country is an act of heroism, especially given the fact that President Obama was greeted by disgusting displays of racial animus by hate-filled traitors waving the Confederate flag in his face days ago. They waved that flag in his face even though he knew one of the victims in Charleston. They waved the flag of the traitor and secessionist in the President of the U.S.’s face — these, too, are Republicans.

So it has come to this. Republicans are outraged when they get a dose of what they have done to Democrats. The media is outraged and grim-faced, how dare anyone attack John McCain! Where was this protective, do not cross this line bit over President Obama being called Hitler by Republicans, or being accused of being a Muslim terrorist, or being accused of not being an American?

A value is something you apply equally to all situations, not something you parse when it’s convenient. Republicans attacked John Kerry’s service, and John McCain supported Saxby Chambliss after his dishonest attack against Max Cleland.

The truth is that Republicans would have remained silent if Donald Trump were valuable to them. Just a few years ago, the Republican 2012 hopefuls paraded Trump’s endorsement, even though he was a known birther. So it’s not his hate they disagree with. It’s how much air time his hate is getting, and how that negatively impacts their party’s chances in 2016.

Where is John Kerry’s apology? Where is Max Cleland’s apology? If Republicans were sincere, they would apologize to all of the veterans whose service they deliberately disparaged in an attempt to avoid discussing issues. But Republicans can’t win on issues, so to the mattresses they go.

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  1. don’t forget the attack on Tammy Duckworth altho, in the Republican view, she wasn’t a real vet or hero because she’s a woman…

  2. JC,

    You made me laugh out loud. Yes, of course, if only she had been home baking cookies and making sure she didn’t turn into a single mom, lest she ruin the country. [WINK]

  3. If you are expecting any moral consistency from republicans then I would suggest you have your mental health checked out.

  4. Modern gop: religious extremists, Constitution deniers, scientific fact deniers,lawless, racists, women-haters, minority haters, hypocrites, war mongers(but not their kids)Greed driven political policy to benefit donors only, fair pay deniers. Why does anyone vote for these douche bags? Douche bags themselves, I guess.

  5. the only ‘moral consistency’ I expect is how predictably consistent their moral inconsistency and hypocrisy is…

  6. This is one of the best pieces from Politicususa. When I first read about this yesterday, the first thing that came to mind was the 2004 Presidential campaign, when the Republican’s gleefully tried to destroy Kerry’s service. Thank You. They are indeed imploding, hope they go the way of the Dodo.

  7. Donald Trump has hijacked the Republican Party…

    He has full control of weather or not they can win the white house in 2016.

    All he has to do is run on an independent ticket and the Democrats win.

  8. I was going to mention her. Joe Walsh attacked her because she dared to mention her service.


    I have some very mixed emotions about McCain. Some people have intimated that he gave information to the N.Koreans, but I have to ask the question; how many of us could have stood up under the torture he had to endure?

    At the same time, how could a man, who endured what he went through, take a place in the Senate and vote against almost every bill to help other veterans?

    Does the white trash, Trump, owe McCain an apology? Yes, undoubtedly he does, but then the GOP/TP owe ALL veterans an apology for the neglect of their needs. And that includes McCain as a part of that right-wing establishment.

  9. The republican party in its entirety, should win an Emmy award for the part of righteous indignation! Then follow it up with one for hipocracy. Each and everyone of them have had their faces plastered on some tv screen calling out the Don. Can you smell their fear?

  10. And this from the Party of Personal Responsibility who sucks the ass of the Uber-Ass Ted Nugent.

    Your typical Republican Double-Standards.

  11. You are really a Jones Susan. Thank you for this article. My father was a POW and was no coward. He didn’t talk about it but neither proud nor ashamed. He just did what he thought every American is supposed to do, put your life on the line for your country.

  12. The thing about hypocrites is that they don’t realize or care that they are hypocrites.

    Having any expectation that they might even recognize it much less apologize for it is optimistic to the point of foolishness.

  13. Patricia, i don’t have the link, but i remember reading claims from other prisoners held captive at that camp that McCain was not tortured, that no one was, these claims came from officers higher up the command chain than McCain.

    They also claimed McCain told the enemy information in order to get better treatment, his fellow prisoners nick named him Songbird.

    I’m wondering if McCain broke his arms in the plane he crashed. I also read that the crash occured because he disobeyed orders.

    I’m not saying any of this to support Trump, I can’t stand the baffoon. But if any of this is true, I’m sure McCain and the republican party don’t want dirty laundry being drug up from the past. Much less give Trump more power.

  14. In his very own words, McCain said he traded information for special treatment.
    US Soldiers had 12 General Orders to follow. One of these forbade that.
    McCain’s military roots were so deep, that the military changed the orders rather than court martial McCain.

    Here is his own story about trading for military info in order to get medical aid. There are very good reasons that McCain was called a “songbird” and it isn’t his rendition of “Streets of Laredo”.

  15. Considering how many four-star Admirals McSame had in his family…

    Selling out Vets? Talk about blazing out his path in the political world.

  16. Thanks, Sarah! A wonderful, hard-hitting article. Posted to my Facebook wall with special emphasis on the absence of apologies to Mr. Cleland and Sec. Kerry, and the questioning of these “flexible” GOP values that are wholly based on party affiliation. I agree, if the GOP/TP really valued the service of all of our troops/veterans, they wouldn’t respect the service of only those who identify themselves as members of their political party. Their hypocrisy is breathtaking to witness

  17. Great Article! Everyone should read it/bookmark:

    *How did this monster get created? The decades of GOP lies that brought us Donald Trump, Republican front-runner*


    Don’t forget Mark Twain’s:

    “ANGER/HATRED does more harm to the vessel in which it’s stored…than to anything on which it is poured”

    The GOP Have Totally Destroyed Themselves!

  18. I am not a fan of John McCain but I certainly give him credit for honorably serving his country in time of war, unlike the VAST, VAST majority of people sitting in the United States Congress who never put on a uniform to defend this country. Their lack of service and knowing they can protect THEIR children from serving is why they take such a cavalier attitude towards voting for war. That, and the huge donations they get from the defense industry. Trump is merely a draft dodging loudmouth in the mold of Ted Nugent.

  19. Until I read it here, I had no idea McCain graduated last in his class at Annapolis & crashed a bunch of airplanes before being captured. Only a loser like that could go on to be a Republican icon & hero. He may have acted heroically while imprisoned & refusing to be released. But his military action before capture apparently leaves a lot to be desired.

  20. Sarah, absolutely awesome article as always from you! However, McCain was a spoiled military brat. Unauthorized flight! When Vietcong found out who they had, they treated daddy’s little brat better than the rest of the POW’S! McCain has always tried to play the cards in his favor always to stuff his own pockets. To hell with anyone else! Sleezy McCain is always slamming POTUS & us Democrats! He speaks with “FORKED TONGUE “!

  21. You are absolutely correct Moongrim! The sleeze bucket McCain dumped his first wife looking forward to capitalize on his little capture that really shouldn’t have taken place if he wouldn’t have taken that plane for a joy ride to begin with! Now look he’s got himself a very rich bitch of a wife. He really doesn’t work hard like the rest of us citizens because he got his wife & the lobbyists money plus lord knows who else is stuffing his pockets with CASH. A greedy self absorbed Republithug. Always like your responses Moongrim! [WINK]

  22. As usual, the phoney RNC condemned Trump’s criticism of John McCain which, in doing so, criticize all veterans.

    The Republicans have done nothing to support our veterans except take well- deserved and earned benefits for serving our country, while these hawks sit around and plan more ways and places to send our men and women.

    “…There is no place in our party or our country for comments that disparage those who have served honorably…”

    ***It’s time for these war mongers and THEIR families lead the way for all invasions.

    ***It’s time for them to retire! They have outlived their usefulness in every way, they worship at the altar of greed and fill their pockets with their benefactors’ money.

  23. They want Trump to apologize to McCain.
    Ok. But he should also apologize to the President of the United States for sticking to the Birther foolishness.

    And yes, All of the Republican House should apologize to Obama for the despicable treatment they have given him, and turning their backs to some of the vilest criticism any President has had to endure from them and their constituents. Especially that one who yelled out: You Lie!

  24. That so-called Congressman from South Carolina “Joe” Wilson who shouted out “You lie!” is the real liar. His real name is not “Joe” or “Joseph” but Addison Graves Wilson. He doesn’t have honesty to use his real name. He lies!

  25. I agree completelt with the sentiment but God do I hate Donald Trump. Not just because of his views, everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how off base. But he lies lol. Blatant lies. Then he gets caught saying something stupid and he immediately blames the media. The media is not taking him out of context. The McCain comment is a perfect example. He said and I quote “He is NOT a war hero. He’s a war hero (interupted), he’s [only] a war hero because he got captured”.
    Now his supporters take his quote “he’s a war hero because he got captured” asif it was a praise, but it was not. It was alluding to the fact that had McCain not been captured no one would think he was a war hero. His supporters are doing to him exactly what they claim the media is doing, taking him out of context. He clearly criticized McCain, but they like to pretend it was a praise because they like to take him out of context. Watch the clip.

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