Donald Trump Tells His Biggest Lie By Claiming To Break Bernie Sanders’ Crowd Records

trump at iowa state fair

After his helicopter had landed at the Iowa State Fair, Trump claimed that he is breaking the crowd records of Bernie Sanders.

The billionaire said, “Actually, the venues have gotten larger and larger because we’ve really gotten some tremendous crowds. We’re doing record breaking crowds, and I’m so honored when I saw the recent polls with Iowa leading by a lot, but we have actually. We started with the smaller venues, and we’ve gotten bigger and bigger. The crowds have been enormous actually.”

It isn’t a coincidence that Trump would invent record-breaking crowds a day after Bernie Sanders announced that had to move his Iowa event to a bigger venue due to increasing crowd expectations.

The truth is that Trump isn’t breaking any records. His biggest crowd was a little over 4,000 in Las Vegas. Sanders set the record last weekend when 28,000 came out to see him in Portland, OR. Trump’s best crowd is about seven times less than the Sanders record.

The media isn’t bothering to fact check Trump. He is making it all up as he goes along, and no one is challenging him. During his press conference at the Iowa State Fair, it would have been nice if one of the reporters would have stepped up to the plate and said, “Mr. Trump, what you are saying is just not true.” However, it is apparently too much to ask our facts optional media to hold candidates to any reality-based standards.

No matter how hard Trump tries, he will never be Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump is a rich guy wannabe, while Sanders is the real deal leader of an authentic grassroots movement.

50 Replies to “Donald Trump Tells His Biggest Lie By Claiming To Break Bernie Sanders’ Crowd Records”

  1. Well, maybe he’s talking about GOP crowds. After all, JEB! is just holding closed door donor meetings; no one wants to see Jindal “I plan to enforce a law that doesn’t exist!,” Santorum, or beady eyes Walker, and Carly seems to spend her time in front of TV cameras, where no one challenges a word she says, either. So I think 4000 GOP bootlickers is probably a lot. Besides, Trump has an army of accountants and suckups, who tell him what he wants to hear “Yes, sir, Mr. Trump, we had to move the rally from that vacant lot over to the used car showroom.”

  2. But everybody knows the Donald never lies, embellishes the truth, or exaggerates. He’s just your everyday humble Billionaire, not one of those posers like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates.


  3. Whats the problem? If republicans don’t call bullshit, why should dems care? If Trump can lie his way into the nomination, more power to him. Democrats need to sit back, enjoy the show, and watch the implosion as Trump takes down the gop short bus.

  4. I worked with a guy like Trump for years (the ego part, not the money). Whatever he had or did, it was always the biggest, best or greatest. You couldn’t have a rational argument with him, because he wouldn’t acknowledge any reasons why his wouldn’t be the best. You were “stupid” or a “liar”. If things went wrong for him, his was still the best, but reasons. After you get used to it, you just nod and agree and then when he leaves, everybody says “what an a-hole.”
    So Donald Trump, what an a-hole.

  5. Liar: check
    Bully: check
    Thief: check
    “Victim”: check
    pinhead: check

    Yup. that’s it. DT Barnum wins 5 out of 5 contests to prove that he is the best choice to be the President of The United States of America.

    The rest of y’all can pack it in and go home. THIS is what it takes to win votes. The people have spoken.

    We don’t need Leadership.
    We don’t need Statesmanship.
    We don’t need Diplomacy.
    We don’t need Critical Thinking.
    We don’t need Progress.
    We don’t need Reasonable Decision Making.
    We don’t need Alliance Building.
    We don’t need Consensus Building.
    We don’t need Responsible Judgment.
    We don’t need Compromise.
    We don’t need Fairness.

    We don’t need any of the things that DT Barnum is not, we just need DT Barnum. Right.

  6. I watched Trump’s speech in New Hampshire last night. He was all over the place. He brought up Wharton School and proceeded to say he was really smart about five times in a minute. The whole speech was “I am so smart and rich and everyone else so stupid and dumb”. No substance, no facts, no preparation.

  7. well what difference to crowd size s mean? The MSM seem to ignore that aspect with sanders and insist he is unelectable and a fluke.

  8. Nothing at all. I would think the readers would want to hear about the issues other than some American idol beauty pageant

  9. Spoiled brat syndrome. Lets not forget Trump sat home investing Daddy’s money while his peers endured life-changing disabilities and death while serving their country in Vietnam. Drumps a coward and hes orange and pink. Who does his makeup? Stevie Wonder? No offense to Mr. Wonder,luv,luv.luv.

  10. If Republican voters want Donald Trump to be their Presidential nominee–let them! That only helps make our Democratic nominee stronger in the general election. And it will help us in the Senate and House races, too!

  11. Drump wins ugliest man alive award! Apparently money CANT buy everything. Bad wig, bad spray tan, obese, just hauntingly ugly.

  12. You gotta give him credit. He spends a half hour saying nothing, and is applauded for it.

    Sure knows the GOP audience.

  13. Yeah, he could use some humility for sure! He only surrounds himself with “yes” people to stoke his ego. Anyone that doesnt is “stupid, a loser, poor”. Not qualities in a President.

  14. Trump wants to INCREASE defence spending so “we’ll” be the strongest in the world?


    In fiscal year 2015, military spending is projected to account for 54 percent of all federal discretionary spending, a total of $598.5 billion.
    U.S. military expenditures are roughly the size of the next nine largest military budgets around the world, combined.

    79% of taxes come from ME AND YOU
    10% comes from corporations
    There is something wrong with picture!!!

    Federal Revenue: Where Does the Money Come From

  15. Okay I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I could not let this headline pass me by. I will admit that Sander’s is drawing big crowds, and people are excited about his candidacy, but for Donald Trump to lie through his teeth and say he is drawing bigger crowds than Sanders is an outright lie, and just makes my point that he is the biggest blowhard, narcissist, stereotype of a wealthy 1%er whose own mind won’t let him believe he’s a fool, a bloviated nothing, and lastly…..why isn’t anyone in the challenging him? By God, don’t tell me has has bullied you all into fear of not asking him important questions dealing with policy positions, or calling him out on his obvious lies. C’mon people in the media….grow some balls.

  16. My husband who usually does not make comments about politicians (because I usually do) just sat there this afternoon, Trump was talking at Iowa, my husband said ‘he will soon break his arm from patting himself on the back so much’
    Republicans continually say they will create jobs, that I think is one of the biggest lies.

  17. He’s the most narcissistic, vain, self-aborbed, selfish, conceited, ALL ABOUT ME creature.
    I’m surprized his MASSIVE EGO can still fit thru a door.

    The GOP have created a frankenstein and Preibus must’ve gone thru a truckload of diapers so far trying to figure out how to control him.

  18. This guy offers no proof that he has had crowds anything close to Bernie’s because he just makes shit up. Who cares anyway, let him wreck the republicans.
    What really bothered me was his saying that he would never have allowed the protesters to take his mic like the two women did to Bernie. Really? I would imagine that he has had goons protecting him since he was in school so he didn’t get his ass beat every day. He is infuriating and entertaining, let him insult every other republican. They are afraid to respond to him and that’s can only be good for the presumptive democratic nominee Bernie Sanders.

  19. The reason the MSM won’t challenge Trump is that he gives them ratings = money. What else can a zillion venues talk about 24/7 if it ain’t some carnival barker like Trump? Besides, Americans have become accustomed to believing that a reality TV show is actually reality, and Trump fits perfectly.

  20. Finally a pro-Bernie article in this site. I wa going to give up Politicususa for being hard propaganda of Hillary.

  21. Politicususa defending Bernie Sanders? Wow, that’s real rare in past one month. Yeah, I’m calling out this website and its commenters for loyal to other corporate/elitist shrill in Hillary Clinton.

  22. I don’t know, Tron, but I’ve been on this site several times a day for a really long time and all I’ve seen on here are Bernie Sanders articles.

    I’m not sure what site your visiting.

  23. Each day I say to myself its gotta implode now!! you can’t fucking say that!!! NO substance no facts no solutions [ it will be the best I am the smartest and best everyone else is stupid ] Yet he continues to rise. What happened to our media? why is he relevant? Is our country really this far gone? What a worldwide embarrasment. Please somebody make it stop!!

  24. So much yes.

    I will add that he is relevent because the GOPTea base F’LOVES him. All those horrible things he’s said? They agree with him, with all of their cold, dead, hearts.

    He speaks at a 3rd grade level and these people praise him for saying what they think and feel. He hates. They cheer. He says something moronic. They feel him speaking from their souls. The ignorance. The lies. The misogyny. They love it all. Hell, they believe this clueless trustfund baby, who’s made his money by screwing the american worker and filing bankruptcy over and over again, they believe he is a champion of the every day working man!

    He is relevent because our citizens on the right have made him so.

  25. I see it as sort of a Cult of Personality with the Donald. some see big time financial success as the one good that can fix it all. It fixes very little in reality.

  26. I am very pleased to see Bernie in this race. He is shaking up the status quo, the Establishment that only wants to speak in platitudes that mean nothing to the average person.

  27. I agree, I check this site daily and it’s almost all Bernie articles with a smattering of Hilary perhaps once a week. I guess this site supports Bernie because it’s progressive. Like the beltway and MSM they’ve decided to ignore Hilary also. But the party hasn’t dismissed Hilary because she is the smartest candidate in either race. I will support the democrats in November, but it is troubling how the media is trying to shape the race. Chuck Todd School of Journalism alumni everywhere you look. Bottom line though is we need a brilliant President come Jan. And it’s not going to be a Republican. We also need to clean out Congress with a democrats sweep. But to say this site has been pro-Hilary when the articles are vastly supporting Bernie is laughable.

  28. They have mentioned her for months at least once a week. They always mention her in the most telling ways though.

    She is killing in Alabama.

    Bernie mentioned she is a vicitim of sexist attacks and they covered it so that is almost about her.

    A few months ago there was a whole column about her pantsuit tshirts for sale.

    I am pretty sure there is an article here about how she attacked the GOP one time.

    About every 10 days they toss that old nobody woman a tiny little bone, with no meat on it and treat it with just the proper amount of distain.

  29. Trump gave children rides in his helicopter. That is vote buying and is illegal. He needs to be investigated by the Federal Election Commission.

  30. Classic Paranoids, rightwingers are never wrong. They cannot be wrong, therefore they are always right, so we call them rightwingers.

  31. This is a great article which I will forward to Facebook.

    The final paragraph, declares mountains of truths …

    “…No matter how hard Trump tries, he will never be Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump is a rich guy wannabe, while Sanders is the real deal leader of an authentic grassroots movement.”

  32. This just illuminates the mentality of the republican party. The media is afraid of Trump; look at what he did to Megyn Kelly. She asked a legitimate question, though slightly uncomfortable. Candidates have always been asked about their personal lives without getting sued. They wanted the bias of Fox news, but it back fired.

  33. Clinton is more devious and dishonest, not smarter. If she was smarter she would be doing better in the polls.

  34. Donald Trump is juvenile. So he is having a pissing contest with Bernie Sanders as to who had more people?

    Trump is very superficial, plastic.

    So are the ones that think he’s the greatest since sliced bread. Very impulsive, know it all. No depth to his mind.

  35. I realized when I saw the word “plastic” that Trump is President Business running to become Lord Business!

    (lego movie badguy)

  36. Actually Bernie received a “F” grade from the NRA. He did do them one thing that they liked and that was voting against holding the manufacturer financially responsible for gun violence.

  37. The famous American FREE PRESS disappeared a long time ago. Our Mainstream Media is an arm of big business and as such carries their water day in and day out. They print lies daily, do not challenge their owners when they blatantly lie day after day after day. Bernie Sanders is drawing large crowds…crowds so large that the Mainstream Media is afraid to mix in them. The Washington Post was at the gigantic rallies in Seattle and Portland last week….no TV networks were there….no major news magazines were there. OUR FREE PRESS blows its own horn over and over and over because…everyone knows they are paid liars and propagandists and nothing else.

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