Bernie Sanders Calls For Sensible Gun Control After Oregon Shootings

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Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling for better mental health services, and sensible gun control after the nation’s latest mass shooting at a community college in Oregon.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

The American people are horrified by these never-ending mass shootings. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the innocent victims. As a nation, we must do everything we can to put an end to this awful epidemic of senseless slaughter.

We need a comprehensive approach. We need sensible gun-control legislation which prevents guns from being used by people who should not have them. We must greatly expand and improve our mental health capabilities so individuals and families can get the psychological help then need when they need it. We also have to tone down the incredibly high level of gratuitous violence which permeates our media.

The shouting at each other must end. The hard work of developing good policy must begin.

Bernie Sanders spoke perfectly for people who live in pro-gun states like Vermont, and Pennsylvania. Being a liberal does not mean being anti-gun, and wanting sensible gun control is something that every responsible gun owner, no matter who they vote for should support.

Some misguided Clinton supporters have attempted to smear Sen. Sanders on the guns issues, but his statement makes his position perfectly clear. It will take more than gun control legislation to solve this problem.

The United States is in dire need of better mental health and psychological services. There is a glorification of violence in our media, and it will take a collective effort on multiple fronts to end the epidemic of mass shootings in our country.

It can be done. Change can be made. As President Obama said during his statement on the Oregon shootings, he can’t do it alone. The President and Sen. Sanders need the help of millions of Americans.

The time for being desensitized to tragedy must end now. Change will only come after the American people demand it.

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  1. …OK, give him props without throwing his past votes in his face…Bernie may have just been pushed off his NRA supporter status…OK, so how about no hyper-partisan sniping???

  2. I think anyone discussing Bernie Sanders and guns should go look up his record as well as his ratings form organizations on both sides of the issue.

  3. Stop saying gun control……it makes the crazies think you’re coming for their guns! Say gun safety, gun laws, or even gun regulation…..
    Media being tight lipped about the shooter and his weapons. I think we can assume he had a assault weapon, he is probably white, and was a member of a RW hate group……

  4. I don’t care what any pol says anytime anywhere.
    Look up their record.
    I have the slowest, most pathetic computer in the civilized world and even I can find and read what I need.
    I can’t open more than one window and often shut down when I try basic functions but, I found and can read the record of every vote and speech.

  5. Really, “Bernie,” now you want to do something about guns and death?! Oh, but lets give the Gun Manufacturers protection from lawsuits and pass (twice) on the Brady bill?!

  6. Bernie had an A rating from NRA after he was elected in 1990 and voted twice against Brady Bill. His overall average is C- or D+ I believe now.

    Hillary Clinton has an F NRA rating for comparison.

  7. Sorry, Wolf. You and I are going to have to have a parting of the ways on this one.

    Where was Mr. Bernie “I’ll get right on it!” Sanders yesterday regarding Kevin McCarthy’s revelation about trying to deceptively, falsely and unethically annihilate Hillary Clinton, and thereby taking taxpayers for a purely partisan motivated ride?

    Give me a break!

  8. Sanders was on Chris Hayes earlier. He was not convincing and made no sense and didnt address the actual discussion or questions. He repeated the same thing posted above in his statement about shouting needing to end.

    Who is shouting about it?

    He was very uncomfortable and his eyes were darting left and right constantly. His mouth clenched, his body stiff and angry. He had no business being there on this day on this subject and it was obvious.

  9. Bernie’s from the hunting state of Vermont… a state where hunting tourism is important and where the idea of disallowing hunting in some national parks is seen as job-killing. Not agreeing with portions of a bill doesn’t make him pro-gun or owned by the NRA.
    The NRA did go after an opponent of Bernie’s who was tougher on guns… and that did help Bernie’s campaign, but it wasn’t coordinated, they didn’t air any ads that were pro-Bernie and Bernie neither asked for them to do it, or took money from them.
    Bernie has voted for gun control, to close the gun-show loop hole among other things.
    I don’t completely agree with Bernie’s record on guns, despite living in another state heavily dependent on hunting tourism, but I do agree with 99.9% of the rest of his record.

  10. Thank you
    I wrote down info and will look later. Can’t hit link as it will open second window and shut me down again.

  11. Rin, come on.

    (Most) People aren’t actually shouting. But, left is adamant we need more gun control and the right is adamant we need less.

    In the end, nothing gets done. Both sides need to talk it out and implement laws that the majority of the country supports.

  12. Mike’s statement is correct about why NRA liked Bernie better than his opponent in that one race. Bernie has nothing to do with the NRA and he has had a D- rating and also an F rating with them. He is NOT a friend of the NRA! His state of Vermont is very rural and has a lot of hunters but I’ve heard Bernie say you only need a regular Rifle to go hunting and he did vote to ban Assault Weapons and have background checks and to close the gun show loophole. He is not a gun nut at all. In the past, his constituents in Vermont were the ones he represented. He knows as President the urban and rural areas have totally different problems with the gun issue and would do whatever it takes to get the problem under control and to end the senseless violence. I do agree that we have so much violence on TV and also in Video games and we have a definite LACK of mental health care in this Country. A LOT of the people doing these shootings are NOT normal, well adjusted people.

  13. Mike. Really? You need a 100 round clip on an AR15 to hunt deer in Vermont? Then the Bern can go back to Vermont or New York or Illinois or wherever with his guns.

    And stop with the NRA didn’t help Bern crap. The NRA supported Bern in 1990 against Smith because Smith got a conscious after hearing about the gun violence in Washington DC!

    And after he was elected he voted TWICE against the Brady Bill!

    Karma can be a real b^tch.

  14. Prog. Bern is from Brooklyn New York, not Vermont.

    He voted against the Brady Bill twice; it passed anyway thanks to Bill Clinton.

    He voted for Loaded Weapons in National Parks via a credit card bill; it passed.

    He voted twice for the NRA sponsored Gun Protection bill; it passed. Hillary and Pelosi voted against it.

  15. this is hard for Bernie who has been supported by the NRA since 1990 and continues to get support. It was agreed he would not mention the NRA and they list him as bad grade so he can get the national votes because of the many mass shooting. Interesting Hillary gave a speech two weeks ago on the need for stronger gun laws and she was attacked for her remarks. Bernie knows he is brought and paid for by the NRA as his record shows.

  16. Sounds to me like this discussion is starting to be distorted and some facts twisted and changed a bit by some definite Hillary supporters on the page just wanting to do some Bernie bashing. So the discussion is probably not worth even having under those circumstances. We should be coming together and addressing the actual issue at hand of the violence in our Country and all the mass shootings. That’s what we should be trying to FIX and care about what happened to those people at that college today, not turning it into a fight about Presidential candidates.

  17. We are going to go with “violence in the media”? This is 2015. Violence in the media is brought up every decade or so, and studies are done finding no causal relationship, any more than the easy availability of porn causes rape.

    I can agree that our mental health system is pathetic, and I know that Hillary Clinton has been an advocate for better mental health services as long as I have known of her, since the early ’90’s.

    You all are just defensive because the name of your game du jour is “Defend our poor Bernie” and his gun record has put a lot of potential voters off. It is what it is.

    Tossing out that old canard “violence in the media” makes me think of Tipper Gore…not one of my better memories of the ’90’s.

  18. Sanders is a no good political hack. He builds a legal wall around the gun industry and now this hypocrite runs his mouth about gun control. He makes no sense. This guy throws a bunch of conspiracies to the Democratic base about the economy and banks and he tells how great Europe is. But when it comes to guns he shows his true cowardly political self with some fake tears.

    Does anyone even know what this guy stands for? He votes for the ACA and then he votes against the progressive funding mechanics to kiss the labor unions ass.

  19. Prog D., this may come as a shock to you, but there is a primary going on and this is a major issue for many voters. Every time something unflattering is said about Bernie, the Bern Patrol gets into high gear to accuse anyone who would dare point out his insufficiency of background and experience of attacking a saint. The issues are going to become an issue. It is a primary. Your guy shouldn’t even be running, he’s a waste of energy and a source of division and he is not even capable of governing.

  20. I gotta say, this election season is really helping me choose which political writers I am going to continue to follow, and which ones are really idiots deep down. Any “news” site that posts Bernie Benification articles loses points each time, until they fall off my list of credible sources for ever. PolticsUsa is slipping.

  21. Another reason to vote for Sanders. With guns we are citizens, without them, we are subjects. It didn’t turn out so well for Australia, did it?

  22. But they will be coming for our guns. It’s called incrementalization, a little bit is nibbled off at a time, until all your gun rights are gone. Do you honestly think that criminals and nutcases are going to follow any gun control laws? They don’t now. Bernie’s stand makes me even more prone to vote for him. You people have become nothing but pussies.

  23. Here’s the Big Quote: “Some misguided Clinton supporters have attempted to smear Sen. Sanders on the guns issues …”

    Poor Bernie! To hear the Bernie Bullies tell it, every criticism is unfair. It’s always a plot against Bernie. When he was only getting as much attention as Hillary, they whined he was being shut out of the media; now he gets non-stop fanny-kissing from the press. When he mishandled the two BLM actions, it was a plot by Hillary.

    Sorry: Bernie was strongly pro-gun for many years and has only recently backed off. But not completely. He’s been silent too often. He is wisely avoiding his crime votes, Kosovo, and Jessica Ghawi.

    It would be easy to forgive his lapses if his campaign wasn’t so relentlessly aggressive and negative, but it presents him as godlike and Hillary as a demoness. They demand perfection of HRC, Bernie gets a pass, and they lie to make their stories believable.

    If Bernie can’t win without an all-negative campaign, he can’t win, period…

  24. You are in full display of your personal insufficiencies. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist. It must be painful to live in such a state of fear.

  25. Sanders voted in favor of a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons in 1994 and 1996 (which also banned high-capacity magazines). He also voted in favor of a ban on high-capacity magazines twice in 2013. It is dishonest to characterize him as ever being a gun nut.

  26. Bernie Sanders has a long history of pro NRA votes. He voted against the Brady Bill, against every stronger gun control measure, including those following Columbine and the massacre of those little children. He voted for the bill protecting gun manufacturers from lawsuits. Bernie is a Soviet style Socialist mixed with hippie freakhood and a smear of plain old lazy ass stupid.

  27. …look at how many “Fk”in’ downvotes I got for askin’ to keep hyper-partisan BS outta this…
    …but o’ course, because they are Hillary supporters Bernie does NOT get the benefit of the doubt…

  28. Bernie needs to STFU. He has no credibility on this issue. He’s just wildly jumping on what he thinks is a handy bandwagon to ride for the moment. He is such a fake and a fraud.

  29. He skirted it on Chris Hayes when Vermont was questioned because if one state has lax laws (and they have virtually no gun laws) then it defeats the purpose. Ask him if he thinks Vermonters should lose their unfettered access and he shuts up.

    Huffpo – Well researched history of Bernie and guns.

    His whole record on gun votes explained and fact checked:

  30. We are sick and angry once again as another insane horror is in the headlines and yet they insist nothing will change.
    This sounds like a job for the “secretary of splainin stuff” Bill Clinton.

    “The public supports background checks, but opposes stricter gun laws. This makes the job of opponents to expanded background checks pretty easy: Point out that it’s a stricter gun regulation”

  31. Bernie is looking for Votes, He used common sense before it’s not a Gun Problem look at the FBI Stats they don’t lie. It’s a mental issue problem. Let’s just get rid of HIPPAA so Doctors can say “He’s Nuts!” without possibly being sued and losing there license to practice. “I’m a Gun Toting’ Liberal. Like 32% of Democrats. Bernie better stick to his Guns! Pun intended or he’s gonna lose votes. Most of us like him because he stands for what he believes. Don’t sell out to main stream media.

  32. Lisa, Media did say it was hang guns. You can also call it whatever you like. There are only 4 rules to gun Safety so trust me we know. Gun Regulation? Kidding me. It’s a constitutional right, check with the Supreme Court. That is why laws are passed and then quietly overturned a few years later. It’s ridiculous. Also it was handguns that the Crazy had which is why they are keeping quiet. As a trained Target Shooter and Precision Rifle Marksmen. It’s kin of hard to unload in a room with an AR-15 due to it’s long barrel. Hence why SBR’s [Short Barreled Rifles] are illegal. Handguns are more efficient. Also average civilians can’t have Assault Rifles btw, AR in AR-15 stand for Armalite the Patent Holder. Can’t be believing everything you hear on MSNBC.

  33. Hillary is by no means perfect but, she’s been front and center throughout her political life and has been willing to take the slings and arrows for what’s best for all of humanity.

    You’re boy Bernie, on the other hand, Shadowolf appears a tad bit opportunistic to me. If he had made a statement condemning the GOP for their witch hunt against Hillary the way he’s been quick to denounce Trump, Carson and other rabid, irrational, dangerous and unethical nonsense the lunatics have displayed, that would have gone a long way in my book and would have shown that Bernie could be trusted to do the right thing not just for the sake of optics or expediency.

    Aw, Shadowolf. I still agree with your comments 99.99999999% of the time. Does that make it better? (Laughing)

  34. Australians think it turned out very well for Australia. They haven’t had a single mass shooting since the Port MacArthur debacle prompted quick and decisive gun control legislation. And the number of murders, accidents, and suicides has gone down, too. And perhaps you may have noticed that Australia remains a strong democracy that continues to choose its government and throw them out when they want. Australia is the total rebuttal to the paranoia argument.

  35. Ask the NRA about it. In 1990 the NRA turns on Smith and helps Sanders win House seat; Sanders then votes twice against Brady bill.

    Sanders votes for Guns in National Parks, part of a credit card bill.

    Sanders votes for Guns on AMTRAK.

    Sanders votes for Gun Lawsuit Protection twice again.

    Now, he wants to change his tune?

  36. LeHunt, when you deride people by calling them “pussies” you have said everything you need to. Your argument can’t stand on its own. Every single other democracy in the world has real gun control and has far fewer murders than our country. And yes, they are real democracies; they pick their governments and they throw them out. No dictators have taken over. Check out John Oliver’s segment on it:

  37. Ask the NRA about it. In 1990 the NRA turns on Smith and helps Sanders win House seat; Sanders then votes twice against Brady bill.

    Sanders votes for Guns in National Parks, part of a credit card bill.

    Sanders votes for Guns on AMTRAK.

    Sanders votes for Gun Lawsuit Protection, twice again.

    Now, he wants to change his tune?

  38. You are so right. Bashing each other just like repubs. Bernie’s record on guns has been mixed but like most of us,he’s pretty disgusted with recent events. His comments seem spot on. Mental health can’t be overlooked in the discussion. Background checks are a must. A few simple and obvious steps can’t be that difficult even it a world that contains the real evemy, the idiots from the world of “stuff happens”.

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