Bernie Sanders Vows To Continue Obama’s Executive Orders On Guns If Elected President



Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders went beyond supporting President Obama executive actions on gun violence. Sanders is promising that if elected president he will continue Obama’s executive orders.

In a statement Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said, “It’s become clear that no mass shooting, no matter how big or bloody, will inspire Republicans to put children and innocent Americans over the interests of the NRA. They are simply more loyal to gun lobbyists than our children. That’s why I support President Obama’s executive actions to make our communities safer. A vast majority of the American people, including responsible gun owners who are sickened by the deaths of so many innocent people, agree with the common sense reforms announced today. As president, I will continue these executive orders because it’s past time to end the moral outrage of Aurora, and Newtown and Charleston.”


The Obama executive actions on gun violence have become a key issue in the 2016 presidential campaign. Both Clinton and Sanders have praised the President’s executive actions, but what is key is that the top Democrats are promising to keep them in place if they win the White House.

There is a battle shaping up within the Democratic primary that is centered around which candidate is the best option to protect and expand the Obama legacy. Sanders has made it clear that he will keep Obama’s executive orders in place.

Without the prospect of Democratically controlled Congress on the horizon, the Obama executive orders could be the biggest steps towards common sense gun reform that the American people will see over the next few years.

Sen. Sanders is making his commitment to reducing gun violence clear to voters in 2016.