Reince Priebus Blows It And Accidentally Admits That The Kochs Support Republicans

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus put his foot in his mouth by admitting that the Koch brothers are only trying to appear non-partisan.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Mr. Chairman, it’s pretty remarkable that someone who’s done so much for your party would go that far, saying he’s considering Hillary Clinton. And he’s not alone.

Is the party really unifying behind — behind Donald Trump or Ted Cruz right now?

PRIEBUS: Well, I mean it’s pretty split. I mean obviously, you can see it out there. I mean it’s a — it looks like a, you know, on the delegate front, obviously Trump’s got a little bit of a lead. But you look on the delegate selection front, it looks like a pretty split decision.

So I think it’s going to be a close contest going into the next 60 days.

But look, Charles Koch — and I know David and Charles, and Charles in particular has oftentimes gone out of his way to appear non-partisan. And maybe he is. I don’t know.

But, you know, certainly they have their own activities that they work on. We have ours. There isn’t actually that much intersection between the two.

Priebus tried to save his meal ticket after he realized what he said by adding well, maybe he is non-partisan like that was supposed to make the whole gaffe go away.

Charles Koch went on national television to try to sell himself as some non-partisan do-gooder who is worried that the political system is rigged only to have Reince Priebus and pockets full of Koch dollars come along and wreck the whole thing moments later.

The Republican Party is really trying hard to fool the voters in 2016. They want people to believe that Donald Trump is presidential and that the Koch brothers aren’t out to kill Medicare, Social Security, the minimum wage, the 40 hour work week, child labor laws, and the VA. The problem is that the Republican Party has become a collection of really bad liars.

No one is fooled, and just in case anyone might be, Reince Priebus is around to accidentally tell the truth.